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The Greater Stahlfaust Empire
Banner Coat of arms
Motto: Glory to the Kaiser!
Largest city Oakland
Ethnic groups Stahlfaust, Killimandi, Nabil, Unknown
Religion The Hole Under the Sun (AIK and The Hole merge)
Demonym Stahlfaustian
Government Absolute Monarchy
 •  Kaiser Arctan van Orden III
 •  Saint Bean
 •  Upper house The Imperial Court
 •  Lower house The Council of Nobles
 •  estimate ~100 Increase
GDP (PPP) estimate
 •  Total $7,100,000 Increase
 •  Per capita $71,700 Increase
The Greater Stahlfaust Empire is a monarchy located on Gaushan, Prospit, and Moria and is led by Kaisers of the Van Orden royal family. Stahlfaust was originally founded in its former capital Wulfheim but its current capital is Arctanis, which is in northern Gaushan.


The Greater Stahlfaust Empire is run by the Imperial Court, which is responsible for running all territories of the Empire. On the other hand, Stahlfaust proper is run by the council of nobles. While Stahlfaust has legislative systems, the Kaiser still holds most power in the government.

The Kaiser

The Kaiser of Stahlfaust is the head of state and responsible for governing Stahlfaust proper and the Greater Stahlfaust Empire. The Kaiser has an extensive amount of executive power, but can be vetoed by the council of nobles. A vote to veto a Kaiser's decision has never been called in the history of Stahlfaust.

The Imperial Court

The Imperial Court consists of the Kaiser, the religious leader of "The Hole Under the Sun", the heir to the Stahlfaust throne, and leaders of large provinces throughout the Empire. The Imperial Court has no direct say in the policy of the Greater Stahlfaust Empire, but they are an advisor to the Kaiser in making large decisions.

Members of the Imperial Court

The Council of Nobles

The Council of Nobles is an assembly of nobles in Stahlfaust Proper that is responsible for creating and voting on decrees regarding Stahlfaust Proper. Members from outside Stahlfaust Proper may be admitted into the Council of Nobles if they are given permission from the Kaiser. The Council of Nobles votes and operates within the powers granted to them by the Stahlfaust Constitution.

Constitution of Stahlfaust Proper

The constitution of Stahlfaust was ratified on 3/11/22 and signed Kaiser Arctan van Orden III as well as many of Stahlfaust's old nobles. The constitution served as a foundation for the Stahlfaust's new government and gave local nobility more power in the central government.


1 - The Crown holds the executive power to write and pass decrees and executive orders without the immediate approval from any legislative assembly.

1A - Examples of executive orders include arrest warrants, war declarations, military drafting, and etc.

1B - During wartime, wartime decrees may be passed by the crown and will be reverted whenever peace returns to Stahlfaust.

2 - The Crown may veto any decree that is not voted unanimously by the Council of Nobles.

3 - Only the Crown may declare war.

3A - The Council of Nobles may petition to declare war and petitions will be reviewed by the Crown and decided on accordingly.


1 - Decrees may be passed by the Council of Nobles if a majority vote is made in favor of the decree.

2 - The Council of Nobles may veto an executive decree if they unanimously agree that it violates the Stahlfaust constitution or is not for the good of the nation.

Stahlfaust Ministries

Stahlfaust ministry positions are appointed directly by the Kaiser and rule within their respective area, whether that be economic or war time positions. The Kaiser may hold one or more ministry positions, but anyone else is restricted to one position.

Minister of War

The Minister of War is responsible for creating and executing war and siege plans regarding the entirety of the Stahlfaust Empire. The Minister of war is also responsible for equipping conscripts for operations during wartime. The current Minister of War is: Pharaoh Arzt

Minister of Defense

Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is the head diplomat for the Greater Stahlfaust Empire and is responsible for maintaining and pursuing diplomatic missions with the nations of Alathra. The Minister of Foreign Affairs may also fill the role of secretary for the Kaiser, writing important documents and replying to foreign nations. The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is: Foreign Minister Simon

Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Internal Affairs deals with matters pertaining to problems inside the entirety of the Greater Stahlfaust Empire. The main task for this minister is to keep good relations between the Stahlfaust Nobility, as well as Stahlfaust vassals, and the Kaiser. The current Minister of Internal Affairs is: N/A

Minister of Industry

Stahlfaust Department of Industry Building

The Minister of Industry controls the Stahlfaust Department of Industry, which is a major producer of iron, diamonds, gold, and netherite. The Stahlfaust Department of Industry is one of the main contributors to the national economy. The current Minister of Industry is: Kaiser Arctan van Orden III

Minister of Construction

The Minister of Construction is responsible for building infrastructure and leading major construction projects. The Ministry of Construction has access to the Stahlfaust material stockpile and some of the notable builds created by the Ministry of Construction are the Arctanis Church of AIK, the North Stahlfaust Wall, and many other buildings throughout Gaushan and Prospit. The current Minister of Construction is: Minister DunkelDemon



Mining Industry



Although citizens of the Greater Stahlfaust Empire have freedom to follow any religion, most follow The Hole Under the Sun as it is encouraged by the Kaiser, Stahlfaust nobility, and Saint Bean.

The Hole Under the Sun

The Hole Under the Sun is the result of a merge between The Hole and AIK, the two most prevalent religions in Stahlfaust. On 7/11/22 Saint Bean and Kaiser Arctan van Orden III agreed to merge The Hole and AIK, which was a popular decision among the people of Stahlfaust as many citizens were followers of both religions. The religious unification led to greater national pride and more cultural unity.



War and Conflict

Stahlfaust vs. Castle Nevermore War

Stahlfaust vs. Etrovia War

Stahlfaust vs. Encavia War

First Stahlfaust vs. Ironhill War

Stahlfaust vs. Zenith War

Stahlfaust-Elyria vs. Jodaya War

The Stahlfaust-Elyrian forces fought against the Jodaya-Elyrian forces. The war ended with the siege of Jodaya.

Stahlfaust vs. Alopalia War

Fare-Sesso Violation of Koganon Compact

Pater Carnis Crusade

The Stahlfaust Empire participated lightly in the Pater Carnis Crusade, sending mercenaries whom participated in skirmishes at Eldia, Elyria, and North-West Arith. Stahlfaust mercenaries declared their support for Pater Carnis on 3/18/22 and exited the war the very same day in a mercenary exit agreement.

Stahlfaust vs. Melius Tempus War

On 3/22/22 Stahlfaust declared war against the town of Melius Tempus for "Several acts of aggression against the Empire and our allies..." The war was soon called off as the leader of Melius Tempus, KlassicMC, entered negotiations with several Gaushanian nations to give compensation for the alleged actions of his town and himself.

War for the Future of Arith

The "War for the Future of Arith" was fought between the two major nations on Arith, the F.C.A. and Solaris. Stahlfaust declared an embargo on the entire continent until the war subsided, which damaged the relationship between Stahlfaust and Solaris. This decision would play a huge factor in Solaris breaking their non-aggression pact with Stahlfaust to support Eldia in the Second Stahlfaust vs. Ironhill war.

Second Stahlfaust vs. Ironhill War

Krosston vs. Itar War

Van Orden Imperial Pact vs. Itar and Ashina

Krosston vs. Oakland War

On 7/29/22 soldiers from both Stahlfaust Proper and Krosston Imperium marched into Oakland and occupied it with no resistance from its inhabitants. This is one of the first major victories of the Krosston Imperium.

Krosston vs. Meloncrest War

The Meloncrest war was fought by the Krosston Imperium with major support from Stahlfaust volunteers, against Dalleton, Thaeorn, Rynnth, and Sajko. The war was won by Krosston with Krosston occupying the town of Meloncrest.

The Siege of Dalleton
Stahlfaust and Krosston Forces Enter Dalleton

In a surprise attack, instead of sieging Meloncrest, Stahlfaust and Krosston soldiers sieged the Sakanto capital of Dalleton. The siege was swiftly won as disorganized defenders staggered into the town, but it had already been taken.

Stahlfaust and Krosston Forces Enter Meloncrest
The Siege of Meloncrest

While defenders were focused on the surprise attack on Dalleton, Stahlfaust and Krosston soldiers entered the town of Meloncrest. Although defenders were disorganized from the surprise attack, Meloncrest saw some of the bloodiest combat of the war.

Stahlfaust Proper

Northern Stahlfaust Proper

North Stahlfaust Proper

Northern Stahlfaust Proper is one of the most developed areas on Gaushan and it consists of 8 Stahlfaust towns, among other areas developed by the Stahlfaust Empire. Arctanis, the capital of Stahlfaust, is also located in Northern Stahlfaust Proper. Another notable area in the north is Bean's Farms, a large farm which supplies the empire with much of its jobs and food produce. Northern Stahlfaust is known for its many castles and fortifications, with its most notorious being the Arctanis Keep and Fort Schloss. The Viridian Market is a marketplace within Stahlfaust and was formerly owned by Elyria.

South-West Stahlfaust Proper

South-Western Stahlfaust Proper

South-Western Stahlfaust Proper is home to The Hole, Hararouz, and the ruins of Zauburg. The Hole is the most important religious site in Stahlfaust and is where the religion of The Hole was founded. The Hole is currently a religous site for AIK and The Hole under the unified church of The Hole Under the Sun. Haraouz is a merchant state in Stahlfaust which was founded on the ruins of Ar-Raqqah, west of The Hole. Zauburg is a ruined town east of The Hole, the now ruined city state shared cultural and economic ties to Stahlfaust and was absorbed after their collapse.

The Greater Empire


Stahlfaust imperial ambitions began on Prospit after the fall of Sakanto, one of the last nations left on Prospit. The power vacuum left by the absent nations of Prospit made it easier for Stahlfaust to install governments whom were loyal to the Stahlfaust Empire. The first settlement to declare loyalty to Stahlfaust was Kilimand which was founded on what was formerly know as New-Reno.

Krosston Imperium

The Krosston Imperium Protectorate
Coat of arms
Largest city Oakland
Ethnic groups Killimandi, Unknown
Government Monarchy
 •  Pharaoh Arzt
Legislature The Krosston Senate

The Krosston Imperium was founded on 6/18/22 by Pharaoh Savimbi van Orden I after the collapse of New-Reno, which was led by Savimbi's father. The Krosston Imperium was heavily funded by Stahlfaust investors, which provided more than $350,000 in cash and building materials. Investments from Stahlfaust proved to be successful as the Krosston Imperium turned into a stable and thriving government.

Early Krosston Imperium

In the early life of the Krosston Imperium they expanded rapidly and founded 6 towns under their name which gave them claim to many coastal areas along Propit. On 7/9/22 Stahlfaust and the Krosston Imperium formed the Van Orden Imperial Pact which united Van Orden led nations politically and militarily. Although their were only two members at the point of foundation it quickly grew to 4 members. Soon after the formation of the Van Orden Imperial Pact the Krosston Imperium declared war against Itar. Ashina was quick to support Itar, so in response Stahlfaust joined the war to support the Krosston Imperium. The war ended in a draw but proved the strength of the Van Orden Imperial Pact and the Greater Stahlfaust Empire.

Post-War Krosston Imperium

After the Krosston vs. Itar war, the Krosston Imperium annexed Oakland and began its war against Meloncrest. Shortly after declaring war, Pharaoh Savimbi van Orden I crowned Dr. Arzt Pharaoh of Krosston for an unspecified amount of time.




Stahlfaust Royal Family

The Van Orden Imperial Pact

Members of the Van Orden Family

  • Kaiser Arctan van Orden III
  • Pharaoh Savimbi van Orden I
  • Duke Goose van Orden
  • Duke Klenzie van Orden
  • Count Crawpack van Orden

Important Relics

The Van Orden Sabre

The Van Orden Sabre is one of the important relics of the royal family of Stahlfaust. The sabre was originally forged by the ancient tribes of Wulfheim to be used in combat by the chiefs, but in modern Stahlfaust, it only sees ceremonial use. It is a traditional sabre with a slight curve at the tip, a silver handguard with wolf and eagle emblems, and a large ruby at the base of the pommel. Most importantly, along the blade, the Van Orden motto is etched: "By Blood, We Shall Prevail." The motto has two meanings: the blood of the Van Orden family is superior to other imperial families, and the second meaning is that we will succeed through the blood spilt by our enemies. The sword is passed down from leader to leader of the Stahlfaust Empire and symbolizes power within the empire.

The Stahlfaust Gauntlet

The Stahlfaust Gauntlet was created by the tribes of Wulfheim and passed down from generation to generation, chief to chief. Eventually the tribes of Wulfheim progressed into what is now Stahlfaust and the Van Orden royal family. The Stahlfaust Gauntlet is a sign of power and prestige in the empire and is wielded by the whomever rules the Stahlfaust Empire. The current holder of the Stahlfaust Gauntlet is Kaiser Arctan van Orden III.

The Gem of Alathra


Military Medals

The Wulf's Cross

The Wulf's Cross was first created by Kaiser Arctan van Orden II for soldiers who served in the Stahlfaust-Elyria vs. Jodaya War. The medal has a first and second class variant to discern higher and lower accomplishments. The Kaiser may order special variants of the Wulf's Cross such as "Wulf's Cross With Swords" or "Wulf's Cross With Diamonds" for special occasions. Along with the medal, first class recipients receive $20,000 while second class recipients receive $10,000. The Wulf's Cross is personally awarded by the Kaiser and is one of the highest honors in the Stahlfaust military. The Wulf's Cross is a silver cross medal with a wolf emblem in the center. The Cross is on a black and red ribbon, to match the Stahlfaust flag, which is pinned to a soldiers chest.

Military Uniforms

Early Stahlfaust Military Uniform

Modern Stahlfaust Military Uniform

Military Tactics