The Haven Standoff

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The Haven Standoff occurred in Haven following the events of The Haven Storm.


Participants: Aurelius Rynnth Remora Specz Angela Sayyid Baaki Llull Sharpol

RP Archive

The calmness of Haven was interrupted by a sharp scream echoing through the alleyways. The Hospitolium.

sharpol: The wolves immediately reacted to the scream as they looked in the direction it came from "What the heck was that"

Sayyid: Sayyid alertly jumps and looks toward the Hospitolium

Angela: "Well that ends that I suppose. Shall we see who is making that noise?"

Baaki: Baaki awakes to a horrendous scream coming from the Hospitolium. He knows not whos it is, but he rushes there as swiftly as he can

Specz Arcanes: “Let’s go!” Shouted Specz. Why today Specz thought. It is not my day. Not again

Remora: Remora and Aurelius are standing outside the Hospitolium, yelling at the citizens of Haven to get to shelter and directing the workers out of the building to safety. “GO!” She pushes people out as she runs inside, drawing out her bow. Her hands shake, knowing that she has no magic to help her now. Aurelius stays outside for a few more moments, making sure his people are safe.

sharpol: He followed the group signaling his wolves to follow him as he headed to the Hospitolium

Rynnth: The Hospitolium was a mess, one of the few structures that hadn’t been repaired in its entirety yet. Lucius had been taking time to himself, before continuing his investigations. The group entered, climbing over the rubble. Screams continued, coming from downstairs in the mess hall. Everyone began to hurry, running past the reception and to the stairs. The screams only grew louder, thunder ringing through the building every few seconds. The first was Baaki down the stairs, realizing he had stepped in something. Looking down he saw the fox lacerated on the steps, Ari’s blood dripping down the rest of the steps. Horror crosses his face as the rest of the group pushed him along.

Upon reaching the bottom of the steps, Baaki quickly shielded himself with his arms as lightning shot to him. Everyone else circled around the scene before them. The large mess hall stood in view, tables thrown to the side, a radius of open space around the center. “Don’t get closer or else you’ll get hurt unnecessarily,” Rynnth yelled over the screams and thunder. Llull was strapped to the mess table, purple chains along his body, Rynnth hovering over him messing with some unidentifiable machinery. The cuts and bruises on Llull’s body made it clear that this wasn’t a willing operation. The Caelestial Executioner lay on the floor next to the table, still covered in what can only be assumed as Ari’s blood. Remora: "Llull!" Remora springs up an arrow, pointing it right at Rynnth. "Rynnth, what are you doing? Have you gone mad!" She shouts over the noise.

sharpol: He is confused and unsure of quite what to do so just commands his wolves to protect the group he ran over here with

Baaki: "Wha-What have you done. " Baaki stammers, seeing his friend on a table, and his faithful companion on the floor. "Who are you" He asks the floating figure

Sayyid: Sayyid quickly scans the area, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. He looks at Rynnth. "What the hell is going on here? What are you doing Rynnth?"\ He unsheathes his sword.

Specz Arcanes: Specz stands in front of the group, protecting them. “Calm down Rynnth, we can sort this out without anyone getting hurt.” Specz turned to Ari, with a tear in his eye “No…. too late.”

Rynnth: "Llull here is a homunculus very welled designed might I add, apparently in our little conversation earlier it let slipped that it's maker was an aspiring Caelestial. What a fantastic gift brought to me. I don't believe in fate, but it washing up on the shores of Wok seems simply destined," Rynnth said. "I will take this body for myself, for the betterment of everyone. Do not mind the shattered mind inside of it, that mind was never meant to last."

Remora: "Rynnth, Llull is our friend please! There needs to be another way, we can figure something else out!" Remora pleads, lowering her weapon and pushing herself forward through the force.

Baaki: "It doesnt matter if it wasnt meant to last." Baaki growled out. "He felt, he knew, and he connected. It doesnt matter what he was supposed to do, he went beyond that and he made himself more then he was." Baaki said, barely restraining himself from attacking this wretch.

Rynnth: "It is a vessel, simple a means to an end. Do you care for the cows that were grown to slaughter the same way you do to for this thing. No, you do not. This vessel was grown and tested for the purpose of being used," Rynnth yelled over the screams. Lightning pour even more out of Llull staggering everyone in the vicinity. Rynnth continued operating with the machinery preparing to take the vessel for himself.

sharpol: He remained quiet for now letting the people who knew rynnth talk to him

Sayyid: "Rynnth, what is going on? I have never seen you like this, or act like this before!" Sayyid nervously leans forward

Baaki: "Those cows dont connect on an emotional level with other creatures. Llull has, would you kill someone who has only worked there whole life and could no longer do that job? He did not pick how he was made, but he picked who he was! He may have started as a vessel but he grew." Baaki shouts over the lightning and screams.

Specz Arcanes: A tear from Specz’s eye fell. He was tired, exhausted from drama that he knew would end in fighting. “Don’t you dare call our friend a vessel” Specz said with an angry face. “Don’t even think about it. I am tired of reasoning with people like you.” Specz took another step, this time with Baaki and Remora following him. “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill your now.”

Rynnth: "Look at me Sayyid we fought on the fronts together, I have never taken you in the wrong direction. We slaughtered for Lydoneia. And you Remora, I fought for the salvation of your town. We killed there as a means to an end, this is no different. The ends will justify my means."

Remora: Remora feels herself being pushed away by some sort of energy, emanating from Llull. She grabs onto the nearest person, Baaki, and pulls herself closer. "You did fight for me, and right now I'm fighting for my friend. Who are you to decide that Llull is simply and tool for you to use?"

Specz Arcanes: Specz was not pushed by this energy, instead driven forward. He had to protect Remora and the group.. One way or another

Rynnth: "The two of you, I do not know who you are, I have no ill will towards you, yet. My path to Caelestial is absolute, on that path I have guided Lydoneia and Alathra through the ages and shared my knowledge and advancements, I am young have much to learn still, but I know this, my path has never steered me wrong. You wish to fight me I'll grant you the right to die before me. Do not waste your lives like this," Rynnth yelled back noticing the distance close slightly between him and the others. He picked up his axe from the floor next to where Llull was tied. The vessel still yelled, electricity pouring out of him.

"Your friend as you call it, you should fear. It is untapped potential, trapped inside a body. These are quintuple reinforced netherite chains holding him down. Its enough for now, but it gets even more interesting. Rynnth pulled himself along the table to the where Llull's feet were dangling. Rynnth carefully removed Llull's shoes, immediately causing a massive electric surge to burst through the room. The Hospitolium was destroyed, a hole through the ceiling looking up directly at the sky changing to night. "Rubber shoes isn't that fantastic, hindering this poor bodies capabilities. A fragmented soul with this power cannot be allowed to roam free. It shouldn't it would be wasteful and disrespectful, like wiping your ass with diamonds." 

Angela: Angela was surprised by her companions strength. She herself had been thrown to the floor, and was now sitting against the wall she was being pressed into. Thankfully, she didn’t need to be close to help. She pulls a round gen from her pocket and clasps her hand around it, beginning to quietly chant: “Par mes mots, accordez la vitesse, la résistance et la force!” Instantly they began to feel faster, stronger, and tougher.

Specz Arcanes: “Yeah and what do you plan to do with him, he is our friend. I don’t know about the rest but if it is for Llull I will not go down with a fight.” This time lightning smited Specz’s head. He looked down to the floor and dropped one more tear, he looked back to Rynnth. “We may not know each other but if you do anything disrespectful, we….” Specz looked at the rest. They nodded back. “We fight.”

Rynnth: "I came back from seeing Haven engulfed in a storm, I travelled here, well rested and well fed. You may be able to fight, but you are tired. Wake up and you'll see this is the best possible outcome. You may wish to fight, but you'll likely lose here. Take my council. Back away and think again. Look to Sayyid here, he can vouch for my accomplishments. I'm doing what needs to be done," Rynnth circled the table, fiddling with instruments further, looking up every few seconds at the crowd in front of him. Some are sure of themselves, others aren't he thought to himself, interesting.

Sayyid: Sayyid hesitated, stepping back and rapidly looking at Rynnth and back at his group

sharpol: He was unsure of what to do in this situation he didn't know rynnth or anyone else in the group properly so he called his wolves back to him

Aurelius: Aurelius and Remora both heard the screams from the Hospitolium in his quarters and quickly split up. While he rounded up and escorted citizens to their homes from outside, she ventured inside toward the screams in a sprint. Aurelius was confused and concerned... so naturally it didn't take long for him to make way to the ruckus, regardless of how drained he was from the days prior. Entering the building, he heard a commotion downstairs and ran to investigate. Ari, his new friend, was gutted nearly beyond recognition on the steps. He pushed past, and there he saw his friends, but something was off. "Llull? Rynnth? What in the hell is going on here?" he says, moving to the front of the group, pushing his dear friends behind him. He looks over to see Llull's injuries, and looks back at Rynnth. "What have you done?!" he shouts at Rynnth in a fit of rage.

Rynnth: "Aurelius my old friend, look up, you see those stars shining. They guide us. Among those stars you see the airships we built, we designed. Beautiful, connecting the world through Haven. We have accomplished much, we have taken risks, and we have suffered for them. We stopped a blind man from guiding this nation, we stopped Lothridge's control over prospit, we have funded and fought many wars. We have sat in the HOR together for years, bringing Lydoneia to the glorious paradise we are now in. Trust me, this is necessary for the next step, the stars shine down on us. We need this, or else Lydoneia will fall to the cursed beings out there," Rynnth yelled, the lightning growing more and more intense, his project slowly reaching its conclusion.

Angela: Angela knew the moment Aurelius stepped into her blessing that a metaphysical scale had been tipped. A small crack like a glass breaking could be faintly heard. Her finger began to hurt.

Aurelius: Aurelius grips the Fury tightly in his hand. "But to what end, Rynnth? Where does one draw the line?" he says. His focus on Rynnth gets narrower and narrower as the lightning intensifies. His only concern now was the safety of his friend. "Rynnth, we have grown together and done great things for the nation, and Alathra as a whole. But this is not the way." Aurelius senses that Angela was now weakened by his presence, and knew he had to act. Aurelius raises the Fury, and shouts "Stop this at once!" Vials of water begin to shake and water begins to slowly seep out of the drain in the floor. Aurelius was furious.

Rynnth: "You're blind to the opportunity. You'll see soon enough," Rynnth snickers at Aurelius. "You'll learn, and here I was thinking I had made friends in this world, maybe my father was right, I shouldn't have ever muddled with the stage of nations."

Specz Arcanes: Specz heard the glass crack, he knew that sound. “Could use some help over here!” called out Angela. Specz ran behind her supporting her. “I.. have got you!” grunts Specz. A yellow drift went from Specz’s palms to Angela’s heart. “You have got this Angela, our lives are in your hands. We trust you.” Specz however, did not trust Angela. He didn’t trust anyone apart from Remora, Aurelius, Baaki and Llull (if you can even count him anymore.

Remora: Remora looks over at the water coming up from the drains and feels a pain in her heart, as if it was being pulled out of her. She looks up at Aurelius and decides, it would be worth the sacrifice to protect the others. She slowly sits down, finding cover behind one of the tables and closes her eyes. Use it well Aurelius Remora sends a message out before slumping over, channeling all she had left in her to keep Aurelius's power going.

Aurelius: Aurelius feels Remora drift away behind him and quickly turns his head to see her slumped over on the ground. Rage fills him and he turns to Rynnth, charging at him full speed with Fury in hand. He raises the axe to strike.

Angela: They were pushing forward, but not fast enough. Seeing Aurelius push forward, and Remora fall, Angela stopped protecting the others and focused on those two. As she added to her chant, "Par mes paroles sois guérie !", trying to heal whatever was happening to Remora. Much more audibly this time, another crack was heard coming from her arm.

Rynnth: Aurelius runs towards Rynnth, the added strength from Angela, Specz, and Remora allowing him to push through the all the lightning. Thunder continued to scream through the room as Rynnth looked up Aurelius and just frowned. Rynnth lay his hand on the flailing vesssel, and looked Aurelius dead in the eyes. Rynnth's body began to drop as the Fury of Aurelius slid its way into Rynnths arm. The lightning stopped and the room grew uncomfortably still, only the heavy breathing of the exhausted individuals quietly resonating through the room. Rynnth lay on the floor blood poured from his shoulder. Llull's eyes opened staring up at the open sky above him. He looked down at the chains covering his body. He moved his left arm to the side of the table, fiddling with the chains. Almost mechanically the chains released exposing Llull. The room was filled with happiness and shock, as people looked at Llull turning to face Rynnth's body. Llull's back was turned to Aurelius, as Aurelius tried to move his hand to Llull's shoulder. Before contact was made Llull stood up towering over Rynnth's body. Llull pulled the jacket off Rynnth's shoulders and set it down on the table. He picked up the Caelestial Executioner and the room grew silent. Mouths were open as if to say something, but no one managed to get a word out. The Caelestial Executioner sliced through Rynnth's head, Llull lifting it up and looking at it. "Well that feels weird," Llull muttered to himself. He took the jacket off the tabled and put it on himself, walking past everyone and up the stairs. "I'll be at my island, one day you'll understand."

Angela: Angela shakily gets to her feet with the help of Specz, hoping that she was able to keep Remora alive. Clutching her arm, she takes a step forward. CRACK! Everyone in the room hears the sound of glass shattering as Angela's arm seems to fall off, rapidly fragmenting and turning into dim light. Instead of blood, the now stump begins emitting light, cracks visible closer to her shoulder. She looks towards her now armless side and back to the group, with a look of slight disappointment on her face. "Well that complicates things."