The Averonian Blade

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Duskenspur labeled as "Averon" (05/24/2021)


The Averonian Blade is a sword of great historical importance, especially to the F.C.A. It was a blade forged by the peoples of Duskenspur, a now ruined town. Duskenspur was one of the founding towns of the F.C.A., and quoting Cody29797, Chancellor Of Hightide, "Were My first friends in Alathra". The blade was discovered by Lord Draconius of Invictus, who recovered the sword during the fires of Duskenspur. It was found hung proudly above the hearth in the local blacksmith shop. There is no further information as to its origins.


It is unknown who made the sword or why, but it is most likely a solely ritual item. The only lead that can be investigated upon is its name. "Averonian" is a suffix version of the word "Averon", and further research reveals that Duskenspur's claim was originally titled "Averon" before being absorbed by the F.C.A. The Averonian Blade might also have direct connection to the religious customs of the Cult Of Averon. Perhaps this blade can be assumed to be the sword of Averon himself, or even further that it is a product of the Shards of Averon.

Current Status

The blacksmith shop located in Duskenspur.
The Averonian Blade on display in the Museum of LowTide. Although it appears an ordinary iron sword, it holds a special place in F.C.A, Arithian, and Alathran History.

The Averonian Blade was turned over to Cody29797 and the F.C.A., of which it will probably remain.