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Remora Coventina
Other namesNaida
TitleHead Diplomat of Lydoneia (Current), Ambassador of Sakan'to (Former), Queen of Estea (Former)
Spouse(s)King Theodmer (Divorced/Deceased)
FamilyRuby Coventina (Alive)

Remora currently serves as the Head Diplomat for Lydoneia


Early Life

Remora was raised in a seaside village with her parents and younger sister, Lily. She remembers a life of happiness and fun, with a loving family. Due to the nature of their home, they would often travel by sea for trade and to learn new skills.

Life changed months after she turned 16. The four of them were taking a trip to an island across the sea when they were attacked. Several men pulled Remora and her family onboard with the intent to hold them for ransom, thinking they were royals leaving a vacation. The pirates quickly realized that this was just an ordinary family and began to attack. Her father fell first as he attempted to fight off the pirates. Her mother threw Remora and Lily overboard then ran back to try and save their father. The last thing Remora remembered was hearing a beautiful song, cutting over the screams as the pirates ship sank. When she woke up, she was on the shore of a different island, Lily holding her hand. Three women ran up to them, carrying food and water. Over the next few weeks, these women nursed Lily and Remora back to health. This was the start of Remora's life as a Seiren.


The Seirênes were a group of women who would seek out vulnerable but powerful people. They would influence and persuade targets into giving up secrets. The name came from the people's myth of Seirênes, powerful creatures that would lure men and could influence the wind. While the name came from magical beings, the women did not possess any powers nor would they kill anyone. The goal of the Seirênes was to gain and trade secrets. They had connections with people all over the world and strived to see powerful men fall. Remora joined this group, unaware of her genetic connection to Seirênes, something her mom hid to protect her.

Remora took on the name Naida and began to train with her new sisters. When she was 23, she became the leader of the group. Even though she was young, Remora was a strong leader. Two years later, Lily stepped up as her second in command. The two served in the Seirênes for many years.

Life in Dalleton

When Remora lost her sister, she no longer felt any meaning in her accomplishments. So she left, and travelled on her own in search of anything that could make her feel less pain.

Remora travelled for months on her own, trading treasures and stealing get by. She stumbled upon a fishermen's village and as she attempted to steal from the old man living there, she was caught. He invited her in, gave her a warm place to sleep and hot food. Remora felt a tiny piece of peace as she began to meet the people of Archive:Dalleton. They were nothing but open and honest with her and in doing so, she knew she would be safe and trusted. Remora labored with the people of Dalleton and then travelled to make genuine friends. She began to look for the light in people, instead of just weaknesses. She helped others to learn from their mistakes and move forward, all while attempting to cleanse herself.

The Low Angler, Busterbean, gave Remora the title of Low Ambassador after seeing how she would interact with others. Under this title, Remora secured many strong political alliances which helped The Resistance win their war over Archive:Acquendavia. She used this title to bring new people to the lands of Sakan'to and welcome them into a loving home.

Relations with Estea

During the Dalleton war, Remora grew close to the King of Estea, one of the most powerful nations at it's time. The two courted for quite some time, helping each other's nation's through various conflict and seeing new ages of prosperity arise. Remora struck up friendships with many of the people of Estea and worked among them. Theodmer proposed to Remora with a black rose, a rare flower. The two were married by Lucius of Haven after Theodmer lost his life and was brought back by the Golden Dragon. The marriage solidified an alliance between Estea and Sakan'to, allowing both to thrive.

Theodmer and Remora grew apart during their marriage, both weighed down by the conflicts of their nations and personal issues. Eventually, Remora chose to divorce Theodmer, unable to live any longer in a restraining marriage. Shortly after, Theodmer lost a duel to Sherman and the fall of Estea began.

Attacks of Eun and Ra'thra

Remora was made target of many attacks in her time as queen, but most were unrelated to her title. While farming for wheat, Remora met a man named Eun. The two quickly became friends and wrote letters often due to the distance of their travels. Eun suffered from an attack of sorts with the void and would later attack Remora several times, the final time resulted in Remora's soul being trapped away in the void for months on end. During this time, Remora endured many trials and terrors, unlocking parts of her past and seeing into the future as time did not exist for her there. It was only after the efforts of Tal, Vortex, and Archive:Kangy that she was freed, but changed. Once Eun was freed of what was controlling him, the two became friends again.

Isenhiem was also a friend of Remora's, but he too struggled with another power overtaking him. In effort to help separate the demon from Isenhiem, Remora used her powers to attempt to remove the parasite. She was almost successful but due to her recent fight with Eun, she was too weak to maintain the connection. A god emerged, Archive:Ra'thra, and she was almost killed. Years later, Remora joined the people of Haven to defeat Ra'thra, trapping him in a chamber. During this fight, Remora and Archive:Aurelius became energetically linked, causing Remora to almost lose her life.

Move to Lydoneia

After the fight against Ra'thra, Aurelius offered Remora the position of Head Diplomat of Lydoneia. Remora loved her home in Dalleton, but felt strongly that she was needed more in Haven. She has recently moved to Haven and has begun learning to become their Head Diplomat.


Remora sees truth in almost all religions and takes time to learn about each one. She has strong ties with Dallet, as He was the God to save her when she was lost.