Rod of War

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The Rod of War was created by goodnoodle808 in the depths of his residence in Kais Termina. Noodle spent a fortnight gathering the materials to make the rod after settling in the deserted area. He traveled to the edge of former Icesteel Territory to gather the spruce for the rod. He then went cave diving to find a spider with the perfect string for the fishing line. When goodnoodle returned home he went straight to his basement to begin making the fishing rod. Once completed he noticed a strange glow illuminating from the rod...

Rod of War
'The Rod of War.'
BornKais Termina
OccupationA fishing rod
Known forBeing captured by Haij Temal when fighting for fish rights.


The first time Noodle went to use it he noticed something about it was off. It seemed to be catching more than just fish. He was catching valuables from the water with it! Noodle knew what he had to do now. He realized this could be used for more than a way to provide

food for his starving people, it was a way to get more valuables than most other fishermen. From this point on goodnoodle became very important to him and paid close attention to it.

The Attack

The day started out like any other day in Kais Termina. A calm snowy day, the perfect time to go fishing! Noodle took advantage opportunity and decided to go ice fishing. Little did he know what this decision would lead to. He had talked to fish rights activist Haij Temal a few days before hand when he was passing through town. Later that night, Haij Temal decided to conjure up a plan to attack goodnoodle for his fishing rod and also taking other items in the process. Noodle kept going about his day like usual, fishing all day and night trying to catch anything he could when all of a sudden out of the corner of his eye he sees Haij Temal. Haij jumped down onto the docks with sword in hand and held Noodle captive for a few minutes making sure he got what he wanted as Noodle struggled to reach for his weapon. Eventually Noodle gave in and gave Haij all of his armour, tools and most importantly, his fishing rod. Furious about what had just transpired, Noodle ran all the way to Wahat Almarjan to talk to Pitru Punistraia to complain. Pitru was outraged by this attack as well and decided to take action. They both planned a strategic attack on Haij Temal, who had hurried back to his home on Arith. Pitru gave Noodle the go ahead to attack Haij Temal for his