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Runeheart, the Contract Demon
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The Nether Farlands
Other namesRuneheart, the Demon of Greed
CitizenshipPreviously Peachfield
Known forBuying souls, endless Greed
Notable workFrost_Walker, Elyrian Highlands, Peachfield's Town, The End Island Renovation

Runeheart, the Contract Demon (Username Devox_Runeheart, Discord Devox Runeheart#9363), is the former Governor of Peachfield and successor to the Elyrian throne. They were banished to Alathra around July 1st after being caught plotting to steal a Nether star containing immense power owned by a Greater Demon.


Pre-Alathra Life

Prior to arriving in Alathra, Runeheart was a citizen of a city in the Farlands of the Nether populated by many demons possessing the powers of the 6 sins. According to them, their power as a demon is to "become luckier the more wealth I have". They have also demonstrated that they are able to make binding contracts, usually exchanging something of value for a part or the entirety of ones soul. They have said that selling one's soul is "not a big deal" and "don't worry about it!"

First Days

Upon arriving in Alatha, Runeheart stumbled across a building under construction on the continent of Koganon. Checking the storage boxes, they found an unlocked one containing valuable looking books and stole them. At the time, they did not know that the books they had stolen were the original copies of The Kaido, and subsequently sold them to Chicken_Prism for membership into Pultria.

The Petroselinium War

After Joining Pultia, a war of conquest occurred known as the Petroselinium War, or the "Pultria Crisis". This is widely known as the most one-sided beat down in Alathran history. After losing the war, Chicken_Prism left the nation in the hands of Runeheart, who took the war reoperations as the new leader of Pultria in exchange for all of Chicken_Prism's belongings and the castle of Savage_Crow.

Banished from land

After taking over Pultria and Savage_Crow, Runeheart was visited individually by the leaders of every continent and was told "You may build anywhere, except on my continent". Seeing as they had harvested all of the wealth they could from the castle, they decided to take these declarations as them being banished from land, and decided to settle in the south-western most point of Alathra and make their own continent. The result was the island of Frost_Walker, a floating iceberg town with a brewery, bar and casino.

The Horizon League

After some time in Frost_Walker, visits to the casino and bar started to dwindle. Around the same time, the castle of Nabilzahir was offered for sale, and thus began the newest money making scheme: politics. After buying the castle, they built walls around it to protect it from bandits and contacted the other town leaders of New Anglia, where Nabilzahir was located. Their offer was to unite the continent under one nation, something not previously seen on New Anglia. They succeeded in this, uniting every active town under the name of "The Horizon League". This lasted around one week until several town members decided that they did not like that the league was a democracy, and wanted to place themselves as monarchs of New Anglia. So, Runeheart drained the nation bank, stole everything of value from Nabilzahir and said "sure, you can have it". Not expecting this and now lacking an enemy to fight, the traitors turned against one another and split the continent into two nations, who both later fell apart.

Founding Southada

Returning to Frost_Walker, Runeheart joined forces with Cottage_Goblin19, mayor of Winter Hallow, and created a nation of the southern towns of Gaushan. Joking that they would be like a Canada in the south, the name "Southada" was proposed by Runeheart. It was during this time that Runeheart met the original Elyrians, and became allies with them. They remained as a co-leader of the nation until the inactivity of their fellow members caused them to seek out new profits, and thus they turned to the Elyrians only a short time before The Great War.

Time In Elyria

After The Great War, in which they fought along side the Elyrians, earned the right to live in the capitol of Elyria, Peachfield. After the walls were moved farther away from the castle, Runeheart organized and contracted villagers to build almost all of the buildings in the city, and the casino on the island next to the city. They also lead the construction of the Elyrian Highlands, the biggest agricultural project in all of Alathra. For this, they were granted the title of Governor of Peachfield, and placed next in line for the throne of Elyria.


After coming into possession of the exact kind of star they had lost everything to obtain by pure chance, Ruenheart called in the debts of those they had made contracts with. GhostEvelyn1, NukeKiller007, and many indebted citizens of Elyria and Stahlfaust were sacrificed and had their souls placed into the Crimson Star. The ritual completed with the signing of a contract bound in giants skin and written with a nether-star tipped quill, binding the power to themselves. Once completed they entered the portal at the heart of the altar coming through the other side as Runeheart, the Contract Demon.

Fall of Elyria

During the Elyria Vs. Redna War, Runeheart spoke against the tactics and leadership of Peachfield and their army, and was labeled a dissident. They were imprisoned below the Peachfield Castle until Rythm, the only Villager member of the counsel, set them free.

Creation of "The Servant"

【WARNING!】Interference detected. Consult Record keeper for more information. 【WARNING!】

Time In Exile

After escaping, they flew into the giant Nether portal atop the "Greed's Garden" Casino. The portal sent them back to their home, the city of "Pride" in the Nether far-lands. While staying their, they flexed their new powers as a Greater demon and brought several demons under their control and expanded their influence in the city. After building power for some time, they were contacted though one of their servants by Ra'thra, who wanted them to use their magic to bind two powerful curses to any person. After accepting they firstly chose to curse Arctan van Orden's descendant with the Curse of Seeing for a perceived slight on them in the past. Secondly, they chose to curse themselves with the Curse of Gold. In doing so, the greed magic of the curse and their own greed-fueled magic reacted giving them a large power boost, at the cost of their mental stability.

Their eyes and finger nails turned golden, and whomever they dug their talon-like nails into slowly turned to Pyrite. As well, they went on a warpath through the city, ordering their subornments to destroy any who did not submit to Runeheart. Within the month the city was brought to ruin. But as they killed the last of their opposition the power of the Curse was drained from them due to the actions of Remora back in Alathra. Craving that power once more and no longer having a home in the far-lands, they set off to return to Alathra.

Current Goals

Runeheart is currently waiting outside of the long-distance Nether portal connected to the Greed's Garden Casino, waiting for the connection between realms to re-connect.


  • Runeheart has been mugged and stabed twice by Grandpa_boob
  • During The Great War, Runeheart was stabbed through the back, and retreated to the walls for the remainder of the fight
  • While the player behind Runeheart is male, Runeheart is female
  • Runeheart is "Lawful Evil" according to their player
  • Runeheart owns 2 Reilcs