The Haven Storm

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Rendition of the Haven Storm created by Rynnth

The events pertaining to Ra'thra's appearance in Haven and his capture.


Participants: Ra'thra, Aurelius, Remora, Llull, Specz, Baaki, Lucius, Plato

RP Archive

Ra'thra's Arrival

Ra’thra: Ra'thra sulked around the continent for awhile. So far everything has fallen exactly into place. This made him grin to the point that the skin started to rip. He had gotten word that a deal was made. But he wanted to wait that one out a bit, let the fear set in. So, for now, his gaze turned south to where he was. He knew very well that his presence wouldn't be received well due to what happened last time, but it was all part of his plan. Ra'thra walked towards Haven to meet with someone.

Aurelius: Aurelius stands on the outskirts of Haven proper, woodcutting axe in hand, chopping down trees to finish the flooring for one of Haven's newest developments. The sun, beating down upon his brow, revealed a figure in the distance. The ripply waves of sunlight illuminated that of a figure in which Aurelius grew to disdain - Ra'thra. As the figure got closer, Aurelius gripped the axe tighter.

Ra’thra: Ra'thra walked towards the city. He had made it after a long walk but didn’t seem to be tired, probably because his body is nothing more than a rotting corpse. I Noticed Aurelius and smiled. "Ah, if it isn’t my favourite beam of corrupted purity!" Ra'thra teased. He walked closer to him. Showing no signs of hesitation.

Aurelius: Aurelius plants his feet where he's standing, making zero attempts to back away. "Funny." he says, sneeringly. "What is it you're doing here? Back to throw another curse my way?"

Ra’thra: Ra'thra continues to advance, "That's none of your concern. Now step aside before I need to find a new owner for that curse of yours." A large smile crossed his face. Ra'thra continues to advance,  "That's none of your concern. Now step aside before I need to find a new owner for that curse of yours."  A large smile crossed his face.

Aurelius: Aurelius moves toward Ra'thra, raising the "woodcutting axe" now revealed to be the Fury of Aurelius. "I've told you time and time again, after what you have done to me and my people, you are no longer welcome in Haven's territory. Explain yourself or crumble to ash!" he shouts.

Ra’thra: Ra'thra continues to advance, "Really? After everything I have done to you, and what I am capable of doing. You really think you can scare me off with your fancy axe and loud words?" Ra'thra readied himself for a counter attack.

Aurelius: Aurelius chuckles. "I've never been afraid of you. Be met with fury!" he yells, striking Ra'thra in the shoulder with his axe, cutting deep.

Ra’thra: Ra'thra clearly didn’t anticipate the speed at which Aurelius came at him. The hit causes him burns around the wound and him to be knocked back. But he quickly got back onto his feet. "Fine then.."

He summoned his sword, the Virtus carnis, which grew out from his hand and stood ready. Two large tendrils appeared at his sides and easily towered above them both. "Come at me!" One of the tendrils slammed towards Aurelius with speed.

Aurelius: The force of the tendril striking Aurelius was enough to knock him to his feet, shaking the axe loose from his hands.Aurelius quickly grabbed his axe, still shaken, and attempted to rise to his feet. "Those are new!" he shouts, running back toward Ra'thra.

Ra’thra: The other tendril attacked Aurelius' flank. "You thought you got rid of those seeds? Please, they practically replaced the foundation of most of your city by now!" He readied his sword if the attack failedAurelius: Aurelius ignores Ra'thra's taunts and strikes the tendril, burning it and sending it flailing backwards, but it quickly comes back at him and snaps at his leg. He draws back, avoiding the tendril, while the other tendril smacks his face. After regaining his footing, he strikes the nearest tendril, severing part of the tip.

Ra’thra: Both the tendrils stop the attack for a second and Ra'thra looks down at Aurelius seeing how he was injured. "I told you not to try. But look at you, so weak and pathetic. If you weren’t so vital to my plan I would kill you right on the spot." Ra'thra taunted.

Aurelius: Aurelius shoots up from the ground, rushing towards Ra'thra and grabbing his throat. He slams him to the ground. "WEAK?!" he screams. "PLAN?!" he yells, applying pressure to Ra'thra's neck, nearly strangling him. As the suspicious figure begins to speak, Aurelius loosens his grip.

Ra’thra: Ra'thra laughed. "Now he shows his true colours!"  One of the tendrils wrapped around Aurelius and pulled him away.

Aurelius: Aurelius, flailing in the air, shouts at the top of his lungs.  "Get your damn tentacle things off of me!"   The tentacles raise Aurelius into the air, and throw him to the ground.

Ra’thra: Ra'thra laughed as he got up.  "Foolish." He taunted "Foolish Aurelius. At this rate I might as well narrow down your people, seeing how you’re a weak leader"

Aurelius: Aurelius grits his teeth.  "This city has thrived due to my people's efforts. My nation thrives due to the efforts of many. I am nothing but a guide in the right direction. How can I be considered foolish when your words, being so untrue, really paint you as the fool?" he says, gripping his left knee.

Ra’thra: Ra'thra walked towards Aurelius. One of the tendrils trapped around his neck. "That's because they don't see you as who you are. But now look at you, no longer the purity of Haven. You’re becoming a dark cloud that casts a shadow over your nation. And eventually it will come to light. Sure, you may have done good thus far but how long will it last?" Ra'thra continued to taunt Aurelius.

Aurelius: Aurelius, still ensnared by Ra'thra's tendrils, looks past him and shouts: "Baaki, do it now!"

Baaki: Unbeknownst to Ra'thra, this whole time Baaki had been sneaking up behind him with a shovel, and clubbed him on Aurelius' que. He slumped over and the two tied him up quickly, in hopes of bringing him to Lucius at the Hospitolium. "Next time lets not let it get so close friend, alright?"

Llull: Llull approaches from the forest looking over at the degraded body now being tied up. Ari trots behind him, as the two follow their fellow Lydoneians to go explore Havens Hospitolium with their new captive. Llull feels the energy flowing through his arms ready to strike at the slightest misstep of the prisoner.

Aurelius: "You're right, Baaki." Aurelius dumps out his cart meant for transporting wood and motions to Baaki and Llull to help him load Ra'thra's unconscious body onto it. "This is, what, the third time now? Lucius likely has answers we still need to figure out how to get rid of this thing once and for all." Aurelius' joints ache as he begins to push the cart towards the Hospitolium.

Baaki: Baaki notices Aurelius's pain and asks "Do you need any potions or medicine to help with that friend?"

Aurelius: Aurelius smiles to his friend, in a thankful but concerned way, and speaks: "Baaki... this pain isn't ordinary." He loosens his grip on the handles of the cart and stops moving forward. He lifts part of his instantly recognizable apparel and reveals his knee is colored and textured like that of basalt.

Llull: The small fox leaves Llull's side and walks up to the statue like man. Ari looks at the now exposed colored knee and then looks up at Aurelius showing concerned for the plagued man. Llull looks over at Baaki, "I don't know what this is, do you know what you're doing?"

Baaki: "I- I know very little of true medicine, and this is well beyond the small amount of knowledge I have. Perhaps friend Lucius might know, but I most certainly do not." Baaki responds with a worried look on his face.

Aurelius: Aurelius nods. "Off we go, then." Aurelius gives Ari a smirk and a pet on the head, and leads his friends to the Capitolium, in hopes of finding Lucius.

Character Introductions Pre-Escape

Llull Ancane: I look up from my sleep, more bad dreams… although. Ari is still curled up on my right. We’ve been sitting in the pavement for days now waiting on Ottavius. I don’t know exactly what this Ra’thra is, but if we contained him the next steps should be easy. I shudder thinking back to my dreams of containment. Were they really dreams? Looking up at the sky, the clouds continue to darken even more than what I thought was possible. The sky is completely black, resembling a moonless starless night. The only lights in Haven now are the braziers and lanterns hanging.

I grab another wax candle and try to light it. The electricity springing from my fingertips to the yarn, slowly revealing a freshly birthed flame. Should I even stay here, I mean we already captured Ra’thra what else is there for me to do? I didn’t help much with that even, I don’t know why Baaki insisted I come with him. Although I owe these people something, Aurelius did save me from isolation. What would I be doing on Wok anyways, fishing and training with this flimsy wooden sword?

Ari perks up looking past me to the edge of the building. I look towards the direction and see a figure slowly moving towards me. The flame from my candle reveals Baaki, his dark complexion only interrupted by the small purple flames surrounding him. Strange creatures that exist among. I motion for him to sit next to me on the grass and ask, “So how long do you think they’re gonna make us wait?”

Baaki: "I know as little as you on that front Friend." Baaki replies before sitting with a sigh next to him. He reaches over and scratches between Ari's ears as he leans back. "Thanks for rushing out here on such short notice... while it was likely that I coulda stopped him without backup, it never hurts to have a friend watching your back." He says with a shy grin.

Llull: I'm still confused by this, Ra'thra seemed to just talk a lot. Maybe this storm speaks to something, but I haven't seen anything that would keep me worried. "Who is this Ra'thra, why are we worried about them? I just don't know if something else is happening that I'm missing."

Baaki: Baaki looks down with a sign. "You and me both friend. This feeling, this knowing that I have knowledge right there, right out of reach, is terrible. There is all of these things that I should remember but just cant." He clenches he hand tighly before realising it with another sigh. "At least im not alone with that pain, I know you at least understand friend."

Llull: Something darker is bother him, I can tell. I don't know much about Baaki's past, but this definitely isn't about Ra'thra anymore. "Baaki where did you come from, how did you end up in Lydoneia of all places if you dont mind?"

Baaki: Baaki jerks his head sharply to look at Llull, before he slowly drops it again and stares towards the horizon. "Thats... complicated." He says with a slight chuckle. "To the first one I cannot remember, the earliest thing i remember clearly is a void, there was nothing, no one, for long I just floated, almost in stasis." He says with a shiver. "But... I got out of that place, and stepped into this world. There was no one around me, just... this body." He says as if expecting to be repramended. "Its previous consiousness had already left it, it was an empty husk and I a formless mass, I took it so I could once again interact with the world." He says with his face hardening, still staring off into the distance. "I walked out of the building and found myself in a large town, Kias Kogong I later learn. I saw the owner of the town building down the street and ask him where I was. He stared at me in shock before he told me I was in the body of a friend of his." A regretful, small smile plays upon his lips, "He swifty told me to leave his sight before he removed me for being in that body. I saw water on two sides so I fled south, and found Haven. They took me in and helped me."

Llull: I look down at Ari sitting between us, the small fox looking back at me. I knew all too well what that feels like a body isn't your own. Were they really all dreams? "I know... I know what that's like." I felt the incisions from my dreams in my chest. "It's good you found Haven," I said weakly looking back up at Baaki. "Life is too hard on us sometimes." The incisions felt more and more real. "I didn't wake up in void, I woke in the snow, Ari curled up against me keeping me warm." I felt pressure rising within me. "And I don't even know if that's really the last thing I remember, I don't even think my name is Llull is my real name." I though back to how Baaki woke, in darkness everything empty in an empty husk. It reminds me all too well of my dreams. "But Baaki, we are here now right?" I could feel myself choking over these last words.

Baaki: "Yes friend, we are here now, and thats what matters." Baaki responds, sitting up swiftly while hesitently laying a hand on his friends shoulder, looking him in the eyes for the first time. "We may not remember our past, who we are, or what we have done, but we are here now. That I say for certain." Baaki then leans back again. "So... have you remembered anything that you believed you had forgotten, and if so how?" Baaki asks with feigned nonchalance but in reality desperately wanting to hear a positive answer.

Llull: I looked at Baaki and saw his desperation for an answer, he was lost. No memories, probably lacking a purpose he could call his own. Just like me. I had dreams, dreams that felt like memories the more they cycled through my head. But he had nothing, "Baaki, I..." my voice faltered knowing I couldn't give him an answer. "I wouldn't know how to get your memories back. I think I have mine, but those came to me in dreams." I could feels sparks between my finger tips and the floor. This wasn't about me it was about him, "Baaki, I don't know how to find your memories, but this is the Hospitolium. When Ottavius is done with this mess, I'm sure he can give you an answer with yours."

Baaki: Baaki slumped further down. "Yea... I figured that would be the case friend, but never hurts to ask." He said with one of those smiles that always hides inner pain. "So, what have you remembered through dream?" Baaki asked, slightly perking up at the thought of learning how his friends dreams taugh him of his past, at least being able to satisfy his curiosity if he couldnt find an answer to his own dilema.

Llull: I looked up to the darkened sky, what have I remember through dream? Probably my entire life if you could call it that. "If I go off my dreams..." I trailed off thinking this through, "I'm not a person, I'm an experiment. I've been cycling through the same dreams, until a new one unlocks itself. I'm pretty sure from what I've seen last night, my name isn't even Llull Ancane." I looked down at Ari, trying to get some support from this fox I woke up next to. But yet again, Ari is just a fox. "I woke up in the snow, and took the name inscribed on a bow: Llull Ancane. But my dreams had me wake up in a capsule, captured by what I think is the real Llull Ancane." I felt the suffocation of the capsule yet again, the words getting increasing harder to get out of my throat. "He grew me, us I mean, we were disposable bodies for him until he found the right one. Me and all my dead..." I trailed off looking at Baaki for some help, his blank face not returning that plea.  "Brothers. Brother's I'd call them. They all looked like my captor, I saw him throw them all out. He experimented on us, lastly on me." I could feel incisions again in my chest making it harder to breathe. "I don't know what happened to me or what happened to him." I felt the electricity slowly rising in my blood even more. "I don't even know who I am at this point." Rain I thought at first looking up at the darkened sky. Tears were slowly building my eyes. Ari climbed into my lap and looked up at me, Baaki awkwardly resting his hand on my shoulder. "I'm not Llull Ancane, Baaki. I'm a homunculus and nothing else..." I croaked as tears began to fall.

Aurelius: The door of Haven's hospitolium flings open, with Aurelius exiting in a hurry. "Sorry to interrupt. The main gate guards alerted me that Specz has arrived. Curious as to what this could be about." Without acknowledging the two Lydoneians sat outside, he looks up to the sky, seeing the storm growing more intensely. He frowns, motioning for Llull and Baaki to accompany him to the gate, meeting the mythical figure.

Llull: Llull wipes the tears away quickly as the towering statue enters the scene. Aurelius wasn't especially tall, Baaki being taller, but somehow he gave that impression nonetheless. "Who is Specz?" I said standing up to meet the leader of Haven.

Specz: Specz saw three unknown figures walk closer and closer to him. He was surrounded by beautiful buildings, if the storm wasn't so dark, he could study it more.  Specz was suprised. How hadn't he of been here before? "Hello. I am Specz Arcanes, Diplomat of Arcadia, Sorcerer of All. I have come here to inspect your problem." The people looked confused. "The storm" added Specz.

Aurelius: Seemingly ignoring Llull before, Aurelius points to Specz as they moved closer, answering his question. “The storm... what do you know of it?" said Aurelius curiously.

Specz: "Well, from what I can decipher so far. Albeit I have only seen it on the way here, it is a result of two powerful magical energies being too close together for too long. The results are bad, it will result in different atmospheric disturbances. Not just the storm." answered Specz. "Also hello you two." Specz said while offering his cracked hard-worked hands to Llull and Baaki.

"Do you guys have any clue to anything of the storm?"

Baaki: "he-hello" Baaki says, not accepting the hand but nodding towards the newcomer in greeting.

Llull: I follow in Baaki's lead remaining skeptical of Specz. After the conversation I just had, words aren't coming to me. I tilt my head at Specz, indicating I know nothing of the events occurring.

Specz: "You have looked up right, your whole town is in darkness!" exclaimed Specz to Llull. Specz could instantly feel it. Power or sense, Specz could feel it. Llull was overwhelmed, unbelievably upset and confused. " Should we go inside and talk, all three of us. Maybe we could find our terms with each other?"

Llull: "It's not my town, I don't know what I'm doing here," Lull exclaimed before pulling his head down and looking to Aurelius.

Aurelius: Aurelius nods and begins leading the group to the closest building as rain began to pour. He motions for the group to enter.

"Continue what you were saying, Specz. This is beginning to become a greater matter of concern that I could have ever predicted."

Specz: " Two forceful creatures have came to reck with us, all of us. Most of these storms are directed to a group of people and anyone involved will stay involved until it is over. Ever since I was small, I have been cursed with the thirst of knowledge and yet again we are stuck. Should we introduce ourseleves to each other?" The group nodded. " As I said, I am Specz Arcanes. I was born in a place far far away, called the Farlands. My family were royalty but I found my magic and from that night, I lived scavanging. Recording magical science. But I have found my residence, Kais Termina." That was the first time he had told anyone on these strange Alathran lands about his past. "What about you?"

Baaki: "My n-name is Baaki, I came into this world in arcadia and took this body, I have no knowledge of before then and wish to regain my memory and learn all I can." Baaki says shyly from his seat, sitting rigidly.

Aurelius: Aurelius looks toward Baaki, nods and looks back at Specz.

"I am Aurelius of Haven. I travelled to this land from Gaushan, my birthplace, in order to keep my brother safe. We started this city on the edges of what is now Lake Haven. Its growth gives me hope, but this curse... fills me with fear."

Specz: "And you?" Specz motioned at Llull

Llull: "Don't worry about me, just tell us about what's going on here," I said more tension filling my voice. I don't know these people and I don't owe anything to this man Specz.

Specz: Specz understood. It reminded him of his first days on Alathra. He didnt trust anyone then. Why should Llull

Ra’thra: As all was said the wind picked up. The thunder grew louder and intenser. The black sky would light up with flashes of brilliant light from time to time, until-


A bolt of lighting pierced the tomb of a fallen king.

The crash of this power could be heard from all over Haven. Ra’thra smiled,

"So, it has begun..."

Specz: "Oh no. It is getting worse. Do you mind if I settle at this beautiful city. It would be a pleasure to fight this storm with you. Well we have no choice anymore..."

Aurelius: Aurelius nods but shows some hesitation. He isn't entirely sure what the goals of the man in question were, and wished to find out more.

"You came to investigate the storm, but made no mention of the reason for the investigation. We introduced ourselves, and I can offer you a home. But first, you need to tell me why you're really here."

Ra’thra: The storm above seemed to grow stronger. Something was beginning to buildup.

Specz: " I am sorry Aurelius. I am deeply sorry for intruding without explanation. I want to learn more about the power sources of the storm. This.. storm is a conjuror of frightening yet mysterious events. I want to help you good people. And.. I want to make good friends. Friends that I can rely on. And I hope you three could be them.

Plato: At the same time a man stands on the shores of Coldfront, looking to the east.

“Strong wind is blowing. I can feel it. Hm. Do you think Specz is safe?”

The man looks at Resnov, one of the 3 polar bears in town. The animal gives a confused look and goes back to it’s house.

“It’s ok Res, I know that dinner is more important for you than the fate of an old friend”

Aurelius: Aurelius nods. "Anything that can help us get rid of whatever that thing is."

Specz: "Alright, well see you soon friends!" Specz said excitedly, in all his 230 years he had only had 3 friends. Noodle, Plato and Tilly. And yet he still didn't know what they thought of him. It was time to get friendly with the locals. "Aurelius, I assume you are mayor of this town. Would you care to show me to shelter?"  Specz had forgotten about his goblin. The goblin, carrying all of the mages belongings, was drenched and being thrown around by two lydoneian guards. “Oh for goodness sake Larry! Next time, keep up.” remarked Specz. He was disappointed in the green hobbit. The Lydoneian soldiers marched out of the room, dropping Larry on the floor.

Aurelius: "Of course." Aurelius motions for Specz to follow him, hoping the others in the room would follow suit. As they make their way into downtown Haven, the rain and thunder began to get worse, nearly shaking the ground with every rumble. The two floor home that Aurelius lead Specz to was top of the line - commissioned and supervised by Aurelius himself.

"Well... here we are. Nothing much here besides the basics."

Llull: The basics I thought to himself, entering the solid quartz and marble house. All I'd experienced were the sandy beaches on the floor. I stood behind Aurelius, ready to intervene if something were to happen.

Specz: Specz noticed the timid Llull, “Llull, where do you stay?” questioned Specz. Wherever he did stay he mustn’t of had a fair bed as Llull’s eyes    had sagging pale bags under them. “Thank you Aurelius! We should talk in a minute.” Specz added

Llull: I ignored the question, the conversation at hand didn't need me to respond

Aurelius: "Specz, perhaps we should just speak now."

Aurelius looks at Llull, frowning, and back to Specz.

Specz: “Do you two know any, force. We’re you met with the man who smells of death. The alive corpse, that rots?” asked Specz. “I have a suspicion this could be the result of someone like him…”

Aurelius: Aurelius' face tightens. "Is this Ra'thra you speak of?"

Specz: Specz face shrivelled and swelled. His hypothesis was correct “Yes, yes it is..”

Aurelius: "Is that really why you're here?" says Aurelius, moving closer to Specz, slowly tightening his fists in anger.

Specz: “Ra’thra visited me..” Aurelius drawn his hand to his sword. “Wait… I had never seen him, or heard him before. He asked me to make ‘the mind that creates.’” Llull stood next to Aurelius, both with their hands gripped on their swords. “What has he done, what is the matter with him?”

Aurelius: Aurelius loosens his grip, seeing that Specz is oblivious to what is happening, and somewhat afraid. "You know nothing? I find it... odd that you show up here, investigating the storm, giving a perfect description of the thing that's going to burn this city to the ground." He scoffs and looks to Specz, hoping that he gives a satisfying answer.

Specz: “Only a mastermind could have made this plan, an evil needy mastermind. Ra’thra left me a book, ‘The Arcane Project’. Inside left diagrams plenty. Their was a page for a pouring disaster. It was vague and mysterious. “

“I don’t know anything of Ra’thra, all I know is that he wants the mind that creates, a simple term used for the main object in one of the spiritual rituals. Ra’thra scared me. All I need to know is what he has done, and why we should stop him. I will answer every question you all have.”

Aurelius: Aurelius sighs. "Ra'thra has cursed me and my city." He reaches to his tunic, slightly pulling it down over the shoulder, revealing a basalt-like texture to his skin - nothing like the appearance he was known for. "I have been cursed with great pain, both physically and mentally. His goal is to make Haven the host of whatever this monster is. I cannot allow this to happen."

Specz: Specz is shocked. He was in contact with the very monster who is trying to make Haven a parasite. “How dare he!” exclaimed Specz. “Do you mind if I take a look?” questioned Specz, pointing at Aurelius’ arm.

Aurelius: Aurelius obliges, pulling back the tunic.

Specz: Specz inspects the corrupted arm, he whistles for Larry, his goblin. “Pandcell Extractor!” The goblin squirmed and handed his master the tool. After a minute of focused silence: “ Whatever Ra’thra has done, he has done it well, but not well enough. In a matter of 20 hours I could make a process to clear the disease and free you from the state. This will not reverse the curse however. Haven will still be a ticking bomb and the curse will be as free as ever. It is hard for me to make conclusions without little to none explanation of this curse of of Ra’thra

Aurelius: "You'll have to forgive me, Specz, but I'm a bit of a skeptic." The look on Aurelius' face signaled confusion, that of which he was justified in feeling. How can the physical effect of this curse be lifted after it had plagued him for so long? He continued, "I guess I can go through with this, however, I believe there's something we need to discuss first."

Specz: “I understand. You have to trust me, this has been what I have been doing for around 200 years.”

“All I want to do is help. Believe me.”

“What would you like to discuss?”

Aurelius: "The only way you can earn my trust is to denounce Ra'thra and help us take him down." Aurelius knows this is an ultimatum, but he trusts that Specz will make the right decision.

Specz: “Yes” With one word, Specz’s trust was nurtured. He was trusted. Specz remembered when he fought the terrible spirits and trapped the most disgusting creatures. Specz was proud, it was time to do it again. “Llull, I trust you and I hope the feeling is mutual.” Specz tried one more time. He held out his cracked, hard-working hands in front of Aurelius and Llull.

Llull: I was unsure of what to do here and looked to Aurelius to take the lead. I still didn't entirely understand who Ra'thra is, but maybe we do need to work together with Specz to take them down.

Aurelius: Aurelius was satisfied. "Whatever sort of work you must do, you have my permission. While it is easy to earn my trust, keeping it is difficult." Aurelius sat down in the wooden chair near the door, looking like he was in much pain. "Let's get this over with."


Remora: Remora docks in Haven, using all her strength to steady her boat in the storm as a guard helps pull her in. "I need to-" She pauses, catching her breath. "I need to speak with Aurelius right away, I've come to put an end to this demon's terror."

"Follow me, Lady Remora." The guard guides Remora deeper into the city, pushing past fallen buildings and wreckage. People are scattered around the landscape, helping to lift the injured and move the dead. Remora hesitates, wanting to help but she shakes her head, knowing that the sooner she can assist in ending Ra'thra, the sooner these people will be safe. They reach a building, one that still stands, and enter.

Aurelius: Seeing Remora enter with Haven's finest, Aurelius stands up immediately to greet her. The rain still pours outside - she's drenched. Aurelius glances over to Baaki. "Get her something warm, please." Fixing his gaze back to Remora, he begins to speak. "Lady Remora, you came." says Aurelius, extending a hand.

Baaki: "Yes friend" Baaki responds before rushing to find some stew.

Llull: More people Llull thought to himself, but at least this one seems trustworthy. Winds are picking up around the building and are reaching the point of deafening even inside.

Specz: Specz let the Haven people handle this, Lady Remora he thinks to himself.

Remora: Remora takes Aurelius's hand and steps inside, looking around at the people gathered. "I came as fast as I could, I've come to offer my skills in ending this terror on Haven."  She shivers, wrapping her arms around herself. I'm glad to see you safe Aurelius, but I see that storm is only growing. What happened here?"

Aurelius: Aurelius grabs a blanket off the top of the chair he was sitting in and wraps it around Remora. Struggling to understand the situation himself, he mentally organizes everything he knows and begins to speak. "I was once again visited by Ra'thra. A bit of fighting ensued and now he's holed up in the Hospitolium currently with Lucius." He smirks softly and looks to Llull. "Certainly not entirely by my hand." he says.

He continued, "Not too long after we locked him up, a storm cloud, darker than I have ever seen, plagued the skies. It wasn't long before the rain and thunder came. The lightning was so powerful, that it destroyed some of the buildings downtown and near the Capitolium - " Aurelius stops and looks Remora in the eyes.

"Last night I had to assist my guards in lifting part of a pillar from Apoteko's temple that had toppled down and crushed a young family." he says, emotionally. Known as quite the stoic, Aurelius has never outwardly broken. But now, his city was crumbling. "He is killing the children, Remora."

Remora: Remora holds Aurelius's hands in her own, eyes wet with tears. "This is terrible, my friend. Your people should have never had to experience such pain and I promise I will stop at nothing to help you and your people." She lets go of his hands and wraps the blanket tighter around herself. "Is Lucius safe with that monster? What are plans for Ra'thra? He deserves to pay for what he has done here."

There was a time where Remora would never wish death upon anyone, not even her enemies. That belief saved many people who were lost but standing here, hearing the news and seeing the destruction, that belief was wavering.

Depiction of everyone celebrating Remora accepting the stew

Baaki: Baaki returns to the room covering a still steaming bowl of stew, he hands it to Remora "There you go friend"

Remora: Accepts stew and nods in appreciation

Aurelius: Aurelius sighs. "I don't believe Ra'thra is even awake. However, I trust that Lucius is safe. I've sent guards to watch over the situation." he says. Aurelius' shoulders, slouching backwards, now become adjusted and firm. "We know not of any details of the plan, but I can assure you that he will pay." he says.

A fire in Aurelius' eyes burns brighter than the brightest pyres in the Capitolium. His eyes turn quickly to meet those of Specz. After all, he knew that Specz was capable of power he wasn't and knew the monstrosity of Ra'thra. What he was capable of."Specz, this is Lady Remora. I believe that both of your gifts can be of use to us in developing a plan. Converse, please." Aurelius goes back to glancing out the window, seeing lightning strikes become more frequent. More buildings crumble. More civilians dead.

Specz: “Hello Lady Remora, my name is Specz Arcanes. I hope that together we can fight Ra’thra and free Haven from this terror.” “How are you doing, Lady Remora, on this cold cold night.” said Specz as he wrapped his robe around Remora.

Remora: Remora smiles politely and accepts the robe, pulling it over the blanket. “Specz, tell me about your abilities and ideas, I’m curious how we can work together.” She eyes the man, trying to gauge how valuable of an asset he will be in their upcoming fight.

Specz: “I come from far lands, ironically called the Farlands.” chuckled Specz, “ My magic is different to Alathran magic, it hosts off of the power of the heart and the mind.” Specz turns to the crystal clear pane as the memories flooded back. “I have fought many monsters and have helped many good people. I have learnt all their is to know, yet I still learn every day. Ra’thra is no different to all the other spirits I have battled.”

“Miss Remora, I feel you will be an asset to this team and I want to welcome you with loving arms.” Specz steps closer. “We should talk, later maybe. Anyway what about you Ma’dam.”

Aurelius: Aurelius slaps the shit outta Specz

Specz: Larry the goblin faceplams

Remora: “You still have much to learn, Specz.” She says with a sly smile, laughing a bit at his advancements. “Knowledge in spells isn’t enough.” Remora crosses her arms, her mind racing, trying to find a solution.  “Magic alone won’t defeat Ra’thra, we will need more. I’ll have to think more, for now we should turn our efforts towards helping the people of Haven.”

The Lady removes the cloak and hands it back to Specz. She turns her attention back to their leader. “Aurelius, if you’d allow, I can start on healing the injured. Perhaps we should move them to a safer location? A building that still stands? Ra’thra is contained for now, this is the time to prepare for whatever comes next.”

Aurelius: Aurelius nods and gets up from his chair. "We should begin moving people to the town hall downtown. It's near enough to the central storage building for us to be grabbing and siphoning off supplies. Baaki, perhaps you can organize the guards to start distributing supplies? We should be rounding people up in the town square."

Baaki: Baaki nods before running back out into the rain, seeming confident for the first time in a while

Remora: Remora walks to the doorway, taking a few slow breaths to prepare herself for the energy she’s about to use, then heads back into the storm. She runs from person to person, using the rainfall to assist in her healing. After awhile, she starts to fall into a pattern, the sheer number of injuries begins to numb her to the pain of it all.

The Lady sits back, drained from exerting so much of her magic. She lets the rain hit her skin, the water charging her up in a sense, perks of being a siren. Closing her eyes, she tries and block out the images she saw. So much blood… so much death. It had been years since she had seen sights like this.

Llull: Llull runs out with the rest. Ari running along beside him. As Llull picks up buildings that collapsed on citizens, Ari tugs them out from underneath. I'm not a healer Llull thinks to himself, but I have to help these people.

Specz: Specz feels the awkwardness he had put in place to Remora. “Why Specz, why” he shouts at himself. Specz had to put his stupid decisions behind himself, he had to help the people. He sprinted fast, into the rubble of the town. As the rain pours, Specz’s determination grew. He knew that these people were naive to the events about to unfold. “You, guide the families into the meeting point.” Specz directed to the guard.

“You do the same!” He shouted at the other. Specz pulled out a book and screamed an unknown sentence, His eyes turned wide with a golden film covering it. He sprinted down the streets touching the peoples hearts with his index finger. Healing them in the process. Haven needed help. Aurelius needed help. Remora needed help. But most importantly, the people needed help. If help was needed. Help was what they were going to get.

Aurelius: Aurelius scrambled around, assisting all he could and giving orders to Haven's royal guard. His faith in himself, the city, and his friends would carry him through this storm. He knew that they could not fail - for once Haven falls, Ra'thra cannot be stopped. Aurelius would stop at nothing to rid Alathra of the torment of Ra'thra. The storm had just begun.

Ra'thra's Escape

The sky grows darker.

Aurelius looks to the sky as the rain begins to get heavier. The clouds turn from a dark gray to a thick black. All chance of sunlight is lost above the clouds. The only source of light comes from the many pyres and streetlamps that hug the streets of the city. Footsteps, which sound like running, rapidly approach Aurelius from behind. Water sloshes with every step on the stone streets. Aurelius turns and sees Lucius, drenched in rain. His forehead has a wound.

"He has escaped!" says Lucius, attempting to catch his breath.

Aurelius, with fury in his eyes, shouts to his friends, now scattered around downtown, assisting Haven's citizens in any way they can.

"Lucius, how did this happen? How long do we have?" Lucius points to his forehead, then to the sky.

"You must find him, before it is too late. He grows stronger with every minute." he says, sitting on the ground. As his friends file into the town square, he knew they had to come up with a plan. This was to be the end.

"We need to find him. Any ideas?"

Remora: Remora runs up to the group, looking up into the sky.  She closes her eyes, reaching out with her mind to try and connect with Ra'thra as she once had in Dalleton. "He's close..." She whispers, turning her head towards the heart of the city, then to the docks, the town hall, searching.

"Very close." The Lady keeps sending out signals, tiny pulses of energy that would be undetectable to the powerful god.

"I think I can see him, but everything here is white stone...." She mumbles, trying to concentrate and locate the being in the midst of the wild storm. She felt something... familiar, yet something distance. Almost as if it was a memory from a time long past.

Plato: The man is in a hurry, for he felt fearful for his friend Specz. He knew that something bad was going to happen, and the premonition wouldn’t leave him, so he rode his horse as fast as he could.

“I must find him, I only hope that I have enough time”

It was Plato, travelling to Haven as fast as he could. He’d heard some whispers about the events, but the picture was still blurry. All he knew is that his friend is in danger.

At last, he saw the marble of Haven, and rode into the town.

Aurelius: The guards of Haven greeted Plato, and led him to the group. They knew he was there to help identify the storm's source. Lucius looks to Remora, and shakes his head. "He mentioned a fallen King. You can decipher what that means." said Lucius, still catching his breath. Aurelius grabs Remora's arm gently to get her attention.

"Theodmer..." he says in a whisper.

Remora: Remora looks at Aurelius with wide eyes. "Theo...." She whispers, crossing her arms around herself as memories flooded into her head. Theodmer, her once husband, her King, all of it. She tries to shake them away, now was not the time to be distracted by the past. Taking a deep breath, Remora straightens up and looks at the group, assembled and ready to go to battle.

"We know where Ra'thra is. The time to fight is upon us, this ends now."

Llull: Llull looked down into his hands, a purpose. He needed to kill Ra'thra alongside the rest of them. There was a reason why he was here and now was the time to accomplish it. Ari looked up at him almost agreeing with his thoughts, he began to pace forward when Specz interrupted his motion.

Specz: Specz put his hand on Miss Remora’s back, trying his best to comfort Remora. She bristles herself away from Specz. Plato walks over to the group. Specz, clueless to of who Theodmer was, saw Plato and welcomed him. “Plato! My friend, why are you present in Haven? I am afraid we need your help with fighting a monster, Ra’thra.”

Plato: Plato was happy to see his friend alive, although he looked pale and stressed. “Came to make sure you’re safe, but if you need help fighting Ra’thra, I’m in. I’ve killed him at Pater Carnis temple long ago, and I’ll do the same now.”

Aurelius: Aurelius gives Plato a quick nod, but knows there is no time to spare. "Plato, it's great to see you, but now's not the time for introductions. We need to move, now."

Aurelius points to the southern side of Haven, towards the Temple of Four Winds.A massive bolt of lightning strikes the building closest to them, toppling it to the ground. The guards in Haven's square quickly rush over to assist those nearby in escaping from the rubble.

"We must go, now!" he says, motioning for the group to follow him in a hurry. As they begin running, he looks back to the crumbling ruins, seeing a small hand wiggling from under the rubble. He tightens his jaw, holds back a tear, and turns his head to focus on the temple.

Llull: The group approaches the crypt, hoping that they find Ra'thra there. As they're running they see the collapsed buildings around them, Haven is close to ruin. The storm picks up even further, lightning strikes within second intervals of each other. The crypt comes into view, and the entrance seems obstructed. Someone has been here.

Remora: Remora can't help but look straight for the grave of the once king, seeing her undying rose tossed to the ground by the storm. Her feelings were strongly conflicting and she wished nothing more than to be able to push them away, hid them. But seeing the tomb, after all these years, broken in pieces, was hard. Despite their complicated history, part of her still cherished their time together and the sight of his bones, shattered by lighting, brought tears to her eyes.

Images of the injured people who's blood stained her hands, the dead bodies she watched people cry over, the destroyed city she had grown to love all filled her mind. All this pain, all this suffering.... "Where is that demon?" She whispered under her breath, swallowing away her sorrow and replacing it with rage.

Ra’thra: Ra'thra was see stumbling about. He would prop himself up on a wall at times. Despite this something was off. The air was heavy. Ra'thra had reunited both parts of the curse and was holding it in himself. He could feel the abomination try and crawl its way out from his throat. His mind was spinning with thoughts. "Kill!" They shouted, "Kill, kill, kill!"

He awoke from his daze and saw them. "Well, look who finally showed up." He adjusted himself and stood fully upright.

Aurelius: Aurelius wields the Fury in his right hand, tightening his grip around the handle. "I see you finally woke up, Ra'thra. What a shame." He takes a step back, digging his feet into the ground, as if to attack. Instead of rushing at Ra'thra, he laughs, raises his left hand and snaps his fingers.


Baaki: Baaki silently sprints from the shadows weilding his shovel with both hands before planting a foot and swinging it with all of his strength towards Ra'thra's head

Ra’thra: Without second thought Ra'thra blocked the attack with his arm. The sounds of bones cracking and breaking could be heard.

"Heh, you broke my arm."  A blade made from reinforced keriten forms from his other hand and he goes to jab Baaki.

Llull: Llull looks over at the newly stabbed Baaki, his friend, the one person who maybe truly understands him. "MOVE BAAKI!" Llull yells at the top of his lungs. There's something inside of him that gives him this abiility. He turns to ra'thra, the misshapen walking corpse, and Llull holds out his arm. Baaki turns away from the knife, an ooze pouring out of the shadowlike figure, as Llull invests every inch of his being into this discharge. Lightning stopped striking for a moment and the storm almost turned silent.

Sound erupted from Llull, staggering both him and the people around him. Electricity poured across the streets of Haven towards Ra'thra, slamming into the creature. Llull dropped to his knees weak, that should've done more. Ra'thra although dazed, still leaned up against one of the columns of the crypt. The creature was still moving. Small sparks left the body, as Ra'thra slowly came back to his senses. Llull couldn't kill him.

Remora: "Get us in there!" Remora shouts, running up and grabbing Specz by the shoulder. The god was distracted by the physical blows, it was time to mess around in his mind.

Baaki: Baaki climbs to his feet a few meters away from the rising form of Ra'thra, not hurt due to the unique coposition of his body.

Aurelius: Aurelius tosses the Fury towards Ra'thra, puncturing his side. He runs forward and removes the axe quickly and tries to knock him to the ground, providing a distraction for Remora and Specz to get to work.

Specz: Specz looks at Remora and then towards Llull and Baaki. It was his time. This time he pulls a different book out of his waistcoat, once again he shouts a misshapen sentence into the air. Silence. For Specz and Remora, time had froze, slowed. They were in, inside was a purple fog with one eye. The two looked at each other, Specz nodded. “Ra’thra, meet your biggest nightmare”

Remora: "Let's take a trip." Remora says with a slightly mischievous grin, clapping her hands together. The world inside of Ra'thra's mind shifts, quickly changing into a landscape, then into a city. A cobblestone pathway appears under their feet and stone buildings rise from the ground. There are many trees, banners, and lanterns creating a colorful, beautiful town. There are town people walking around, not even looking up from their tasks as the three beings appear. Ra'thra is different, he is what he used to be. "Olgard. You will remember this place, and feel it's pain." Remora says as she and Specz begin to fade into the background of the scene, leaving Ra'thra alone in his past nightmare. Remora holds on the Specz's shoulder, concentrating on maintaining the scene and keeping Ra'thra in it, drawing power from Specz.

Ra’thra: Ra'thra himself changed. No longer stood a monster or an abomination of nature, but a boy. He seemed ordinary. Young and small and full of life. This was his childhood. He turned yo where Remora stood and saw someone in her place. She looked almost identical to Remora herself. Her hair was long and flowing and her dress was brilliantly decorated, almost like she was royalty.

"Momma!" Said Ra'thra in a voice of an innocent child. He ran at her and gave her a big hug. "Come now sweety, it's time to go home.” As she said that a tall man walked upto them and was greeted as family.

The scene changed to the inside of a manner. Ra'thra could be seen lurking behind furniture, listening in on a conversation between the man and Ra'thra's mother. "That boy is not my son!" The man was mad about something. "Now tell me already who his father is!" The mother looked down in disgrace. "No.. you actually did it? With him! You wrench!" The scene changed.

Ra’thra: He was back at the city. A crowd had gathered around something. Ra'thra was being dragged through the crowd by two men in shining gold armour. Then it was shown to him. That fateful day. On a large, beautifully decorated black and gold pole was Ra'thra's mother, tired up with sticks below her. Ra'thra cried and struggled to get lose from the men's grip but was too weak. A third man came along. He walked up to her. "Anything to say? How about you pray to our Saint for mercy?"

Ra'thra's mother spat in the man's face. "My love is to [Redacted] and no other god. I shall Kiveton and die with my promise of a new world for everyone." The man scoffed, "So be it." He drew a flaming sword and lit the timber. The blaze engulfed her. Screaming and crying could be heard, both from Ra'thra and his mother.

Ra’thra: As the blaze died down only a charred composed remained. The men began to drag Ra'thra to the beam and stock it up for another purge by fire. However, something happened. Massive tendrils of flesh burst through the ground and started to wipe out the people. Crushing them and tearing them apart. All the while Ra'thra watched in terror, frozen in fear. By the end of it all only Ra'thra remained. Corpses littered the floor. One of the tendrils went up to Ra'thra and and eye appeared on it.

"Do not be afraid, my child." Said a voice, both terrifying and gentle, "I shall take care of you. I shall teach you. And you will serve me, my son." The scene changed several times. One was of Ra'thra as a teenager, hearing of his cousin's crowning. He grew mad at this. It was his Throne, not Isenhiem's. It changed again, cultists whispered behind Ra'thra's back. All of them saying how weak he was.

Ra’thra: It changed one last time. Seemingly to the end. Ra'thra stood face to face with a paladin, dawned in golds and oranges. Behind Ra'thra was a cliff, a drop into the endless ocean. Behind the Paladin corpses of the previous cultists lay dead on the ground. Ra'thra begins to back away but ultimately has nowhere to go. He holds a sword in his hands and points it at the paladin. The paladin charges and overwhelms him. Easily stabbing Ra'thra in the gut and kicking him off the cliff.

In those last moments the world grew dark. Shadows crawled out from every crevice and the sky becomes black as pitch. Then nothing.

A scared and burned human like creature kneels on the ground, crying. "No more, please no more." 3It was Ra'thra's current form. A hideous abomination of what was once an innocent boy.

Remora: Remora kept probing, trying to lead Ra’thra’s mind deeper, and deeper into the hell he once lived through. Remora steadied herself on Specz, drawing energy from him as she did so, praying the people outside were prepared.

Ra’thra: It was black. An empty void. Then lights started to appear. A loud scratching sound, like nails to a chalkboard but worse, filled the air. The light grew brighter and began to move. Colours ran allover the place and became manic. It grew chaotic as now reality seemed to begin to split. A hole folded in on itself and an image of buildings with impossible angles and architecture filled the sight. The sky was red with black stars and the surface of the material was an impossible yellow, both bright and dark at the same time. Ra'thra looked at this familiar place, this eldritch hell. The buildings began to shift and move. Things crawled along the floors,  sides and roofs of them.

He began to panic as he stood on the edge of known sanity. "No more, no more I say. Enough!" The spell begins to break and a purple mist begins to exit his body. It begins to crawl up Aurelius.

Aurelius: As the purple mist washes over Aurelius, his marble white skin turned to that of basalt and stone. He begins to feel his joints tighten and intense agony overtakes him. His legs and arms nearly lock into place, rendering him useless as he falls to the floor, screaming in pain. It was at this point Aurelius knew that there was no turning back - this could be the end of him. “Baaki... Llull... Specz... Plato... Remora..." he manages to get out in the form of a struggling whisper. He lays there with the curse overtaking him, prepared to meet his demise.


Remora: "Remora" The pain in his voice takes hold of her mind and in that one second, all she can think about is Aurelius slipping away. That split moment of distraction is enough, enough for her to lose focus and for Ra'thra to take control of his mind once again. Immediately, Remora and Specz are snapped back to their bodies, being forcefully thrown out of Ra'thra's mind. Remora barely has time to react when she sees Ra'thra change in front of her eyes.

Ra’thra: He was laying on the ground. The purple glow from his eyes had faded and showed the glazed, dead eyes of Isenhiem. Then it happened.

The body began to shake and vibrate. The sound of bones cracking, breaking and reconstructing themselves. Flesh began to tear and rip. Then it stood up. It rose up before them, getting taller and taller. It slouched as its posture changed to become more animalistic. The arms of it grew long and its knuckles touched the ground. It's skin became a dark blue and patches of hair would grow from places. Then it's face began to change. The skull started to morph and the flesh ripped off, revealing the bone. The eyes sunk deep into the head and vanished into darkness. Then the skull change more, becoming more similar to that of a horse’s than a human's. Antlers sprouted from its head and the teeth of the creature became pointed and needle like.

Once it finished changing to looked at them. The hollow eyes of the beast pierced through them and deep, heavy breaths came from it.

Baaki: "Well fuck thats large." Baaki, who was used to being taller then most things, mutters.

Remora: Remora gasps, scrambling to stand up as the monster emerges. She can't take her eyes off of it and fear takes over. Standing still in place, Remora stares up into it's eyes, watching helplessly as she struggles to regain any amount of magic.

Llull: Llull runs over to her, where she stands paralyzed, taking in the horrendous creature. I'm a monster too, but at least I look somewhat decent. Llull grabs her arm and pulls her away from the creature to a safe distance. "I don't know what you can do, but you managed to hurt that thing somehow when I couldn't. I'm gonna need you to pull it together, alright?" A shock of electricity passes through Llull into Remora, waking her up from the shock. Now was the time for action, the monster inside Ra'thra had awoken.

Baaki: Baaki rushes in front of the monster to buy his friends a little more time to back up. He drew his axe a send a vicious downstroke towards the beasts chest, hoping to stop it quickly.

Remora: Remora grimaces as the electricity runs through her, fulling waking her up. "Llull, we need to lead that thing away from here." She looks around, trying to count where their team was. Her eyes land on Aurelius and she falters again, seeing her friend turned to stone. "Aurelius..." She says softly, feeling the pain in her heart. "Go on ahead, you lead them. I... I need to gather my strength."

Ra’thra: The creature moved out of the way. While large it was extremely fast. It then reached for Baaki, attempting to pull him down and pummel him with its fists.

Baaki: Baaki ducks under his outstretched arms and swung around to send his axe towards the beasts hip, hoping to cripple it.

Ra’thra: It moved forwards, dogging the attack and appeared behind him. It then grabbed Baaki's head from behind and forced him to the ground face first. It then pulled him back up and repeatedly smashed Baaki against the ground.

Llull: Lucius calls out, "We can't beat it here, fall back we know the city better than this monster does. Follow me everyone now!" Baaki continues fighting the monster, guarding the retreat, as Lucius pulls everyone down the crypt into the sewers. The towering beast crushes its way through the sewers destroying the foundation to make space for itself. The group heads further into the sewers until they reach an opening.

The opening is a massive room, slithering with carnivorous red tentacles. Almost as if they have a mind of their own they reach the center of the room to form a large hand extending from the depths of the chamber. Unbeknownst to Ra'thra this is where Haven lured the tentacles and trapped them. This is where Lucius planned to make his final stand against the monster and end its life. The group poured out into the room, running from the massive beast still chasing them.

Ra’thra: The creature dropped Baaki on the now cracked floor and followed them into the chamber. It stopped and opened its mouth.

"Llull~" It said. Its voice mimicked Llull's but was partly distorted, "Llull, why did you leave them? Were you too weak to help them? Can you even help yourself?" It was taunting him.

Llull: Llull turned to the creature, pulling out his wooden training sword. Instincts don't always make for the wisest decisions. Llull ran towards the beast, dodging the first swing of its long tendril-like arms, only to be struct back by the second (watch ya tone). Llull skid across the floor slumped against the wall, Ari running up next to him out of concern. He lifted his arm weakly and tried to muster any surge of power and direct it at the beast. Bruise and beaten, electricity surged through the homunculus, racing along the tentacles until reaching the massive beast. Although it staggered it slightly, it wasn't enough to bring it down yet.

Specz: Specz was left in the room. He was confused, bewildered. His head felt as if it would split in half due to the spell he had taken with almost no energy to his name. He needed to help, whatever happened with the giant purple figure, whatever happened to Llull and Baaki. He needed to help. Luckily, Specz had regained and recharged most of his energy, allowing him to communicate with Llull. “Llull, where are you Llull. Listen to me, tell me where you are.”

Llull: Llull hears voices in his head, an unhelpful experience, adding only to the throbbing pain he was undergoing. He looked over at the other two fighters in the room. Lucius was missing, probably preparing something. But we needed to be able to hold out here. He looked to his friend Baaki, who was suffering a similar state.

Baaki: Baaki fights to his feet, disoriented but not crippled like most would be. He once again sprints after the beast, this time with just his bare hands. "Gonna take far more to take me down then you can give!" He shouts right before jumping up to the same height as the beasts head and slamming both his hands down on its skull at the same time

Llull: Llull see the shadowy figure stand, and gets up himself, Ari pushing her head into his leg to push him to his feet. Llull stood, wooden sword back in hand and ran at the now distracted Ra'thra

Specz: Specz had received crucial directions to go to the Battlefield. He ran into the murky waters and the scurrying rats, following a trail of flesh.  He ran past the freshest rose he had ever seen. There it was, tentacles bursting out of the mysterious room. There lay the tallest monster Specz had seen. With a splitting headache and two friends by his side. He would now take on Ra’thra, Bringer of Evil.

Ra’thra: The creature stumbled from the hit from Baaki but quickly turned and grabbed him.

Llull's sword made contact to the creature but only managed to bring it the smallest amount of pain. Annoyed, it threw Baaki at Llull and let out a sound that could only be described as a home being blown, a wolf howling and the screams of dying people. It turned to Specz and quickly rushed at him. It picked him up and started deeply at him. Then it opened its mouth, practically dislocating its jaw with a crack. A head of a corpse sat at the back of its throat. Its eyes opened and looked at Specz.

"Why did you leave us?" It said in a voice familiar only to specz. Soon voices of everyone specz had ever met started to come through, telling him how awful and terrible he was.

Baaki: Baaki rolls to his feet next to Llull. "God getting thrown sucks." He growls, before turning to his Friend and helping him up. "Are you okay friend?" He asked

Llull: The three fighters were crippled, Llull's body desperately keeping him alive. Specz was rattled, almost paralyzed by the sounds. Baaki trying to pull Llull up, but also finding it difficult to stand up to Ra'thra himself.

Baaki: Baaki sees his friend is unable to get up, he turns to Specz and sees him out of it for the time. He thinks back on all the people who have died or been harmed by this creature. Llull, Specz, the countless workers of Haven, friend Aurelius.... His vision flashes purple as the void that flickers over him comes far stronger then ever, creating almost a new form around him, slightly larger and harder to make out then his last. He lets out an inhuman roar, almost as heinous as what the monster lets out, and sprints towards it. Whatever his void was doing made him faster... he blurred across the space and struck the beast yet again, this time in the stomach.

Ra’thra: The creature screamed in pain. It grabbed Baaki and smashed him into the wall with such force it cracked and broke, almost burying him in it. It clenched its stomach and saw the fox that followed Llull. Deciding on instinct rather than the fight it charged at the fox and grabbed it in one hand. It opened its maw and looked like it was about to eat it.

Aurelius: The ground begins shaking. The small pieces of stone debris and collapsed columns within the chamber, a result of the creature's lashing, begin to slowly jitter and jump around. Water from the Haven sewers begins to pour in through the drains located all around the chamber. Columns begin to fall. A blue glow emanates from the entrance of the chamber. Water rushes into the chamber violently.

"RA'THRA!" shouts Aurelius, filled with rage. Water carries both Aurelius and Remora into the chamber, whirling around them and spewing a fine mist onto all within the chamber. Their eyes, glowing a fine blue, pierce the room and nearly blind all who can see. Remora had channeled her energy through Aurelius. Now free from the curse that has plagued him for months, he was more powerful than Ra'thra could even imagine.

"Remora! Get back!" he shouts, motioning for her to hop off the wave and get to safety. She obliges, knowing what was to come. Aurelius drops and rolls to the ground, eyes still a piercing, violent blue, and gives off a curdling scream that could only possess a man of great loss. His city, his friends, his family... in ruin. The creature, seeing Aurelius and Remora enter, drops Ari onto the stone floor, rendering the poor animal unconscious.

Running at full speed, with more strength than he could fathomably muster, he makes a direct line for the monster. Tentacles that flail in every direction towards Aurelius are deflected by the water Remora now has possession over in the chamber. The chasm below, filled with thrashing tentacles and deep sewer water, begins to part, making room for... something.

Aurelius thrusts himself into the air above the chasm, carried by the waves beneath him, and raises the Fury of Aurelius, now engulfed in flames. It burns his hands, as this power had been newly invigorated, with a flame more powerful than he had ever seen come from it. "BE FREE!" he screams.

The axe meets the creature's head, right between the eyes, splitting it in two. The flame overtakes the creature, charring it and burning it. It screams a blood curdling scream. As Aurelius and the creature flail into the chasm, Remora channels the waves to grab Aurelius and toss him to the stone floor with his friends. He watches as the creatures plunges deeper and deeper. "Specz! Open it now!" he yells.

Specz: Specz was in marvel. The plan was so close to being over. All he had to do. He pulled out a book. “ᚠᛟᚱ᛫ᚾᛁᚾᛖ᛫ᚾᛁᚷᚺᛏᛋ᛬ᛁ᛫ᛞᛁᛞ᛫ᚾᛟᛏ᛫ᛋᛚᛖᛖᛈ” Specz said over again three times. There the beauty lied. Inside the portal, to the void. “᛬ᛁ᛫ᛞᛁᛞ᛫ᚾᛟᛏ᛫ᛋᛚᛖᛖᛈ” Specz repeated, the portal turned into an aura of purple. Like the purple in his eyes, the first time he had me Ra’thra. Like the Glow around the monster, like the colours in the dreams. IT WAS TIME

Llull: Llull held onto Ari, the unconscious creature laying in his arms as water rushed into the room. The portal opened, this was to be the end. Llull held on tighter.

Baaki: Baaki remains consious but stuck in a wall, no one can hear him talking.

Remora: As the monster fell, it's screams of terror filled the air and purple flashes of light painted the room. Then suddenly, nothing. The silence was deafening as Specz cast a final spell, sealing the portal. The light faded and all that was left was the group of brave warriors.Remora sat down, exhausted, and attempted to look around for each of her new friends and saw as each picked themselves up, helping each other, gathering around Aurelius.

“It’s time, Remora.” Aurelius prompted, reminding Remora that their task was not quite finished. “I’m not strong enough to do this alone… I’m afraid you all will have to help me.” Remora didn’t wait for an answer as she grabbed a piece of fallen stone in her hand and closed her eyes. The monster had transferred one last curse upon it's entrapment and similar to how she removed Aurelius’s curse, she had to remove this one from wherever it was going. However this time, this time she was to act only as a vessel, relying on what power was left in the others.

With Specz funneling their energy into Remora, The Lady let the curse flow through her and into the rock. As she did, she felt a familiar feeling rush over her. She saw a black castle, and undying rose, and a golden crown. This curse had belonged to someone she once knew. The rock  began spinning, smoothing out into a beautiful marble, floating right above her hand.

“It’s over?” Llull asked, watching as the marble continued to spin. Right as Remora began to nod, her body tensed up in pain as an overwhelming amount of magic flowed through her. The marble spun faster and faster, splitting into two pieces and then into three. With a cry of pain, the three curses channeled through Remora and into the marbles. Remora saw more visions, this time there was glowing gold eyes, golden claws and a manic smile. Then, there was more gold, a beautiful city, a feeling of power. She did not know who these people were, nor what they were cursed with. But regardless, she had unknowingly became a vessel for them to be freed. The marbles suddenly stopped spinning, floating right above her hand.

“I… I didn’t know there would be three left out there…” Remora said weakly, with a laugh before falling back onto her hands, holding herself up as the marbles fell into a pile on the ground. Aurelius bent down and picked up the three marbles with a cloth, careful not to let his skin touch them for fear of unleashing the curses again. "We.... we did it." Remora celebrated, breathing heavily but smiling widely.