The Hive

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Before The Hive was exposed

About The Hive

The Hive is a underground artifact location. The residents of it are called Wild Bees, a species of bee that is impervious to flame, consumes lava and gold, and cant be bred by natural means. The Hive was created by Zedd, a former admin who was one of many who helped sculpt and create the world we see today. Located underground, it resides on Western Moria, under a strip of marsh that sits in a giant desert.

History of The Hive

In the beginning The Hive was undisturbed, left to flourish in seclusion. One fateful day it was discovered by KnightOfNotch, who shared his findings with Shepsicle and ImmaNotScope. Together they kept The Hives existence a secret and tried to domesticate some which failed sadly. However, among the whispers and common talk of the world it appeared Shepsicle had let it slip to a man named Falcon. He swiftly claimed it as apart of Blocksburg but after the town fell The Hive was inherited by Stampy. After some time he thought about renting spaces to help the upkeep but was unaware of the hives true potential. Eventually due to a mixture of needing money for projects and not wanting to deal with The Hive anymore he sold it to a man named Ausgint. Upon his ownership he cored alot of the hive and was simply told it was a great way to farm ghast tears, however as only a choice few knew the true power of the hive Ausgint broke the fabled bee barrel that held what will later be learned was the Concentrated Wild Bee honey. Dessious would come and help Ausgint somewhat repair The Hive as after the Wild Bees had been slaughtered they no longer were the originals, but instead a lobotomized version of them. When Ausgint realized he couldnt make a profit aswell he sold it to a man named Nugget. Nugget would hold onto The Hive for a long length of time while all talk of The Hive died down. Eventually it would be sold a group previously known Fossores, which merged with Ashina, and was owned by Balakay. Soon after, Balakay sold it to Pinchman who is the current owner and restorer of The Hive.

Current Status of The Hive
Concentrated Wild Bee Honey Stats

Concentrated Wild Bee Honey & Wild Bees

Concentrated Wild Bee Honey

Concentrated Wild Bee Honey is a jar of honey that spawned in a specific barrel at The Hive. Its properties were unknown for a long time even after the discovery and word was spread to the common citizen. It was spoken of to empower someone to near godly abilities, and was revered as a artifact by many. The Hive and its honey had very strict conditions, not fully known but many were aware of; Some were that if spoken about they would not produce anything for months as people would flock to behold them. They required strict living conditions and could not be let out into the wild. They were impervious to flame as they drank lava and ate gold, however the only rumor to have been confirmed was talking about them.

Wild Bees

Wild Bees are a specific and rare breed of bees that dwell in the underground hive. They are susceptible to disease, are fire resistant, and cant be bred by force. They are the first generation of Wild Bees as some are named and some arnt, however, no more can be made as of this moment. They are a slowly dwindling breed as they are sold one by one to collectors, or to people trying to make pseudo hives of their own. The generations after the 1st are called by many as the "lobotomized". Immobile, emotionless, they provide nothing nor do anything aside for ghast tears. They do not produce the Concentrated Wild Bee Honey, and seem to lack any ability what so ever aside for resting in place on the ground.

Attempts at Remaking a Hive

Though unsuccessful, people in the past have tried to collect and or buy original generation Wild Bees to try and make a hive of their own. Few attempts have been made due to their scarcity, and none to public knowledge have succeeded. The Hive itself is but a husk of its former glory, and each owner scrapes it more and more. As Wild Bees cannot be bred and they cannot be produced in any artificial way, many have given up on recreating The Hive or making their own pseudo hive. Lethos and Ashina had advised to conserve the Wild Bees from the start in attempts to restore The Hive, unable to attain ownership of it until recent history after so much damage. It will be left to see if anyone can restore The Hive, but any chance at recreating the Concentrated Wild Bee Honey even if hive restoration is successful will have to be left for time to tell.