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Rep. Dux.
af Isvik
Portrait of Sajko
OccupationDuke of Nixium, Representative in the House of Prospitia
Known forThe establishment and governing of town of Isvik and Nation of Nixium.
Notable workThe Skalds
Height2 blocks
SuccessorSilas af Isvik
MovementPTDO, PPI, PDO, Maritime Committee, Cartographer's Guild
ChildrenSilas af Isvik
RelativesPotipoti, Antonlovetuva
FamilyClan of Isvik

Sajko is a character of the player Pzychosocial.

Early Life

Sajko was born during the Beginnantid, the semi-mythical and semi-historical time while the Isvikings were migrating fromUrheim(approx. meaning "original home") to Alathra. Like most other Isvikings, this entailed a life of adventure and mystery, creating a character of practical, stoic and survivalist attitude. As a member of the ruling clan he also learned about statecraft and the responsibilities of leadership, but mainly served under Gammeljarl who was the prime leader of the people. Unfortunately however, Sajko did not receive a real education, and has had to learn-as-he goes. This has resulted in an accented Common Tongue and Bastardo and horrible handwriting. Sajko is not also familiar with many complicated forms of government, preferring to keep things simple.

Founding Isvik

Isvik is said to be founded in July 2021 by Gammeljarl, who passed away just after founding the town following a long and arduous journey to Prospit which is the subject of the literary work Skald 2: Findrsång. The remains of Gammeljarl were eventually buried under a wooden stave church Pzychosocial built in Isvik, but shortly after his passing Gammeljarl's corpse was kept fresh by being frozen in ice until a proper burial could be organised. In the first days of the settlement, Sajko along with Potipoti took up responsibility to ensure that their folk survived and did most of the construction. For his effort, Sajko was elected Jarl, and took up residence in the largest longhouse of the village. For a few years, Isvik grew modestly and attracted some attention, but Sajko was determined to avoid the wrathful eye of the tyrannical Kingdom of Acquendavia.

Prospitian Revolution

Similarly for many others in Prospit, the Prospitian Revolution became a diplomatic baptism in fire for Sajko. During the war he was contacted by various parties, and covertly sided with the revolutionaries upon advice from King Theodmer of Redna. While war breaking out between Dalleton and Lothridge, Sajko was collecting supplies and armaments, but fortunately never had to use them as the war ended. Aiming to establish friendly ties internationally, Sajko made Isvik a member of some international organisations, including AIA, the Prospitian Provisional Union and the Prospit Moot. Most importantly however, Sajko was contacted by the demonic being Zaktos of Archivia, and eventually founded a nation: The Old Nixium Federation.

Founding of Nixium

Sajko was one of the founding members of the Old Nixium Oath, alongside Zaktos and Antonlovetuva. This was a small democratic nation with highly autonomous towns and Sajko learned more about modern politics as well as architecture, writing and languages from the archivists of Archivia.

In November of 2021 Zaktos suddenly departed from the realm of Alathra. This left the population disillusioned and many projects ground to a halt. Only the Isvikings expanded their town and intra-urban road network modestly. As the realm fell into disrepair and under management, the Jarl Sajko rose to prominence as the de-facto caretaker of the realm. Worried by the state of affairs and seeing how the Oath democracy slowed the decision-making effectiveness of the state, Sajko sought support for running the entire nation as a monarch. Leveraging his experience as Jarl, he argued that he could ascend the feudal ladder to Duke (Archduke for a sovereign and independent duchy) and lead the whole realm both fairly and effectively. With no protests from the silent halls of Archivia, Sajko was eventually crowned Archduke in the stave church of Isvik on the twentieth of January 2022.


As monarch Sajko oversaw long periods of tumultuousness and peace. Coinciding with his coronation was the Fare-Unire Crisis, which came as a baptism of fire to the relatively untested nation of Nixium. Avoiding war, Sajko tried to maintain the status quo across Prospit diplomatically, generally favouring smaller states over larger states in disputes. Internally Sajko sought to develop the new capital, Port-au-Nixe.

Cartographer & Scholar

As Archduke, Sajko had access to much more education and information than any previous Isviking, which helped him become an amateur scholar and eventually a prominent cartographer, publishing the series of political maps Carta Alathrica worldwide.

Sajko tried to reform Archivia and instituted an Order of Archivians complete with a hierarchical structure, coat of arms and special administrative powers within his archduchy. However, these attempts were largely unsuccessful due to the sensitive nature of fully opening Archivia to strangers.

To substitute the absence of an active Archivia, Sajko founded the Nixe Museum, mainly hosting relics and writings from Archivia's archives and from across Prospit.

Late Life

Gradually aging, Sajko sought various ways of retiring from active political life and focus more on cartography. He let his realm become vassalise and unite with Fare-Sesso to form the short-lived state of Regnum Nortum Prospitae, which in turn united with the Empire of Ashina, within both of which Nixium was a vassal state known as the Duchy of Nixium. This time period roughly covers 20 years of Sajko's life, at the end of which Prospit faced a lot of instability and tension due to the competing powers of Krosston Imperium and Sakan'To. Sajko generally sided with the post-acquendavian establishment and participated in some battles despite his age.

Even later, Sajko made his duchy of Nixium leave Ashina on amiable terms, and after a brief period of independence joined the Cailethian state and later Prospitia.

Sajko has been serving as a representative to the House of Prospitia since its inception of Nixium and the northwest in general. Formally stylising himself as Rep. Dux. Sajko af Isvik to adapt to the more modern, constitutional monarchy of Prospitia and its customs.

After The (slur) War, which saw few battles but a lot of tension, Sajko retired and focused further on maintaining Port-au-Nixe and training a new generation of cartographers.

Political Beliefs

Having seen his towns fortunes both grow and dwindle, as well as his history of dodging Acquendavian oppression, conforming to rigid democratic systems, and navigating the complex geopolitics of Prospit, has given Sajko a pragmatic mindset in politics. Sajko may agree with democratic principles, especially that a government must have consent, but is currently a monarch and also believes that the nobility has the right to rule their fiefs - if the power is weald responsibly.


Sajko does not adhere to an organised faith, but instead of being irreligious he is a superstitious man who partakes in the worship and ceremonies for revering the Isviking ancestors such as Gammeljarl, spirits and mythical beings such as dragons.

Family Tree

Sajko is member and current patriarch of the af Isvik clan, which is the noble family ruling Isvik. Theoretically all Isvikings are related, though not part of the same clan in practice. Due to adoptions, offspring of concubines or ex-marital offspring (which is not looked down on in Isvik as much as some other places).

Sajko is a direct descendant of the Gammeljarl, the leader of the vikings that settled in Isvik, whom was the closest thing as a father to him but might be more accurately described as a patriarch.

Other relatives: of same age:



In terms of offspring, Sajko, believed to access many concubines in his role has jarl, has many and some unknown children.


Silas af Isvik