The Court of Rulfisethiem

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The Court of Rulfisethiem is a strange collection of mysterious characters that arrived on Alathra one day. They consist of several people and groups who work under them. From all known information they all come from another dimension called Rulfisethiem.


Depiction of J


Known information

J, also know as 'The Lady of Darkness' to the Lurkers, is a mysterious character who first showed herself to Syzmo in a dream. She would later return to Syzmo in his dreams when fighting Ra'thra and helped him by sending a monster to beat up Ra'thra. She would return again during a meeting between leaders of towns but this time she was in physical form instead of a dream form.

J is often also referred to as 'The Queen of Rulfisethiem' but this is yet to be confirmed, though she does have some sort of command over the 'Lurkers'.

Her abilities consist of advanced Runic magic and restricted Eldritch Alchemy. Though, despite the reality warping abilities, she can't do time manipulation, the changing of biological material and raising the dead.

Before Alathra

The only known information known about J's history is from a conversation she had with someone. From this it was found out that J is a traveler that traveled a multitude of words. Further back from this it was found out that she was involved in a murder of a tyrannical overseer in which she stabbed him in the chest with a knife. Nothing else is known.

Activities in Alathra

It is unknown when J arrived in Alathra but she first appeared to Syzmo in a dream where she warned him of the rise in cosmic and eldritch threats. She would later appear to him again when Syzmo fell unconscious during the battle against Ra'thra where she gave Syzmo a rune to open a portal to free a monster that helped stop Ra'thra. Later, she would appear for a third time during a meeting in Jotunstan where they were talking about mysterious invites to have 'The Lady of of Darkness' join their town. During this meetings she appeared through the floor and told them about her reason for being on Alathra as well as answering some questions. After that she went though the ground and the people discussed what to do about her.


J appears as a jester in black with dark red details and gold trims and buttons. Her hat covers her entire head, only leaving the face uncovered, and has two black and white striped tails that end with bells. Her skin is a grayish white and the colour on her face is spit into two halves, one is yellower in colour and the other is red is colour. Most notably her eyes seem to be endless pits of darkness with lights in them that mimic pupils. The one on the red side of her face is yellow and the one on her yellow side is red. She is around 5'5 in hight.

She is also described as smelling of roses, lavender and old books.

Depiction of the Ambassador


Known Information

Known as 'The Ambassador', this entity works for J. However he is also known as 'The Dealer' and 'Lloyd'. He is the first of the five chairs of the court and manages all diplomatic and political endeavours. He is often described as being serious and gloomy as well as being a gambler, heavy drinker and a drug addict. Despite this he manages to carry out his work.

The ambassador has dominion over addiction. He specialises in drugs, gambling and alcohol. He can also make reality warping deals, primarily affecting probability of outcomes. He can also conjure special cards that can give the effects of any drug.

Before Alathra

Nothing is known about his past.

Activities in Alathra

The Ambassador has only ever been see around J. He supplies her with information about people, places and events, often doing this in the shadows.


The Ambassador takes the form of a tall man wearing a white, three piece suit. He wears white gloves and shoes. Most notably he wears a tragedy mask with a red feather. His hair is a grayish-black and is short. His skin is also pitch black. None of his face can be seen, not even a pair of eyes or a mouth.

He is often described as smelling of alcohol.

Depiction of the Wizard


Known information

Known only as 'The Wizard' he is an entity that works for J. He is the second of the five chairs of the court and manages all information. He is described as joyful and cheerful. He enjoys showing off his magic and reading.

The Wizard can do all sorts of magical and fantastical tricks however has a bad memory. To deal with this he has a pocket dimension that is a library full of all the knowledge he has collected over eternity.

Before Alathra

Nothing is known about his past.

Activities in Alathra

The Wizard has only ever been around gathering information.


The Wizard wears a yellow robe and cone hat with black stars on it. it has red details on it. His pants are also red. Like the Ambassador his skin is also pitch black. He wears a comedy mask with red cheeks.

He is often described as smelling like cotton candy and peaches.

Ice pick

Depiction of the Ice Pick

Known information

Known only as 'Ice Pick' he is the third chair that works for J. He manages exploration and discovery of new lands. Often described as serious and cold, Ice Pick rarely comes into contact with people. He prefers to keep to himself unless ordered otherwise.

Ice pick is a powerful Cryomancer and is often seen with an Ice Pick, presumed to be his weapon of choice.

Before Alathra

Nothing is known about his past.

Activities in Alathra

Ice Pick has only ever been seen exploring places.


Ice pick wears a large grey coat covered in frost. He has Brownish grey jeans and large brown boots. He wears a mask with a long, pointed nose. He has no hair, instead most of his head is covered in ice. Ice also grows from his back. His chest is exposed revealing a rotting torso with most of his ribcage shown and broken. The tips of his fingers are covered in ice to make them into points. Unlike the Ambassador and the Wizard, Ice pick has a blueish-grey colour skin.

The ground he walks on is often seen covered in frost and cold air constantly steams from his body.



Fire Dancer


The Lurkers

Known information

The Lurkers are strange, humanoid creatures that serve the court. They seem to have an undying loyalty to them. Apart from that nothing much is known.

Before Alathra


Activities in Alathra

The Lurkers were the first things from Rulfisethiem to be seen in Alathra. They have been heard of visiting Redna during the first moments of Ra'thra. After that they weren't seen until after the defeat of Ra'thra. They would go around Alathra and tell people that J is coming. They also revealed some information about themselves. In one discussion with Keypeer it was told that the Lurkers are of somewhat similar to voidlings in terms of being apart of the void. However they refer to themselves as 'Lesser Void'.


Lurkers have smooth, dark brown skin with glowing white cracks. They wear black, heavily torn rags and a torn, grey tie. Their head is spherical in shape and completely black in colour with no texture. Their eyes and mouth are glowing, white slits that are in a form of a wide smile. They are around the same hight as endermen.


Emblem of the court


Colour seems to have a sort of significance to the court.

Yellow - Illness, madness

Black - Void, misery, death

White - Mystery, emptiness, blankness

Red - Love, violence, blood

Green - Forgotten, lost

Blue - Dreams, change, ocean

Gray - Equal, dull,



The Court seems uninterested in any political influence or power. The only thing they seem interested in is watching the world as they like to observe everyone around them.


The only time the court has gotten involved in anything important was during the battle of Ra'thra.


The court mainly speaks Common, Olgaurdian and Elostic.

J has a job as a Janitor at the Academy.