The Silence

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The Silence
'Will you just shut up already?'
Resting placeChambers of the P.I.B Compound
OccupationSword of Pure Malice
Known forInfluencing Twyst Bunger's membership in the P.I.B

The sword Silence is an ethereal weapon, currently in the possession of Pact of Immortal Blood (P.I.B) member and owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, Twyst Bunger. The sword is capable of unspeakable malevolence and grim acts, and its power weighs heavy on any mortal user.

Creation & History

The Silence is an weapon so ancient that none can definitely determine where it came from. Although it is certain to have originated from a being or deity of dark power, none more can be understood about the sword's origins. Arcadians hold in their tradition that the sword is a product of the fallen god Arop, known for creating another blade, Arop's Dagger. Others challenge that it was forged not even by a being, but coalesced at the very start of time itself, serving as the embodiment of malice throughout all history.

The Silence's history is just as muddy as its creation. It is known from folklore and legend to have stayed contained mainly to the continent of Gaushan. Some legends tell that an Emperor of Acquendavia was in fact searching for The Silence and its promised mystical properties during the Acqeundavian invasion of Koganon and subsequent abduction of the Kogongi People. Long believed to merely a legend, the blade was obtained by Twyst Bunger, former Ashinian President, and at that time, God Emperor of Bunger Island. Influenced by its malicious and spiteful power, Bunger was inclined to violence, leaving Bunger Island to become a member of the Pact of Immortal Blood, a long-thought dissolved league of assassins.


As a result of its wicked origins, the Silence is imbued with the powers of all that is evil. The blade's burden is so great upon the user that legends on Gaushan concerning its existence nearly always end with the wielder's death or the end of days. While in reality it is not believed that it is the catalyst for the apocalypse, the aura of malice surrounding the weapon makes it dangerous to even glimpse. The blade also appears to have a mind of its own, forcing the user to do its bidding and assault those it deems an enemy. The blade appears to be quite revered by assasin and mercernary cults, who worship it for its ability to extract wealth from those slain at its hand. The Silence is also said to be unnaturally hardy, even for a blade of netherite construction.

Current Ownership

The blade currently sits in the Chambers of the P.I.B Compound, in Southern Gaushan. Currently under its influence is Twyst Bunger, who, as previously mentioned, was compelled to join the P.I.B due to the blade's influence. His current intentions with the blade, or perhaps, the blade's current intentions with him are unknown.