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Life in Alathra

Home townJotunstan
Height7 ft (213 cm)


Taranis grew up in Jotunstan after being found as an egg abandoned in the snow after a storm. It is entirely unknown where he truly originated from however lived a comfortable life in Jotunstan. As he grew up he grew a close bond with Arthur Koal and the two fell in love. The two would hang out a lot and spent lots of time together.


When Arthur moved to Aranholme, Taranis moved with him. He decided to live with him, after having Aglarian's permission to be allowed to live in the town. He doesn't do much apart from hunting and honing his abilities.


Taranis stands at a height of 7 foot. He is a dragon with black scales with a red underbelly. His scales fade off into a gold colour. He has a pair of large wings with a gold membrane. His claws are also golden. He has a muscular body and large chest scales. He also have five horns, two are golden while the other three are layered with the same black scales on his body. His teeth are similar to his claws as they have a golden look to them. His eyes are also golden. He has a pair of glowing red markings under his chest area.


He often wears a large black jacket that covers most of his body with a high collar and shoulder pads. He sometimes wears fingerless gloves due to his claws and doesn't wear any footwear. He has black jeans and sometimes has a matching cape that goes with his jacket.

However he sometimes wears armour instead, made from a dark steel alloy and a dark grey fabric.


Taranis has lightning magic abilities that are amplified during storms. He can summon bolts of lighting and can sometimes shape them into weapons. It should be noted that the colour of his lightning is red. However he can exhaust his abilities and needs to wait to recharge them.

Taranis also has the ability to fly and can carry heavy loads.

Political beliefs

Taranis doesn't understand politics so has no opinion or beliefs on them.


Taranis doesn't follow any religion.

Known for

Being a dragon


  • Taranis is gay
  • He is in a relationship with Arthur Koal