The Blind Traveler

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Joined 6/24/2021, formerly known as StarsTraveler/Pix

Misc Info
Height 7'1
Gender/Sex Ambiguous sex/gender
Race Of fiendish descant


Early Life

Versolleus steps foot into the world of Alathra, head aching with a feeling that this was rectified. In truth they did not know where here even was, mind lost in a fog. Had they seen here once in a dream, or seen this place at all? reaching a hand up they gently touch the horn-crowned mask on their face fingers trailing over the innate groves feeling the cold gold to their callused fingers. There are no openings for them to peer out, but they had no need to, they had no eyes. Simply empty sockets crudely bandaged and healed. Looking around they try to think, to remember their goal at hand or what task has brought them here, but little to no insight enlightens them...

The Beginning

Versolleus' begins their adventures in Redna of Estea where they met a few interesting people, Theodmer King of Estea, Remora Queen of Estea, and Owl a towns member of Redna. The cleric was very fond to meet the few and be guided to new locations of where and what might be able to aid them in seeking further knowledge on who or what they are. They were told of Kais Kogongu, Archivia, Nowhere, and Lethos. Archvia was their first destination where they met Zaktos an ancient being who'd lost or forgotten his own memories and saw life rather dully.

Zaktos was curious to know about the blind cleric as well and enjoyed reading their journal learning about them. By their altruistic nature, the cleric invites the other to come with to venture and see about learning. From there Zaktos help guide Versolleus not only to Kais Kogongu but leading them to Ashina where they spoke with and to the Shogun, Iman. Sadly Ashina could not tell Versolleus who or what they were but said they ought to continue and seek out other places. Returning to Archivia the two meet another person who cannot remember anything, Ashlynn.

Ashlynn came from Kais Kogongu and expressed how all she knew was she was in her wedding dress and her name. She spoke of world peace and that there shouldn't be wars of blood, that things could be solved diplomatically. Whilst Zaktos agreed seeing that the war was already one full of bloodshed and hate and could do better without, Versolleus couldn't meet the same values and to quote, "There will never be peace as long as there is individuality. It will come and go but never will there be true peace." Although not sharing the same optimistic beliefs the cleric constructs a tent as a refuge calling it Londus, in memory of what once was their home from long ago.

A full month has passed since their arrival since their first journal entry, and since meeting a good sum of people. With the last two pages they wrote of going back to Ashina just to check, that maybe there was something they missed! They didn't find something but someone. A being named Enoch with broken feathered wings, greased in some sort of oil that weighs them down. Enoch much like the many Versolleus had met couldn't remember their past, and hardly could they remember their own name. Versolleus couldn't abandon the lost winged being, so the blind cleric offered Enoch safe voyage to Archivia as it seemed to Versolleus those who are lost seem to come together there...

Notable Event 1

Wandering about with their companion Sif, a loyal strange dog they met on the beaches they woke upon, Versolleus came to the shores of Redna where they met the king and queen of Estea, Theodmer and Remora. The upmost hospitality came from the two, to the lost stranger as the royals offered what knowledge they could along with offering a house in Redna. When Versolleus noticed the Queen having an injured arm they offered their healing magic, with warnings how it might not be pleasant or even work. Versolleus' magic uses hidden black tendrils and they hadn't known of the curse on the land, so when Theodmer lashed out they were startled. It was then they learned of Ra'ther, and the seeds. That someone from nowhere was being consumed by Ra'ther, the flesh god. Things settled when the royals saw how Remora was healed entirely and feeling good as new...

Political Beliefs

Versolleus as of current is of no favor to any politics, as they do not understand Government or have any recollection of experience with it. Anarchist ideals for now.


Witchcraft, Paganism. As a cleric, they worship and work with an unmentioned or spoken of diety.


  • They do not take off their vestments ever, or at least not in front of others
  • Their eyes were removed surgically
  • When they walk it doesn't look like they're walking but rather gliding