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Reynold Hardrada
Somewhere in the Republic of Ombria
NationalityEncavian (Formerly Ombrian)
Other namesKing Reynold
OccupationKing of Encavia
TitleKing Reynold I of Encavia
FamilyGawin Hardrada


Early Life

Not much is known about Reynolds early life. His closest friends know he was born in a far off land, in the Republic of Ombria. Early in his life Reynold was close to his brother Gawin. As a young adult Reynold had dreams of ruling over himself, not having to listen to the broken government of the nation he was in. Reynold ran off with his brother, slowly building up a small settlement until he was discovered by the Ombrian military, where he was swiftly declared an outlaw. Wanting to show the world, Reynold tried his best to hold off the Ombrian military. Yet his inexperience in combat shined, with the Ombrian military closing in on him and Gawin like an all encompassing shadow they knew they could not win. After a short, yet fierce battle, Reynold ran, with the Ombrian fighters throwing taunts at him as he vanished into the thick forest surrounding him.

The Great Voyage

After being humiliated in Ombria, with his family gone and his brother dead. Reynold left everything in the Republic of Ombria. He was declared an outlaw, with everything he worked for being destroyed or looted by the Ombrian military. He spent many of his days at Dalounge wasting away the little money he had left on mead and vodka. Reynold was defeated and depressed. It was one day where a man from the south of Rathnir entered the tavern, stating he was stopping by after a long trading voyage. Something drew Reynold to the merchant. So, for the first time in days he got up to talk to the man. After spending hours talking with the merchant, Reynold agrees to journey back to Tortuga with him. After weeks of sailing, Reynold agrees to work under this man named Jocua. After months of working for the merchant, a strong friendship grew between the two. For the first time in months Reynold felt contempt working for Jocua. After a mere week of feeling happy, the town of the merchant, " Kuyor" was raided in a rebellion by the southern Tortugans. While Reynold was falling asleep a raiding party attacked Kuyor. Hearing the clashing swords and screams outside, Reynold remembered what he had lost in Ombria. Thinking to himself, "Never again." He grabbed his gear, determined to fight off the attackers. Reynold quickly learned of the numbers of the attackers. He remembered that night in Ombria, where he was kicked out of the place he worked so hard for. Reynold fought hard, killing a dozen attackers, however he saw the writing on the wall, Kuyor was going to fall to the invaders. Reynold, filled with sadness and anger abandoned Kuyor. Days later looking for an escape, Reynold boarded a ship headed to, "Alathra"

Discovering Alathra

After washing ashore on this strange and foreign land, he met a local ruler named, "Theodmer" After helping Reynold with food, they sat down in the Elyrian town known as "Redna" After talking to Theodmer, Reynold told him his asperations of ruling a prosperous nation. And after bidding him farewell , Reynold left.