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Synbio was a nation that first started when the town of Redwood had an alliance with the towns of Khuamont and the town of Lost Wind it was located on the continent of Arith the nation was founded on June 19th 2021 but quickly dissolved due to outside attack.


Synbio was founded when the towns of Lost Wind Redwood and Khuamont wanted to unite the continent of Arith to a peaceful place. The main principle of the nation was that we would not go to war unless it was to defend ourselves from outside land after much consideration it was decided that Lost wind would be the capital but the nation would operate on a council system all town leaders would vote on important political issues similar to the structure of the Free Cities of Alathra.


FCA Synbio border dispute

The nation of the Free Cities of Alathra one of the major powers of the world at the time was also on Arith in close proximity to Synbio the main point of contention between the two nations was the villages located in the center of Arith. just east of the ruins of Xenoarcadia. Both the FCA and Synbio wanted control over the trade with the natives of those two villages, but could not agreed upon which nation should claim which village. In the end, the FCA and Synbio decided to both leave the territory unoccupied, wishing to avoid unnecessary conflict.