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The {{Self reference}} template generates a hatnote that will not appear in any reuse of Wikipedia article content, including the printable version of an article. The template's intended purpose is to display information that is relevant only to a reader viewing the article directly within Wikipedia. Such information might include a disambiguation statement that points to a Wikipedia help page or an instruction to editors. (In Wikipedia terminology, these are forms of self-reference.)

Unlike many hatnote templates, {{Self reference}} has no preset text, link generation, or formatting other than italics. {{Self reference|Foo}} simply returns Foo. Many hatnote templates that do contain helpful preset text and linking, such as {{for}} and {{about}}, support a |selfref= parameter that gives them the same functionality as {{Self reference}}, making them better options in most circumstances.

In most cases, references to the Wikipedia project are discouraged, and the valid uses for this template are rare. Consultation of the list of Self-references to avoid is advisable.


In most cases, {{Selfref}} is used to create a disambiguation link to a page in the "Wikipedia:" namespace from article-space; for instance, the page Objectivity (disambiguation) could have a self-referential "hatnote" link at the top: {{Selfref|For Wikipedia's policy on avoiding bias, see [[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view]].}}.

When using {{Selfref}} in this way, use the following format:

{{Selfref|The self-referential notice to display, including [[MOS:LINK|links]].}}

which produces:

italicized (Wikipedia house style for self-referential notes), and both preceded and followed by a linebreak.

For inline use (in body text, mid-sentence, and not in hatnotes), without the indentation and line breaking, use {{Selfref inline}}:

{{Selfref inline|the self-referential text to display, including [[MOS:LINKS|links]]}}

which produces: