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Large Town/District

Motto(s): We Who Remained
 • BodyRemnants Councils
 • Von ViscountBrooklyn Herz
Population 12

Raises their flag at the eastern central coast of Prsata. To sails, rebuilds, revives, and survives under the insignia of trident and wave. The Riptides are united faction established by four remnants; Helios, Bloodragers, Jackson Brotherhood, and Krakens. Being part of the nation Queendom of Stone, some calls as successor of 'Eternium' after it citizens abandoned the town and vanished from existence with no traces where they are now.

After long a sailed to find new homes. Riptides discovered then claimed Eternium at years 14AC. They build civilization on the island in secrecy, due weaken from civil war of leadership. But under Viscount Brooklyn leadership, she manage help the faction lives well in modern time and bring good progression.

The Trident Foundation

Original of four remnants were pirate crews each of them terrorized different part of seas and loots any unfortunate towns. But around years 12 or 13AC the pirate culture were dying as many nations include hired mercenaries exterminate pirates dare to fires there cannon and settlements destroyed nothing but ruined.

Fearing for there lives. Helios, Bloodragers, Jackson Brotherhood, and Krakens formed the alliance with purpose not only protects one another but regain there power to terrorize ocean once again. Until they have changed way of life to continue there survivals.

Four Remnants banners

From ocean they loots to unfortunate sailors while in town docks whether they need rest or selling. Hide every symbol of piracy while learns act of civilize manners to avoid any suspicious. Town members see Riptides as nomad, friendly welcome they received include bolstered knowledge of history, cultures and civilizations by town and nation members. Riptides lost there pirates identity, but each remnants have own new identity. But that doesn’t mean they don’t do any looting.

Early years of 14AC Helios leader Roulette, anger of what they have to do to survives. He felt weak and coward for Helios, started a civil war of leadership. Unfortunately for Roulette, Brooklyn shots an arrow at his head end the rebellion. Under the guidance of wind breezes their sails to new home.

Cultures & Demographics

Demographics citizen of Riptides are human, dwarves and anthropomorphic marine creatures. Each remnants have different identities cultures but tolerate one another see them as crews instead upper or lower classes.

Jackson Brotherhood identity as tribal hunters and traveling merchants they lives in forest area, cares one another as family(metaphorically). Most of Brotherhoods soldiers are Rangers as they trained to scout area while, remained unseen, and do gorillas tactics include ambush to enemy or unfortunate prey.

Bloodragers identity there marine life and cultures. As most of members are marine creatures, they takes care well with surrounding ocean environment and most lives underwater.

Helios identity as militia of bravery and honor. When reach adult age of 20 citizens must chose if they wish to be a soldiers, workers, sailors or care takers. Those who are disabled or sicks are take care well for there health.

Kraken identity as cult to worship Nyoerpl tyru'rulpk - The anti-creation mainly Cuttletorian include there legacy. And identity as scribes to study, gather, and take care any artifacts or books they discovers. At moment studying about Eternalism

Riptides are welcome for outsiders to visit and stay at the bay. But they’re strict if any outsiders wish to be part of it, whether being citizens or workers. If outsiders wish to be part Riptides, they must takes test, ask questions, and finally swear to oat include promises never betrays the faction. If one does betrays, they be executed in brutal way and see them as examples.

Herz Rediscovery

(Story how Brooklyn Herz joined the Riptides after her self exiled from Eternium. Wip)

Geography & Outposts

Map of Prasta bay

Riptides located on Prasta continent at central eastern coast. Controls estuaries, sailors must have Riptides permission to passed by the area, fortunately Riptides are welcoming as long outsiders have good and understand reasons why they wish to visits or passing by. With one town locate in bay island and has three outposts:

Eternium Island located central part of Prasta bay, like name suggest it a island. It was home to ancient civilization of Eternium before there disappearance. Beacon of home for those who seeks refuge and who are lost. Capital province for Riptides. Bloodragers own the island as it fit for there living conditions.

Bladedancer Sanctum located estuaries area and great mountains with bridge lead to oakwood and cherry blossom forest. Krakens uses the Sanctum as place for worships for their believes Cuttlectorians. It was first start of Riptides expansion to Prasta.

Constellation Bay located beach area and plain area, bordering dark oakwood forest on west and mountains region on south west. It a work in progress settlement, the Bay has Wavemoon bridge that is connected to Eternium Island and old fort where Helios use as military training.

Cervus Hub located at center of dark oakwood forest bordering a river leading to jungle biomes. Jackson Brotherhood uses the area for underground storage include brewery facilities. Sometime use as military training for there rangers.

Economy Business

Riptides economic dependence on fishing, mining ores but importantly Magikites, and farming. Jackson Brotherhood own a caravan company called Blazes Caravan station at Adelaa'r for travelers and nation Sunderborne, mainly the capital Aakhan.

Blaze Caravan HQ located in Adelaar

Interaction & Relationship to Outside World

(This pages for Riptides know interactions with towns and nations. How the factions see to people they interact with and vice versa)

Every nations have there friends or allies whatever you like to call it and they have enemies. Riptides first interaction to the world, Brooklyn sent her message about Axolotl illegal trafficking and harvested situation. inform they have no problem but punishes those who harm the Walking Fish of Omis.

Hjodlik Beomoothur being capital of Queendom of Stones. Riptides doesn’t wish to be independent as they feel independent by themselves making moves without Hjodlik include Stone Queen, herself intervention. But Brooklyn wish they open to interaction while support one another, as there dwarfs mountain still closed off from isolation.

Commonwealth_of_Blackthorn have positive relationships. Riptides gives Blackthorn a big donations to recover themselves after a heavy lost from war. Blackthorn see Riptides as the legal successor to Eternium.

Ælfscyn Lorin and Brooklyn form a friendship. Gives donation to the Elf to help rebuilds Sunderborne, after the collapse of Adventure Guild along with Commonwealth of Adelaar. But unaware how the Guild fallen. At 15AC Riptides help aid fight against Dulku Khorror raids, at moment soldiers and rangers still station at Adeelar to protect the city during Lorin absence.

Aakhan both of them have great relationships in trading. With Riptides gives them Magikites while Aakhan gives them Blessed Opal or money.

Prisma there not much talk about it. Both are neutrality, but Mazera II appreciates Riptides transformation and glad land of Bladedancers under Brooklyn arm.

Dulku Khorror see Brooklyn leadership as a joke and couldn’t handle own citizens. After a failed scammed Riptides member did to orcs and elves. While Riptides see them as savages, despite hostility Brooklyn paid 10K for forgiveness and truce. Know how strong in number orcs are.

Acirema Federation or simply calls it The Federation, signed an agreements of Freeside Borders where Riptides claimed ruined of Bladedancer, Acirema owned some of land, and an dock area where no one claimed but shared to use the dock to avoid conflict of interest. After ruined of Federation due no leadership, Riptides expand to some of there territory and Freeside Border were useless.

Flumenia during elf vs orc war in Adeelar. Flumenia spies merchants inform the navy of Riptides arrival, get ready for a sea battles. Fortunately there were no blood and fire, as Flumenia were informed about peace treaty and Lorin overthrown. Both are in neutrality.