Rehirian Civic State

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The Rehirian Civic State is an area that contains 2 cities.It was a part of Seorvis Tribe and has been created by:

  • KreVor-Leader and Creator of Seorvis Tribe,Owner of Renova
  • Dzienys-KreVors left hand,Owner of town Ehir

The Area of RCS had two towns:

  • Renova-Seorvis Tribe capitol
  • Ehir

After Second Great War (also known as Elyrian War)and departure of KreVor Renova fell into ruin,the full control over the state was handed to Dzienys by Syzmo Crusader... new leader of Seorvis Tribe.

After few (ingame) years Ehir also fell into ruin becouse of lack of players and for some time it remained abandoned.

Not long after this The Astrucia Empire bought from Seorvis Tribe terrains of state,but there was one condition. If Astrucia want to buy Rehirian State, Dzienys former leader of this place will be in charge there.

Now Rehirian Civic State is a part of Stahlfaust known before as New Gasconia Republic Renova still remains abandoned and all artefacts and items were taken to Ehir Ehir came back and starts to rebuild to its former Glory