The Council of Silence

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The Council of Silence:

What is the Councils of Silence?

The Council of Silence is a polytheistic religion which has been going for centuries, but has recently made a resurgence in the capital of Ashina. The Council of Silence aims to bring back order to a once peace and tranquil Alathra.

Origin of Religion:

In the beginning, Lutarr had this grand idea for a utopia of all living things. So he called off into the vast universe to gather together a Council of Celestials from far-off realms. Too large for the human mind to grasp. To create this utopia to bring peace or one can say silence to our realm that we call home. They were called the Council of Silence. Each one of the Council members played a part in the makings of every creature, but as they created them they seemed empty, lifeless. So Lutarr gave them life through the mind, and suddenly we were conscious. The other Gods wanted to contribute to this newfound consciousness and gave all beings the gift of touch, hearing, sight, smell, and taste. Without them we would be nothing, so we pray to them to give back for the gifts we have been blessed with. If you are worthy enough one might even get a response. So let us pray to the Council of Silence to restore order.

What happened to this Utopia?

The Great Tragedy:

The Council’s utopia was thriving for centuries. Everyone respected The Council and worshiped them accordingly. When one day Dresh the God of Observation had a vision of death and despair in the near future caused by the birth of a demon, but everyone brushed it off as a bad dream. “What could possibly happen to our Utopia, Dresh?” Lutarr laughed. “If this demon was as bad as you say, I’m sure you’d know everything that would happen! As you always do.” This gave a chuckle from the other Gods as they reassured Dresh everything would be fine. But  the day of reckoning finally came when a poor mother gave birth to a demon by the name of Arioch, who terrorized the land and unleashed chaos upon their wonderful utopia. Causing war and turmoil between creatures.

Soon the Gods began to panic as disease and famine plagued the land. Falling into dismay, Aroich appeared before them. Stating that it was the demons' rightful place to rule. Blinded by rage. Lutarr threw Arioch to edge of the universe, banishing them. Unaware of the consequences of the future. The Gods looked back toZimertheir once Utopia, saddened by irreparable damage. To this day Arioch’s spirit continues to terrorize mortals' souls convincing them to do harm. The Council of Silence vows to gain back what was lost, wanting nothing more than to bring back the Gods Utopia and shield everybody from Aroichs wrath. The Council may only speak about Arioch during blood moons or eclipses, as it's been believed the Gods do realize their followers need to learn about it, and during those times Kyuna deafens all of the Gods.


Shavasana is garden on another plane where followers of The Council go when they ultimately die. This garden is the closest to ever being in the Divines perfect utopia. Zimera will guide to this place once you meet your end. Don't be afraid she will protect you

The Five Divine


Lutarr, the god of the mind, is our leader of The Council. He will help you through any hardship you can think of. Pray to him when in need of guidance and/or to guide someone else onto the right path. A blessing from Lutarr could help something such as mental block or even enlighten one to new ideas.


Giros, god of the tongue, is Lutarr's assistant. One may go to Giros when in need of social or creative guidance. Lutarr and Giros go hand in hand and could not be as powerful without the other. Pray to Giros when you have something as simple as writers block or you're at a loss for words.


Dresh, god of observation, has eyes everywhere. If you need something found, he'll find it. Legend has it that Dresh is an all seeing being that can see the past, present, and future. Pray to him when in need of information or when you are unsure of who to trust. Dresh never lies.


Kyuna, goddess of flora, is a goddess to appease. Kyuna controls everything that has to do with nature: plants, flowers, animals, weather, you name it. If Kyuna is upset harsh weather may occur, and one way to stop this is to bring crying Kyuna some offerings. Pray to Kyuna when in need of a plentyful harvest or a sunny spring. Appease Kyuna to maintain balance.


Zimera, goddess of balance, is everything to do with life and death. Zimera can bless incoming life into our beautiful world, or she can take life out of it. Pray to Zimera to heal the sick or to harm another, but that would take some heavy convincing. Go to Zimera for guidance when making high stakes decisions for unbiased intelligence.

Ideals & Holidays


The Council does not believe in any non-justified violence.

You must not speak inside the church unless you are ministry or you are spoken to.

One must show dedication to the church through their actions.

Appease the Gods.

If any of these ideals are not followed follower is subject to excommunication.

(These are subject to change at anytime)