Sniven Boghopper

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Early Life

Sniven is a ratfolk, born to a clan of many with siblings galore, but in ratfolk society not every rat survives. Surviving his youth he was adept at more intricate things in life, specializing in chemicals, construction, and destruction aswell. ratfolk are not known for long investment periods of focus leading to accidents, but while invested they become deeply engrossed in it, sniven no different.

Middle life

He eventually was sent to expeditions, requiring him to wear and modify his being, given a metal mask for respiration in harsh environments and a few metal appendages. eventually he was sent to hell, where he came upon Lucran, a salty sailing Hellian. sniven found irony in this and made contact further with this creature, eventually lucran offered him a deal to join his crew. sniven accepted his new role as a cook for a crew, the only obstacle being sniven cant taste anything, he accepted this invitation out of curiosity, a want for escape, and to explore.

Coming to Alathra

One day while sailing the crew was being tailed by 2 vessels, sniven could not figure out why we were being attacked nor could he tell who they sailed for, all he saw was the fateful shot that took out the portal frame. as it slowly destabilized sniven braced himself for the impending shutter as the ship would break. boxes of cargo no longer secure sniven was eventually knocked unconscious. he awoke on the shores of strangers rest, meeting his old captain in a happenstance of chance, and slowly relearned all that had transpired.

Current Life

Sniven proceeded todo what he does best, he proceeded to dig and dig for days, creating a warren for space, hidden so he may build a structure to praise the horned rat once again, and so he may seek solace away from the upper world when it would eventually burn and revolt time and again. his focus waxes and wanes, from days of non stop building and creating of potions, to weeks of hibernation. his focus is not easily kept, but if you can invest him into a project or idea it will get done, no matter the cost.


Sniven, like many rats, praises the horned one, a giant rat that had grown horns, the fabled creator of all ratfolk. it is said rats were created with a green glowing substance and a bell with runes, though some simply say they are mutations gone wild, and some outright deny they exist. what is known though, is that wherever there is a rat, more shall follow.