The Library

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The Library is a tower located in central Gaushan that acts as a massive collection of information on anything from highly technical machinery to ancient arcane relics. The exact process of it's creation is unknown.


The Library appeared after a light shot out of the ground at the center of the ruins of "The Vatican", the remains of witch can be seen at the base of the tower. Over time a large tree grew around the light, becoming wrapped in rising stone.

Near the entrance of The Library is a partial submerged ruin, which historic records indicated was the last place of worship of the Goddess "Miku" of the The Holy Pantheon.


The Library sits atop a large hill overlooking a flat valley. Near it's entrance is a small open area. There is a road from it's south facing exit towards the east.

Foreign Relations

The Library has declared true neutrality to global conflicts, and has yet to be directly threatened.


The Library consists of 11 floors:

1 - The floor of General Works, for those not falling into other categories

2 - The floor of Non-Fiction, for stories and legends

3 - The floor of Art and History, for records of past events and cultures

4 - The floor of Natural Studies, for knowledge of the natural world

5 - The floor of Technological Studies, for records of the advances made by Alathran ingenuity

6 - The floor of Racial studies, for information on the many inhabitants of the world

7 - The floor of Extraplanar Studies, for research on other realms

8 - The floor of Alchemic Studies, for sharing the processes and recipes of known alchemical mixtures

9 - The floor of Arcane Studies, for sharing all known information on the mystic arts

10 - The floor of Relic Studies, for records of ancient and powerful objects

11 - The floor of Philosophy and Religion, for spreading the words of the many gods Alathrans believe in

As well as the roof, which sits at a height that makes The Library the tallest building in all of Alathra. The view is said to be enlightening.

The Collection

To date, The Library houses 314 books.


To date only two people are known to be affiliated with The Library. Angela, the head librarian, and the Library's mysterious "owner" who Angela has not revealed the identity of.


The Library is the only known library to house a book supposedly written by the dietic figure "EmpZedd"