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King Under the Mountain
Aurvengr's Regular Robes
BornBal Duran's Underground
ResidenceBal Duran, Arcadian Altanate
Other namesXamu Reborn
OccupationKing of the Dwarves, Miner, Architect of Bal Duran
Known forRe-Founding Bal Duran, Designing, and digging the underground rings of Bal Duran
TitleKing Under the Mountain, Aurvengr

Raistron, known as Aurvengr, is the King Under the Mountain (King of Bal Duran) of the Arcadian Altanate, a theocratic oligarchic monarchy. He is from the volcano underneath Bal Duran, from which he was born from the stone there. He is the re-founder and mayor of the town of Bal Duran.


Awakening of the Dwarves

Deep under the mountain of Bal Duran, is where the dwarves were born, created, or perhaps shaped, as of this time it is unknown. What is known, is that Auvengr woke up in the caves underneath the mountain's core, what woke him at the time he did not know, but he spent many months under ground, exploring the caves and slowly learning his surroundings, not knowing where he was, who he was, or anything else, for that matter. After having explored the caves for months, the dwarf found ways to sustain himself so deep under Alathra's surface, this, is when copium was first created, and used as fertilizer to grow food. In that time, Auvengr had found other Dwarves, waking them and asking them to join him on his journey underneath the mountain. Most did join him, deciding it was best to follow the one who was already awake. This is when something strange occurred, it was at this time, with multiple Dwarves behind him, the group working together, that memories started to come back to him, memories of another place, of buildings and people, objects and things. He spoke with the other Dwarves, unsure if he was alone in these memories, and alone, he was, as none of the others had the same thing happen to them, this is when Auvengr chose his name, and vowed to build the things that he had seen in his memories, if, for no other reason than to understand them.

Breaking of the crust

Shortly after the memories came to Auvengr, the group of Dwarves breached the surface, finding the world of Alathra had been above them the entire time. Shortly after they found the surface, they made contact with Glider Fraemani, after many hours of trying to break the language barrier, the pair finally came to agreements. The Dwarves would lay claim to the mountain of Bal Duran, and join the nation of Arcadia.

Beginning Anew

With agreements made, and deals struck, the Dwarves of Bal Duran and Arcadia traded ideas, resources, and other goods. The Dwarves heavily benefiting from this sudden surge of material and technology, quickly adapted the new knowledge, and begun the great dig of Kharn Burim, or Bal Duran, as it's commonly known to outsiders. The dwarves rapidly made progress underneath the mountain, fully digging out the top layer of the first ring within weeks. Construction of the Nur Lodir, or the Walls of the rim followed shortly after, protecting the only grassland that the dwarves had access to early on. With the Nur Lodir(Low-deer) complete, plans began to be drafted for the Nur Doruhl(Door-ruul), or the walls of the outer lands, to be constructed, but before those could be complete, the Dwarves had other things to plan, build, and dig.

Auvengr and Arcadia

Though the other Dwarves are quite seclusive, and rarely seen outside of their mountain mines, Auvengr has taken it upon himself to familiarize himself with the people of Arcadia, getting to know each one and making friends of all, supplying thousands of meters of stone that have been excavated from the underground of the mountain to make room for the Dwarves and their contraptions. While at the same time trading with the various Arcadians for various objects, materials, and curio. On top of these interactions, Auvengr has become a Senator, Governor, Mayor, and Historian of the Arcadian Altanate, and in short time has grown to fulfill each of these roles, but never letting it take away from his own people, who still rely on him heavily for many things.

The constructions of Auvengr and the Dwarves

At this time, Auvengr has started, made progress on, and in a rare few cases, completed, multiple structures and digs within Kharn Burim, they will be listed below.

  • The Tower of Thil Farum
  • The Walls of the Rim or Nur Lodir
  • The Arena of Bhar Boldur
  • The Outer Walls or Nur Doruhl
  • The Rings of Kharn Burim or Bal Duran