Snapping Turtle

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Snapping Turtle
'Snapping Turtle Crossbow.'
Known forIts surprisingly small size & difficulty of usage.

Snapping Turtle is an oddly designed crossbow made by Izzy Blu of Cyanus as a makeshift at first, but its surprising effectiveness & durability had them keep it & even added some enhancements.


Izzy initially made Snapping Turtle themselves out of metal & wood as something to use for protection while travelling until they could afford a more expensive option. Despite that, it never seemed to waver or crack & it turned out to be much lighter & faster than a regular crossbow, so they kept it. Izzy bought instead books on how to enchant Snapping Turtle with a few extra abilities, mainly its power to repair itself overtime.

Its been named 'Snapping Turtle' from the snapping sound created when firing a projectile with it.

History of Item

Snapping Turtle so far hasn't been used in any major conflict, but its effectiveness against mobs is still impressive. Its a fantastic phantom deterrent, plus being used once to fell a pillager raid.

Special Traits

The main thing about Snapping Turtle is its versatility. On each of its sides is a metal slider able to change what can be fitted on it, like a giant firework or a small tipped arrow. The projectile's distance is adjusted with a reel & pins, when you pull the pin, you release the arrow. Its very light & able to be discreetly covered. The enchantments on it can make it speedier to reload, make it repair itself, & release a bundle of arrows at once.

Current Usage/Location

Currently, its either somewhere for safekeeping in Cyanus or on Izzy's Person. Snapping Turtle's ammo is usually stored in the Lily of the Valley tavern.