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Snowpia is a small town just NorthEast of Eldia, and is part of Arcadia. It was founded by Dragoooooooon, the town's mayor, not too long ago. ***NOTICE*** As of the Eldia-Stahlfaust War, Snowpia and Freeport as the combined town of Snowport had fallen and abandoned by Eldia.


Biome and Climate

As its name suggests, Snowpia is in a cold and snowy climate, populated mainly by Spruce trees and blue sheep. It's also in a clearing, near an icy lake with a couple of ice spikes.

Political Geography

Snowpia is just NorthEast of the city Eldia, and South of E.o.t.W.C.


It is at about -2500, 4600, far Southwest.


Snowpia is of Eldian culture.


1. Do not grief, patch up any accidental damage. 2. Do not steal valuable items. 3. Stick to a Snow and Spruce theme when building, consult with the mayor for any exceptions. 4. Do not kill pets (on purpose). 5. Do not kill the arctic foxes.

Ethnicity & Religions


Snowpia takes people of all races, some of the current citizens include: a goblin, a demon, a dwarf, and a dragon-oid.


Citizens can all have their own religions, there is not one set religion.


There is a socialist government, with a community chest for everyone as well as personal chests for individuals, and a mayor (as well as an election, though a specific time and date for the next one has yet to be decided). There are also free guest houses for those still building their bigger houses. Plans are being made for a small tax every so often to the town bank.

Political Relations

Snowpia is allied/ possibly will become part of Eldia. It is also in the nation of Arcadia. Snowpia is a mainly peaceful town, focusing more on building and farming than fighting, but will fight for its people or Eldia's if need be.


Snowpia does not have much of an external economy at this time, though there are plans to start a general market.