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*Notice!* This is still a work in progress, so details and the overarching lore of Rhonin Tapperhet may be subject to change as I sort everything out!

About Rhonin Tapperhet (ShadowOfRhonin)

Rhonin Tapperhet was born and raised in Freeport/Snowport, and now is mayor of New Freeport. He is 29 Years Old, lives by himself, and has residency in both Ardora, in the form of a small apartment in the Town Hall and a fishing hut on the docks, and in Valors Hall, reconstructing sections that were destroyed.


Rhonin's father had served in the Arcadian armed forces, but unfortunately died in the line of duty, leaving only his guitar "Yearing" and his journal to Rhonin, both of which were stolen from his home. His mother, who lives in Coldfront, is his only known living blood relative. Robbert, who died defending Snowport, had adopted him as his son.

Early Life

Although Rhonin lived most of his life in Freeport/Snowport, he has always longed to explore the world of Alathra, to learn about other nations and their culture, their languages, their lives. His parents, however, never saw him more than a child, and never allowed him to adventure past the border of the city, even to the neighboring town of Snowpia or what is now Hightower. In some ways, this was good, it prevented Rhonin from aimlessly wandering the frozen plains of Gaushan, the South-Western continent of Alathra. Kept him from suddenly falling through the snow into some large icy cavern or being ripped apart by a pack of hungry wolves. Despite that, it only made his hunger for adventure grow, leading him, after his 10th birthday, to disobey his parents' wishes and venture outside Freeport. He made it to Snowpia, past Hightower, and into the wilds. Once he made it to the lake north of Snowpia, however, he decided to walk out onto the ice, which began to crack under the weight. He didn't seem to notice, and before long the ice broke open, and he plunged into the frigid water below. If it wasn't for the help of some nearby Ice Fishers that saw the ordeal occur, he wouldn't be alive today.

Family Line

Rhonin Tapperhet is the youngest in the long line of the Tapperhet family. His parents were Oddmund Tapperhet (Father) and Kjellfrid Tapperhet (Mother). His grandparents, Helge Tapperhet (Grandfather) and Freya Tapperhet (Grandmother). His Great Grandparents, Njord Tapperhet (Great Grandfather) and Eir Tapperhet (Great Grandmother). All going back to the first recorded Tapperhet, being Sigurd Tapperhet. Who, after his parents death, had changed his name to Stigandr, meaning Wanderer.

Valors Hall

Rhonin's First Encounter with Valors Hall

Although after the incident he was more hesitant to go exploring, about a year later, upon hearing some rumors among the other children in Freeport about a ruined castle-like structure out of town a ways, his interest was piqued, and he decided to go out to see it that night. Packing up some supplies, he snuck out of his house, and made his way in the direction the children said it was. After walking for a while, he finally laid eyes upon the ruin. Cautiously stepping up the staircase, he noticed an old wooden sign posted between the two massive doors, reading: "Valors Hall". Stepping to the side and pushing one of the doors open, he peaked inside but could see nothing. Lighting a lantern he brought with, he walked inside, taking in the massive room he just stepped in to. After finding a doorway on the left side of the main hall, he entered a small room that had bookshelves, lecterns, and stacks of book all over the place, most of which appeared to have been burned to a crisp. He opened the only one still intact, being one on a Lectern that had the title; "Tapperhet opphav og historie" and began to read. As he read, he realized the significance of the building he was standing in, and the history behind it. Grabbing the book and stuffing it into his sack, he began walking back to the main hall, when he noticed there was two extra lights coming from the main doorway. Extinguishing his lantern, he ducked behind a pile of books where he had a view of the main hall. Two men, wearing dark clothing and carrying weapons, had entered the ruin, and begun looking around, talking to each other as they did. (For simplicities sake, I will mark who is saying what)

Soren: "I don't know, Yarx, are you sure you saw someone come in here?"

Yarx: "Yes you idiot, I know what I saw. A little boy came in here, and we need to get rid of him before he finds something."

Soren: "What could he find? We secured all of the loot in a good spot in the back, I don't think a little kid is going to figure that out."

Yarx: "Keep it down! Do you want to tell him where the key is too by being so loud?"

Soren: "Well, now that you mention it-"

Yarx: "Shut it, let's check the library."

Rhonin knew he would be found if he stayed where he was, so, grabbing a nearby book, threw it as hard as he could to the other side of the library, behind one of the bookshelves, just before they got closed enough to notice what he was doing.

Soren: "Hey, I heard something from the library."

Yarx: "Yeah, it's probably him! Get yourself in there!"

Both Yarx and Soren ran into the library, looking to the left side where Rhonin had thrown the book. Rhonin, taking this as his chance, sprinted out for the back doors in the main hall, quickly running through them into the War Room. Yarx turns around and catches a glimpse of Rhonin as he sprints away.

Yarx: "There he is! Come on, let's go!"

Yarx and Soren both run after Rhonin, who by this point is out of the War Room and into the main stairwell. Seeing a metal door in front of him, he remembers what Soren had said about some kind of treasure but hears them coming before can do anything. Looking at the stairs, he runs up them towards a main living space, including a bar, and dives behind it. Just as Yarx reaches the same room.

Yarx: "Hurry up, Soren! He's in here!"

Soren*Out of breath* "I'm trying, I'm trying... You know I Have Asthma"

Yarx: "Fine, I'll find him then."

Yarx begins to search the room, calling out to Rhonin

Yarx: "You know, it's pretty dangerous here, we don't want you to get hurt."

Rhonin hears his footsteps getting closer, and closer. Finally, he reaches the bar, and looks over it, to find nothing. Rhonin, holding his breath and crouching down under the counter, stays completely still and silent. Yarx looks around for a second and walks back towards the stairs. Rhonin lets out a sigh of relief, but does so too early, and Yarx takes notice of the sound.

Yarx: "Ah, there you are."

Rhonin, knowing he's been found, stands up from under the counter, noticing several empty bottles on the counter, grabs them, and prepares himself to fight. Yarx, seeing him at last, begins to walk back over, just as Soren reaches the top of the stairs.

Soren*Still out of breath*: "Did you find him?"

Yarx: "Yes, I would appreciate some help catching this troublemaker"

Soren*Still out of breath*: "Yeah, yeah, I'll help you, I'm just gonna, lay down right here"

Soren flops onto the ground on his back

Yarx: "Alright, kid, I don't want to hurt you, just come over here so we can take you back to your parents"

Soren: "Huh? I thought we were gonna tie him up and take him back with us-"

Yarx: "Shut up, you idiot!"

Rhonin, while holding two of the bottles, glances inside of one of them and sees a bronze key.

Soren: "Hey, didn't I hide the key in one of those bottles?"

Yarx: "You... What!? You idiot!"

Soren: "Hey! How was I supposed to know a kid would come in here and pick up the exact bottle I put it in?"

Rhonin breaks the bottle with the key inside and grabs it, as Yarx runs and dives at him. Rhonin moves to the side as Yarx sails past him, smashing into one of the barrels behind the counter. Rhonin vaults over the counter and sprints for the stairs, but right before he gets there, Soren gets up and blocks his path.

Soren: "Hey, kid, come on, hand over the key."

Rhonin: "You want the key? Find it!"

Rhonin throws the key towards the side, as Soren dives in the direction it was thrown, but finds nothing. Rhonin, still holding onto the key, runs down the stairs towards the iron door. Yarx, standing up after he crashed into the barrel, looks at Rhonin as he runs downstairs.

Yarx: "Soren! Come on, he's getting away!"

Both of them start running after Rhonin, just as he reaches the door and opens it with the key. Shutting the door behind him, he locks the door, and continues running down a set of stairs. Yarx and Soren reach the door and tries to open it, to no avail.

Yarx: "Darn it, Soren! You let him get away!"

Soren: "I let him get away? What did you do that was better than me?"

Yarx: "Never mind, He's gonna have to come back up this way, so we'll just wait."

Soren: "Unless he finds the exit tunnel that leads to the east of Tillyheim that I made after you accidently locked me in there"

Yarx: "...Are you kidding me?"

Soren: "Uh...no...?"

Rhonin, now at the bottom of the staircase, looks around in the room he is now standing in. Dozens of large sacks, presumably filled with loot from different raids, is scattered across the room. Gold coins are scattered about, and on a pedestal at the end of the room sits a Sword made of Netherite. Walking up to it, Rhonin picks up the blade and reads an inscription on its handle that reads: "Valors Dawn". Grabbing a nearby leather sheathe and putting it on, Rhonin slides the sword into it, along with grabbing a few handfuls of gold coins. Seeing a lever on the wall, he pulls it, pulling a shelf to the side and revealing a tunnel. He throws the key back into the room and walks through the tunnel, exiting near the capital. After running back to his home in Freeport, he shows his parents all that he found. The gold his parents used to take care of the family, the sword his parents put away until he was older, and the book he gave to his father, who recognized it from stories Rhonin's grandfather told him. His father asked him where he found the book, and Rhonin told them he found it in the ruin outside of town. His father told him not to go back there, without giving further reason.

Valors Hall and Freeports History with the Tapperhet Family

Valors Hall was actually the home of the Tapperhet family. Constructed long ago by Stigandr Tapperhet, after meeting the love of his life, Linyive, who, after they married, changed her name to Eyvor, meaning "Happiness" after seeing how happy Stigandr was after their marriage. Valors Hall then became the home to the entirety of the Tapperhet family, and also served as a resting place for travelers. The place was called by travelers "Hvilested", meaning "Resting Place". However, it was raided by a group of bandits shortly after Rhonin's grandparents were born, causing them to flee for their lives as they set fire to the building. All that were there at the time were slaughtered, except for His great-grandparents, who fled to a town not far from Valors Hall, called Freeport. There, after finding respite, had a child, a boy they named Helge Håp Tapperhet, Håp meaning "Hope". Rhonin's family never returned to Valors Hall, believing it to be haunted by the spirits of those who had died that fateful day it was raided.