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BornSerena Coventina
Other namesLily, Lorelei, Delphina, Pearl, Venus

Cover Backstory

Ruby was one of the first citizens of Kigia, a Sakan'to town and serves as their healer. She was welcomed in by Tal after helping to bandage up one of his wounds, proving her skill. Her healing hut now welcomes people from all over Sakan'to and travelers. Before moving to Kigia, Ruby lived alone in Northern Prospit where she and her mother learned the ways of healing through nature. After her mother died, Ruby chose to venture out across the continent in hopes of finding a place that needed her.

Ruby loves reading and spends much of her time trying to learn as much about the world around her as she can. She worked in the tavern with Remora and would often listen in on the stories of drunk travelers, yearning to gain a glimpse of the world outside of Prospit.

She and Remora became close friends within recent months and now, Ruby watches over the Lady of Dalleton in her condition. When Eun attacked, Ruby watched her friend, Alun, be killed and her best friend have her soul trapped. Ruby watches over Remora now as Vortex and Tal search for a cure beyond what her healing skills can do. After seeing so many attacks on her friends and family, Ruby is now more cautious of outsiders and chooses to stick in Dalleton or Kigia where she feels safe.

Real Backstory

Serena and Remora were close sisters, always looking out for each other. Her upbringing was similar to that of her sister, she was loved and happy until that night on the ship.

Serena was attacked one night, a night that ended in a fiery explosion, leaving her body scared and deformed. Even her own sister couldn't recognize her body amongst the other dead. Remora was forced to leave and lived her whole life thinking her sister was dead.

When Serena woke from the attack, she was horrified in how she looked and held back screams of pain. To her, death would be a sweeter fate then the torture she was enduring, so she attempted to drown herself. Instead, the waters healed her completely of her burns and woke up her mind. From that point on, Serena trained herself to use the powers of water to heal herself and then, to heal others. She practiced for years and offered her services as she travelled. This near death experience also unlocked her memories. Serena remembered being trained by their cruel aunt to be a strong, powerful siren. While Remora was granted the power to soothe dreams and create vivid nightmares, Serena was taught how to take and give back memories. The two sisters would later teach each other how to use these abilities.

In all her travels, she kept an ear to the ground for any whisper of where her sister had gone. She heard rumors of a woman who had rose from a simple fisherwoman to queen of a nation. Upon imploring further, she decided she had nothing to lose by seeing if this could possibly be her sister, Remora had a knack for tricking kings. Serena would later learn that Remora and this king were actually in love and that her sister wasn't conning him, that she had truly changed. Arriving in Dalleton, Serena took on the persona of "Ruby" and used her powers to look into the memories of a select few villagers, including Tal the Lowly. She learned her sister had been attacked by some form of demon and was lying unconscious. Serena, now Ruby, convinced the people she was a healer from Kigia and was positioned to watch over Remora.

Upon reuniting with her sister, Serena chose to keep the name "Ruby" and travel these new lands in order to continue to use her talents to help people.


Despite being a healer, Ruby loves drinking, partying, and getting into trouble. Perhaps the knowledge that she can fix most of her wounds has led her to be reckless and carefree as she jumps into things without thinking. While she has left behind the constant conning, she still enjoys toying with people and trying to push her luck.


Siren Voice (Emotional Persuasion, Soothing)

Power Over Minds (Mental Healing, Nightmare Control, Dream Soothing, Memory Removal, Memory Retrieval, Memory Alteration, Dream Interpretation)

Physical Healing


Others To Be Revealed