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Pyrrhianus (High Pyrrhian)
Holy Solarian Empire
Coat of arms
CapitalSolar Pyrrhus
Official languages High Pyrrhian
Religion Solaris
Demonym Pyrrhian
 •  High King Melevor
 •  Solar Emperor Melevor II

Pyrrhians (High Pyrrhian: Pyrrhiae) are the natives inhabitants of Western Arith past the Galeus River, and sometimes more broadly any people who are of Pyrrhian descent. Today, the majority of Pyrrhians reside within the Holy Solarian Empire, and more specifically within the Reunited Kingdom of Pyrrhia and Averonia, which is predominantly Pyrrhian dominated. Today, having a Pyrrhian lineage is widely seen as the exclusive criterion of Pyrrhian identity, as the language of High Pyrrhian has spread widely due to it's religious connections to the Solarian Faith.

The history of Pyrrhians as an ethnic group began thousands of years ago, supposedly in the Gardens of Erses. Ancient Pyrrhian ballads and songs (such as the Oath of Íor and the Pyrrhiad) reference the Pyrrhians origins being from a large island which later sank, forcing their emigration to the lands of Western Arith where they lived nomadic and druidic lifestyles following the laws of Ceiltean Druidism. Contemporary scholars, and archaeologists have continued researching the sudden sinking of the Pyrrhian homeland - known as Pyrrianor- and the linguistics around it, the word Pyrrhian meaning "Descendant of Pyrrhos".


The Pyrrhian endonym Pyrrhianus is derived from the Ancient Pyrrhian phrase for "Descendant of Pyrrhos" - or "Tribe of Pyrrhos". This name has been used for Pyrrhian peoples for thousands of years, and derived from the father of their race, one of the first men - "Pyrrhos".

Ancient Pyrrhians who inhabited the island of Pyrrianor are often distinguished in contemporary historical texts with the term "Pyrrianorean" to establish the time period in which they were living. Other names for the Pyrrhians include the Common Alathran "Westman".



Ancient History


Contemporary History






Physical Characteristics

The Pyrrhians have been noted for their introduction to fair complexions to Arith. While the Averonians have dark hair and green or brown eyes, the Pyrrhians introduced red and blonde hair to Arith alongside blue eyes.

Exaggerated claims have been made about the size of ancient Pyrrhians being comparable to those of the giants which are common around the Mount Xeno area near Xenoarcadia, and though while this has been disproven by Pyrrhian scholars, it has been proven true that the ancient Pyrrhians were on average very tall, with six foot, four inches being the average among them. It was not uncommon, however, for many - particularly those of the Cestar Dynasty - to exceed over this average height and often over seven feet tall.

Another characteristic which set the ancient Pyrrhians apart from the typical humans of Alathra was their extended lifespans. Though not immortal like certain other beings such as Elves, the Pyrrhians lived a longer life than the typical humans of Alathra through the blessing which Solaris Erses had bestowed upon their island. This trait of a long lifespan has seemed to live on in the Cestar Dynasty, who have increasingly taken up solely marrying within the Pyrrhian race of noble stock to great effect, with each generation having a longer lifespan. It is believed that the current Solar Emperor, Melevor II could potentially live up to 200 years thanks to the Gift of Erses. This gift of long life has given the Pyrrhians a perspective unique to them among the races of men, in which they are able to peacefully surrender their lives when they feel that they are coming to an end.

For these reasons, and the fighting strength which the race bears, the ancient Pyrrhians have been referred to as the greatest amongst men in the annals of history. The modern Pyrrhians still bear some of these traits, though they have diminished in the past couple of hundred years, there are many among them which still wish to reinvigorate these unique traits of their race.


The Pyrrhians due to their lineage as inhabitants of Pyrrianor have always felt a calling from the sea and a wish to discover far away lands. This has driven a naval culture, long suppressed, that has recently resurfaced following the establishment of the Solar Empire of Arith. Prior to the foundation of Solar Pyrrhus, for hundreds of years the Pyrrhians had remained in-land attempting to adapt to life in the mountains and plains and to master the horses which roam the fields of Arith. With the establishment of Solar Pyrrhus along the shores of the West, a natural desire has emerged from many Pyrrhians to explore lands beyond the waves.

Despite being noted for their warlike behaviour and high levels of militarism in their society, Pyrrhians are skilled diplomats and able to get themselves and their nation out of difficult situations. Pyrrhians are naturally quick to anger, especially when they are insulted, this has been attributed to many of them who have red hair.

Pyrrhians abide by the Solarian Virtues, and so honour these rules in every action which they take, often making them appear as uptight and overconfident, though they have an affinity to alcohol and often loosen up after having a drink.


The most prominent Pyrrhian symbols have become national symbols of the Holy Solarian Empire, such as the Solis and the Imperial Eagle.

Important Figures








Íor Cestar I

The Cestar - First High King

Íor Cestar II

Second High King

Theodoras / Theuderik




Konstantious Cestar I

Third High King

Adronicus Cestar I

Fourth High King

Melevor Cestar I

Fifth High King

Melevor Cestar II

First Solar Emperor



Imperial Regalia




Solar Crown


Orb of Erses


Sacred Antler


King's Tome


Aegros, Wrath of the Sea