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BornUnnamed Jurgen Village
Known forBuilding Goulrich, Uniting most of Moria
TitleJarl of Goulrich

Shyren is the character played by zombiekade. They were formerly the Jarl of Goulrich and the High King of the Moria Confederacy.


Shyren was born in an isolated Jurgen village in northern Moria, just north of Unyaka. They rarely left the village as a child, and knew little about the politics of the outside world. Shyren helped out in the village with hunting and construction. After the fall of Fossores, bandit clans and illagers began to gain power across Moria. Attacks on the village grew common, and eventually citizens started leaving in search of a safer home. Eventually, the remaining population decided to abandon the village entirely and find a new place to live.

For six months, the villagers lived a nomadic lifestyle, wandering the tundras and forests of northern Moria. Members of the group were gradually picked off by marauders and disease. Before the winter was over, every one of the village elders had been killed. With no one left to lead, Shyren took charge of the group and led them west to the river. There, the refugees began construction of a new village with a castle in the center. This town was named Goulrich. Shyren began using the title "Jarl".

RP Excerpts

3/11/2022: Shyren took a deep breath of the night air and took in their surroundings. They had been tracking a pack of wild hogs for half an hour and had just now realized that they hadn't been paying attention to the larger area around them. With a brief scan of the terrain, they realized where they were. The natural basin that Shyren had wandered into lay at the foot of the sacred mountain where their home village had once stood. Memories of this isolated valley came flooding back: brief, exciting hunting trips with their father; the hellish, unrelenting cold of the blizzard; tearfully burying the stiff, frozen body of Elder Tayyib during their people's exodus. A sense of solemnness and unease came over Shyren. Alas, their current duties left them little time to be going over old memories. The hogs had continued east, up the mountain slopes, and Shyren pursued.