The Farlands Kingdom.

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The Farlands Kingdom was an empire located approximately ten years from main land Alathra. Inside it's thousands of years of history, stood leaders that killed barbaric warriors, solved world diplomatic problems and mages that moulded the prosperity that was The Farlands. The Kingdom faced near-extinction, disease, hunger, war but also wealth, magic, knowledge, strength. Farlandian people have evolved to live at most to three-hundred years, after the Bestura Plague hit and The Cura was used, the power extended the lives. Or at least that's what old tales say.

The Start of The Farlands.

A man called Rex Arcanes ventured up north with his tribe, upon travelling, they found a container, something that they had never seen before. It is rumoured that Rex was the only one who had the strength to open the metal door. With his bare hands, he ripped apart the container. Inside, was mountains of gold, crowns, jewellery, but most importantly: The Farlandian Jewels. With this, they sold everything, apart from the jewels and the crowns. With this, they gained clothing, tools, food and building materials. They built up what would be Electi, the National Capital of the future Farlands Kingdom. Rex and his wife, Numen had children, leaving the Arcanes family as the royal family.

Plagues hit, many notable ones is the Bestura Plague, The Bronze Plague, the Yellow Death, the Makeja and the Pasturakn. All of which killed nearly every individual of the Farlandian people. It was not until scientists researched and tested on the Farlandian Jewels, that they learnt their power. The Cura was arguably the most powerful, with it wiping out the Bestura Plague and expanding the Farlandian lifespan by two-hundred years. As more and more luxurious and wealthy towns were built, the Farlands was the most powerful Kingdom, known in that area.

Notable Leaders.

Rex Arcanes- Rex Arcanes was a man of muscle, his average appearance was a well kept moustache, his clothes were typical Farlandian colours, Black and Yellow. This man started the Kingdom with his quick wits, muscles and his great ability to convince people. He would be forever known as a Farlandian God. Rex found a powerful magic and kept half of it for his soul when he passed, he kept the other half in a chamber, where he was the only one to know the location. When Rex would find the perfect Arcanes, then he would release it into that person.

Medens Arcanes- Meden was a leader that researched about the jewels, he was the first publicly magical leader to step foot in the Farlandian Kingdom, and the one who normalised the idea of magic. This man advanced the knowledge of the Kingdom and invented weaponry, armoury and the Farlandian Crowns for the Kingdom.

Immu Arcanes- Immu was a leader that nearly destroyed all of the Kingdom, in the Farlandian Holy Text, she is seen as the Devil, "Smiler", she could transform into a snake and used her incredible hypnotic powers to turn everyone against the past leader, Repota Arcanes, making her leader, free to use the Farlandian magic to her liking. With this power, she separated her body with her soul and giving the soul all her bodies power, the soul was free, making it unable to kill the all-powerful spirit. And so, she would destroy the Kingdom from the inside, until an advisor trapped her into the void.

Specz Arcanes- The son of Summum Arcanes and Regno Arcanes, he was the last Arcanes to rule. He was the 'chosen one', the one Rex had picked. Specz would be tortured by "Smiler's Assistant", Pulchra Odium in the "Light Edition of the Farlandian Holy Text". Specz's leave of the Farlands would inevitably disband the nation, Rex would hope that one day, Specz would use the magic for good, and spread it into the hands of the Lydoneian's, a nation only told in tales.