Sabre of Işdar

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Sabre of Işdar
The Sabre with it's glowing enchanted tint.
OccupationSymbol of the current Prince of Iskandar
Known forIt's curved shape

The Sabre of Işdar is a hereditary blade given to the current Prince/Ruler of Iskandar


The Sabre was created about 500 years ago by the first ruler and founder of Iskandar, Nehir I. It was forged with a unique curved blade which made it so it had more surface area along the sharp part, thus being a better cutter. A scabbard made of leather and gold was also made specifically for the sabre. It received a netherite coating at the end of construction to give the item durability, which helped it survive for 500 years despite being used extensively.


The usage of the sabre is extensive, being used mostly by the Prince of Iskandar to repel attacks made by Icesteelian raiders. It was used by Sayyid during the Elyrian Coalition War and the Prospit Revolution.


Since it's creation, the blade has received numerus improvements the first of which being the Netherite coating and the extra sharpened blade. It also received a fiery property after Sayyid traveled down to the nether with and sunk the blade into the lava, and then reading an enchanted book to the sabre.


It is still in the hands of the Iskandaran Royalty, being used for much more boring reasons then from years ago like being "A free bacon cooker." for Sayyid