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The Pyrrgonath
 •  Construction of the statue of Íor  
 •  Construction of the statue of Melevor I  

The Pyrrgonath is a monument located south of the Imperial capital of the Solar Empire of Arith, Solar Pyrrhus, along the internal regional border between the directly held territories of the Solar Emperor of Arith also known as the Crownlands, and the Duchy of Frostauria. The monument is located on two sides of the Prinus River.

The Pyrrgonath on a Spring evening

The original statue of the monument was constructed roughly 1031 years ago following the Pyrrhian migration to Arith. The first statue which stood alone up until recently depicted the first King of Pyrrhia, Íor Elchsdringen, who commissioned the construction of the statue to serve as a beacon for the remaining Pyrrhians who were lost at sea following the sinking of Pyrrianor, the historic homeland of the Pyrrhian people, and to serve as a bold warning to pirates which often sailed close to the shores of Western Arith.




The monument comprises of two enormous statues carved in the likenesses of the Pyrrhian Kings Íor and Melevor I, standing upon either side of the River Prinus south of Solar Pyrrhus.

Along the northern bank of the Prinus stands the original statue, one of the first Pyrrhian King, and the one to commission it's construction: Íor Elchsdringen. The King holds out his left hand in a gesture of warning to Pyrrhia's enemies and beckoning of his kinsfolk at sea, while resting his right hand on the sacred tome of Pyrrhia, a long-lost book which contains ballads, prayers, hymns and the family line of the Elchsdringens.

Along the souther bank of the Prinus stands the newer statue of the monument, constructed following his death on commission by his son Melevor II, it depicts King Melevor I, who is credited with the re-establishment of the Pyrrhian nation through the creation of the first city of Pyrrhus. The second King, like the first holds out his left hand to warn off Pyrrhia's enemies, while grasping a sword in his right hand.