Ray Fisch

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’Ray Fisch’’, also simply known as ’’Ray’’, is a citizen of the city of Haven. He currently works as a farmer in the Vinum district and is a follower of the Havenian Pantheon.


Early Life:

Ray was born at the riverside in a dark oak forest near Zussamenflussberg in Fare-Sesso, to nomadic parents. During his childhood his family never settled and spent most of their time wandering around the forests of Eastern Fare-Sesso. To find some sense of purpose in his at that point rather uncertain existence, Ray took up fishing to help provide food for the family, which is how he got the moniker “Fisch” as an extension of his name. One day, he managed to hook an old, tattered note, which he used to try to teach himself to read, with moderate success. Once he reached adulthood, he decided to set off on his own.

Reaching Haven:

Ray moved South across the continent, living off fish and whatever resources he could gather in the surrounding area. His journey took him through the USA and into Dalleton, though he did not spend time around any of the major population centers, staying mostly underground collecting resources for himself. His travels eventually lead him to Oakland, Etrovia, where he crossed the ocean to continue his journey South, finding himself in Lydoneia once he had crossed. While trying to collect resources here, he stumbled upon the underground village of Wesdurn-Kazem, and the leader of the village directed him to Haven after hearing about his existence without a home. Reaching Haven, Ray was astonished by its grandeur and beauty and decided that this was where his journey had been leading him and finally settled down.