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TJInnit1677 looks like Sonic The Hedgehog, but with notable differences. This version has darker fur, blood running under his eyes, and has a giant X across his chest. He has been through quite a bit, but it all started when a old friend of his, Dinosaurhunter2006 invited him to a land named Alathra. Being stuck on Angel Island for a long time caused him to go. When he got there, he joined Mineopolis, which wasn't destroyed yet, but after its destruction, he thought it'd be better to go back to Angel Island. He one day received another invitation back to Alathra, but was hesataint at first. Finally, after Christmas he decided to go back, where he met goodnoodle808. TJInnit asked if he could stay at Kais Termina, but needed to be interviewed first. He got approved, and is living a peaceful life, but will get violent at times. He finally made some friends, and has invited some of his old ones, too. He has since left Kais Termina to start a town with his buddy, Axaboble. I wonder where he'll go next... Appearance:

A dark blue-grayish fur color Black and red eyes Blood running from his eyes A giant X across his chest