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Rain getting absolutely demolished by a squid

Rain (PaincakeOnine)

Along with Blue, Rain crashed on the shores of Alathra on a continent called Prospit on 8/15/2021. After being stranded Rain helped create Oakland for a period of time before leaving to create their own town in Etrovia that was named Starlight after the name of their old Boat called Stardust

Nationality: Etrovia

Citizenship: Starlight

Occupation: Etrovian Diplomat, Gardener

Known for: Aiding in the creation of Oakland and being an Etrovian Diplomat

Fun facts

Rain is deathly scared of squid to do being almost drown by one during childhood.

Rain used to be the captain of a boat before it crashed on Prospit, leaving them scared of going in the water.

Rain is definitely not a different variant of Blue.