The Violet Scourge

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The Violet Scourge is a mutating sickness that began spreading in Alathra in the Year 31.

Initial Spread

The Violet Scourge has its Origins in Mantle, where it is believed it spread from the End via an extradimensional shrine. The Outbreak is known to have begun when a certain person was first corrupted, a foreigner, as part of a party sent to check on the sudden appearance of said Shrine. When activated, it claimed its first two victims, one of which, was the Grand Princess of Mantle, Cyan Nox Rose-Timemantle I. From there, an eternal night set over Mantle, with a number of Creatures also believed to be from the End which resembled mutated mice running about the city, continuing to spread the Violet Scourge.


The Violet Scourge is currently only known to spread via bodily fluid contact with an infected person. The first symptom someone infected will experience is a headache. This will be followed by sharp pains throughout the person's muscles, followed by visible violet and black colored mutations beginning to appear on the infected's body. Finally, the person will slowly descend into mindless aggression with reduced motor skills, attacking any uninfected person they see on sight.

Research and Recovery

Research into a Cure is ongoing, but there is currently no known Cure. Only one person is known to have successfully Recovered from the Violet Scourge, The Grand Princess of Mantle herself, and the only way she was able to be recovered was by removing all of the infected parts of her body and replacing them with Magitech.