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Other namesNerdieBrdieYT
CitizenshipDulkun Khorro
Species: Thelrun

The subsequent events follow Tarek's personal logs as recorded on this YouTube playlist. The following article contains spoilers for the series.


Arrival on Alathra

A ship carrying "treasonous criminals," including Tarek, crashed somewhere out at sea far. Using a floating wood plank, Tarek was able to survive the wreck and eventually woke up on the shores of Adelaar. He quickly gathered resources and built a small makeshift hut which he would utilize over the next few days. During this time, he crafted a diamond dagger and dubbed it Talon, swearing he would use it to take revenge. It is unclear what is meant by this. One day on a hunting trip, Tarek encountered strangers.

Grand Feast of Cathalos

Grand Feast of Cathalos

In October of the year 0, the nation of Sondorboren held a council between its affiliated town leaders as well as representatives from the nation of Rhumlaantd, which occupied the northern lands of Adelaar. Tarek, as Moth's advisor, attended to discuss the mysterious signs appearing around Dulkun Khorro, which were assumed to be Rhumish in nature due to their mention of their god, Agdaar. Tensions were high, and Elvenia, the fae oracle of the Tredeion religion, assaulted Moth. Tarek, following the two outside, snuck up on Evenia and attacked her. After both parties recovered, relative peace was restored, but the attack would not soon be forgotten by Tarek. Despite the hostilities, the feast ended in a peace treaty between Sondorboren and Rhumlaantd.