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Thassaen Clean (tha-say-inn) is a cave dweller who recently surfaced after construction in Estyrae began shifting unstable rock and stone deep in Alathra. They have taken up residence in Erinfeld and are assisting in constructing a great forge that will use the unstable subterranean geology to syphon hot magma to the surface.

Early Life

Thassaen was born to a tribe of burrowers who subsisted in the deep caverns of Arith, feasting on fallen animals and decomposing carcasses trapped in the deep. They were often considered the odd one out of the group, thinking ahead rather than on the next meal and wasting time burrowing around old and well-travelled caverns. Eventually this culminated in their separation from the main tribe during an unexpected shift in the geology of the area. With the pathways now collapsed and unborrowable, Thassaen began searching for the cause of their predicament and eventually came across a large underground basin full of liquid stone and rock. The shifting magma had softened the surrounding cave structures and caused the sliding and collapsing. Deciding it was safest to stay in this area, Thassaen made shelter in the area and scavenged for other life that succumbed to the unstable geology. As they grew, the area eventually became more furnished and homely, despite the scorching temperature, and Thassaen learned to call it home.