The Elder Forge

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The Great Forge upon discovery
The Elder Forge and its surrounding source of infinite heat

The forge was discovered by [Redacted] on [Redacted], 2021. He hadn't felt such flame and heat since the early days of Alathra, and slowly taking a look around some parts of this place seemed uncomfortably familiar than one would like. The never ending flow of lava making the air as hot as the nether but the stone felt as cold as the emptiness in the void, this place was not made by anyone living, atleast not any living mortal. Everything in here felt as if it had a magical property and yet none of it familiar to the regular enchantments magic and spell magic we're used to and learned over time in Alathra. The magma had an odd glow to it as if it were remnants of left over ancient dragons that would spew it from their belly, the stone too dense for the depth of the location.

The most frightening of all is when [Redacted] approached the Forge the only legible text in any language known to Alathra reads "Elder Forge" in the common enchantment text, but upon closer inspection on the forge itself his heart sank to his stomach. He looks over their shoulder at his █████████ ██████, then he remembers that of the ancient relic weapon the ████████ ████████ along with many other artifacts he once inspected closely in hand before hiding or using. "The markings line up... they match."

A chill ran cold down his spine.


The Elder Forge's location is known only to one whos roamed and discovered all the far known reaches of Alathra. We do not know if this person still lives or not, how old they are of were when they discovered the place, all we do know is its somewhere hot. In the Nether perhaps? Only that wouldn't explain the cold touch from the stone so perhaps its on the border of this world and the next? What monstrosities could have been created in such a place of power....