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Son of the First Father
PronunciationRah - Th - aura
BornCentral Kingdom - Olgard
ResidenceTemple of Pater Carnis
OccupationCult leader
Known forCreating the Temple of Pater Carnis, Manipulation, Murder, Terraforming a jungle into flesh, Insulting people, Assault, Magic
Home townUnknown
TitleMaster of the Temple, Bastard prince of Olgard, First of the First and Son of the First Father
  • Ra'Paetel Carndus (father)
  • Princess Rebecca of Olgard (mother)
RelativesIsenhiem (Cousin)

King Alexion III (Uncle) Queen Aurtan (Aunt)

Errahien (Uncle/Aunt)

Ra'thra is a undead demi-god who first possessed Isenhiem. He is the child of a dark life god known as the Tyrant of Flesh.


First appearance

Ra'thra first showed himself in Haven after a large flesh tentacle grew out from the lake. Due to actions from Rynnth, Ra'thra lost control for a while until further showing himself to others.

Actions in Alathra

While he first showed himself in Haven, his actions were going on for a lot longer. He first came to Alathra when Isenhiem killed himself and started to influence his actions. While it is hard to tell apart Isenhiem's actions from Ra'thra's, he was known for being the one to grow the tentacles. When Ra'thra was in control of Isenhiem's body he managed to attack and nearly kill Remora when she tried to help. He also ended up fighting Theodmer which resulted in Theodmer being cursed with lycanthropy.

He would later take full control of Isenhiem's body and started the Temple of Pater Carnis to worship his father. After this he began to journey around Alathra and the religion he made grew. But after another confrontation in Haven he cursed Aurelius and quickly left.

He would then visit Sparkus and ask for his help in a project, causing Sparkus to go missing for some time. Though, soon after, Ra'thra returned to Haven for an unknown reason and told Aurelius how to break the curse, though Isenhiem was fighting back at this point and warned Aurelius not to break the curse. He then attempted to permanently stop Ra'thra by sacrificing himself but it ultimately failed giving Ra'thra full control over his body and becoming stronger than before.

After a confrontation with Hellsna, he killed her and extracted something from her.

He then went on to plot the creation of items and events, most notably the storm in Haven. It was there he was seemingly locked away in a void but had actually escaped by leaving his body and using the flesh growths in Haven to return his spirit to the temple. Because of what he did he hid himself away in the temple. This made it seem that he was dead, however he soon returned after failing to regain the curses he let out.

He would then go on to terrorise nearby groups and face the consequences of his actions. He faced two 'crusades'. The first of which he fled, and the second he was in. During the second he fled the temple and was attacked by Aglarian and others. After a fight he was slain by Aglarian and was dead for good.

Life before Alathra

Ra'thra was born in Olgard. His father was a life god and the Tyrant of Flesh and his mother was the sister to the king at that time (Isenhiem's father). However after his mother was found out to have been in love with the said god she was burned alive and Ra'thra barely escaped.

As he grew up he gained a hatred for the Royal family. And as he turned 137 he found out that the heir to the Throne was born, Isenhiem.

During his time in hiding he created an organisation to combat the Royal family and they worshipped the Tyrant of Flesh as their main god. However, after some leaked information about them they were attacked and destroyed. Ra'thra was tracked down and after a fight he was killed.

After this he spent the next 300+ trapped in the mirror realm Rulfisethiem. During this he was able to meet with some of the other gods that were in prisoned.


Ra'thra is always alluding to a 'plan' and seems to be collecting strange items for it. Currently he had 3/6 of these items in his possessio beforehis death. The plan also seems to be linked with a strange structure being built near Egregan. However it may never be truly known what it may be.


Ra'thra is a skilled mage capable of powerful magic. He specialises in advanced biomancy and Goetia. He is also knowledgeable in Alchemy, Rune crafting, Thurgy, and several areas of dark magic.

He is most notable with the ability of reforming flesh that isn't apart of something alive and healing. He will often goes around trying to help people who need it and shows off his healing abilities.

Like other Olgardians, Ra'thra has the ability to see into the Other.


Due to his current nature, Ra'thra's appearance is undetermined, however it is said that he takes the form of a near human like creature with uneven proportions and skin covered in scar tissue and tumors within dreams. However he can be currently be identified when a body's eyes glow a shade of purple.

Political beliefs

Ra'thra believes that a figure head of a country should be at top and a council that looks over or request any changes in law or say in forren affairs should be below him. The figure heads at top has final say in everything but the council makes and approve the choices or changes. The figure head is a person born into that position, much like a king, but can be replaced if certain measures are violated.


Ra'thra worships his father and is leader of a temple that does the same. However he also believes that other gods exist outside the Olgardian Pantheon.


- Ra'thra once chopped someone's hand off.

- Ra'thra has a distinct hatred for Ents and other non-flesh based creatures as he sees it as an insult to nature.

- Ra'thra is forbidden to be seen at Haven.

- Ra'thra often alludes to something bigger and possibly catastrophic in his 'plan'.

- Ra'thra's magical attunement is lesser spirit and greater earth.

- In Elostic, Ra'thra's name translates to 'First of the first'.