The Malecultus

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The Malecultus are the vile ranks of the dark lord Gor-khan, his primary fighting power. They vary greatly in origin and dangerous qualities.

Known creatures

The Undead

The Undead are the those who do not originate under Gor-Khan's creation, and are instead risen and infecting by his wickedness.

The Arthropods

8 legged demons.

Crepitus (creepers)

Naturally camouflaged and terribly explosive.


Winged hellions of the night.


Mortals who have chosen to serve under Gor-khan.


Giants are ancient creatures of great size, speculated to be demigods of Gor-khan with the purpose of ruling his disciples for him.

Speculative Creatures


Dark figures of unknown origin. Most often described as merely "eyes in the night", a deep magenta.


Dragon remains are common in Alathra, such as mounted heads and The Dragon Egg. This legendary creature is even followed religiously by the Pantheon of the Dragon.