Sigefraed var Maereltsyn II

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His Serene Highness
Sigefraed var Maereltsyn II
Sigefraed var Maereltsyn II
Sigefraed var Maereltsyn II
Born27th March 481 NG
ResidenceAakhan Palace
OccupationSerene Prince of Aakhan
Years active499 NG - 500 NG (current)
TitleHis Serene Highness, the Prince of Aakhan, Shepherd of Man
PredecessorKlovis var Maereltsyn I
  • Klovis var Maereltsyn I (father)
  • Kathe var Maereltsyn (mother)
RelativesUhtaerik var Maereltsyn
Familyvar Maereltsyn

Sigefraed var Maereltsyn II, also known as Sigefraed var Maereltsyn or simply Sigefraed born 27th March 481 NG, is the current reigning Serene Prince of Aakhan and sovereign over the Serene Principality of Maereltsyn-Aakhan. He is the current religious head of the Holy Flock of Agdarr, known as the Shepherd of Man, and his position as Serene Prince is widely known as the most senior and well-respected of the Rhumish Principalities.

Sigefraed was born into the most important family in the Rhumish diaspora, the var Maereltsyns, who rule over the Serene Principality of Maereltsyn-Aakhan. Being raised during the reign of his father, Serene Prince Clovis I, he was old enough to remember the aftermath of the attack of the Igyari on Rhum and its devastating impacts, primarily famine. This famine created the Spring of Peasants, which his father put down forcefully, with reactionary and conservative rhetoric. This rhetoric has worn off on the young Prince, both as a man of tradition and conservation, but also as a devotee of Agdarrism and absolute monarchy. He was educated by teachers from the Principality of Elysium, some of the best in the world, and excelled in diplomacy and statecraft. His father’s reign, the shortest reign of a Serene Prince, ended just before his 19th birthday, and on his deathbed, Clovis made Sigefraed swear that he would fulfil his dreams of a united Rhumish polity. This driving factor in Sigefraed’s life has spurred him on to make many grand plans for the future of his people.

Physical Appearance

Medium height at around 5’8, with golden blonde hair, characteristic of the var Maereltsyn dynasty, still looks quite young. He is said to look like his ancient name-sake, the heroic Sigefraed who slayed the dragon Fafnaer and reforged the broken Maerelt, who was described with flowing golden hair and blue eyes.