Specz Arcanes

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Master Sorcerer
Specz Arcanes
Follower of The Republic of Lydoneia and part of the H.O.D
Specz's Infamous Royal Clothing
Born-215 Alathran Zodiac (age 230)
Electus Source, Capital of The Farlands
ResidenceHaven, Lydoneia
CitizenshipRepublic Of Lydoneia
OccupationMaster Mage and part of the House of Diplomats
OrganizationMufijo Faith
Known forConstruction of The Arcane Manor, Crowning of Governor of Icesteel, Becoming the Diplomat of Arcadian Altanate, The Haven Storm, Joining Haven and Becoming Close Friends to Remora, Aurelius and Baaki.
Notable workThe Architecture of The Arcane Manor and Joining the H.O.D
TitlePart of the H.O.D (current), Master Mage of Lydoneia (current), Governor of The Icesteel Province (former), Diplomat of the Arcadian Altanate(former), Supreme Mage and Sorceror of the Arcadian Altanate(former), Prince Specz of The Farlands (former), Earl of Eletinia (former)
Spouse(s)Pultchra Arcanes (Deseased)
Parent(s)Father: Summum Arcanes- dead. Mother: Regno Arcanes- dead.
RelativesVastata Arcanes-Brother, Vetus Arcanes- Grandfather, Antiqua Arcanes- Grandmother, Nuetrum Arcanes- Aunt and Mentor (All Deceased)

Specz Arcanes is the Ex Governor of the Icesteel Province of the Arcadian Altanate and was the Diplomat of the Arcadian Altanate. He is from the city of Electus Source, a city-state in the foreign Farlands, from which he fled after heavy controversies about the Farland Monarchs, his parents . He now serves in Lydoneia, as a master of magic and part of the H.O.D


Life in the Farlands

Specz was born 230 years ago. He was born into the Arcanes family, a rich royal bloodline. Specz was fortunate to live in the Farlands, especially the royalty. He married Pulchra Odium at the age of 19 and became figurehead and King at the age of 21, with his father, Summum Arcanes falling ill.

Specz lived his life without magic until 24. The magic was a double edged sword, it pulled him out of his silent agony of Pulchra but it locked him into his dreadful future. Pulchra loved Specz, he brand the happiness into her life. But Pulchra to Specz was, boring, more of a friend. Still to this day Specz has not found true love but is set out to find the one.

With the find of the Farlandian Chamber, Specz set his life on studying the spellbook that was attached to Specz’s entity. Day and night was painless agony, trying to perfect his skill. The attempts were fruitless and Specz realised that in order to attain such a force and to effectively use it, he would need to devote a lot of his energy into it. Meanwhile, The Farlands was declining in power, famine was introduced and the nation went into a state of chaos. Additionally, Summum Arcanes was getting very sick.

Pulchra got furious and tried saving The Farlands from failure, with only the help of Specz’s brother and a few advisors however, this did not go effectively and Pulchra got infuriated with Specz, demanding his magic in order to save their nation and his father. The magic was too new and inexperienced to do such a thing. Specz knew this and refused.

The young, naive, Farlandian King decided he should do his job and focused on trying to restore his country, he did, partially but he hadn’t enjoyed it. He longed to decipher the ominous diagrams and spells in his book and the chambers. So he did, he left behind his life, ran away from The Farlands with Larry, his goblin friend and The Farlandian Gems. For more than 100 years he would stay in the chamber.

Political Beliefs

Specz Arcanes increasingly loves the idea of a minor group representing a majority. Many ideas of government is something of a Republic or Monarchy. However, he will only respect the government if it is in the intrest of the people.

Religious Beliefs

Specz is a believer of the faith of Mufijo, however, he does not regard it as the most important thing in his life. As a key tenet of Mufijo is constructing works for the faith, Specz regularly visits the Grand Cathedral of Noodle, which celebrates Mufijo,and prays, hoping he can one day wash his past away.