The Kresvanian Umbrella

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The Kresvanians, an umbrella term, are a mix of ethnic groups from the Crystal Forest and Northern Prospit.

The Akato

The Akato are the largest tribe under the "Kresvanian" umbrella and are native to the heartlands of the Faust River. Though many Akatoans have urbanized and grouped into large cities, smaller reserves contain major pure-blooded populations of the group. Beaver skin is commonly used and painting with dyes as traditional clothing, and fishbones are also common within the tribe in talisman, jewelery, and other uses. The Akato are famous for their totem poles, which depict the wolf goddess, S'ara, holding a stack of stones or log slabs.


The Kressel is the most foreign of the population and trace their roots from canoe-builders on Koganon and sugarcane farmers from Southern Prospit. Once these settlers arrived, they succumbed to the enchanting life of the natives, and lived harmoniously with the people of the forest. Most Kressels are mixed with other ethnic groups and are a minor appearances.


The Tyamarman are a group of mostly alligator and turtle hunters in the swampy Faust Basin. Their armor and ritual clothings usually include gatorskin or turtle shells, of which are in abundancy. The Tyamarman use a method known as Waterlancing, in which they use sharpened, dried, sugarcane sticks to pierce the skin of fish, alligators, and the hostile Faust Snapping Turtle.