The Hiring of Caliope

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Caliope Arrives in Irithil, seeking hire from Lixionit IV.


Characters: King Lixionit IV, Caliope

Date of RP: 11-08-2022

RP Archive

King Lixionit IV: Lixionit was strolling the city streets after having just given a citizen a tour of the city. The city is coming along nice. I can't believe the progress we've made in the past couple weeks. A stranger appeared coming from the harbor gate.

Caliope: Caliope hopped off the ship, bow in one hand, backpack in the other. She was a joyous woman, strong, yet energetic and bouncy.

"A beautiful young woman I see" An older woman stated from the side.

Caliope smiled at her and handed the woman a small flower from her bag.

Caliope was beautiful, with Jade green eyes, Long, curly red hair she kept in a low messy bun most of the time, freckles, and round glasses. Short, yet fit.

She continued on the path until she came to him. The king.

"Oh! Hello! I heard in a letter that you were looking for a Royal Guard Captain, I'm so very interested in this position in your.. beautiful town"

King Lixionit IV: King Lixionit IV looked at Caliope with a glimmer of hope.

"Oh. Yes! The last captain... disappeared. Nothing bad happened, he just dropped his stuff and left. Follow me and I'll give you a tour of the town."

Lixionit showed her through the streets, the different passages and buildings.

"A lot is still under construction but our efforts and progress have more than doubled in the past few weeks. What skills make you qualified for this position?"

Caliope: Caliope held up her bow and pointed it at an apple tree in the distance, hitting the fruit as it knocks to the ground.

"I've always been a good teacher, I'm really good at being in charge of people."

She eases her grip on her bow, trusting in the safety of the large town.

"I come from an island still unknown to the lands of alathra. There, we fought dungeons and dungeons of monsters. I suppose you could say I have decent abilities and training?"

King Lixionit IV: Lixionit was impressed with her accuracy.

"I think you'll make a decent captain. I need someone with a good sense of leadership in this town. What's your name?"

Caliope: "Caliope.. Caliope Luna Rose.. most of the people back home call me Callie, so you can too!"

She smiled at Lix, hoping to receive the position she had always dreamed of

King Lixionit IV: "Well Callie, I think you got it. Glad to have you on board. The plan is to have a captain's suite in the royal palace when it's built, but I'm more focused on finishing the city."

Lixionit reached his hand out to shake Callie's hand.

Caliope: "I'm so happy this worked out!"

She shook his hand energetically.

The 27-year-old girl was excited. She couldn't wait to set up her training teams and begin teaching.

"Thank you, King Lix. I hope you have a wonderful day!" King Lixionit IV: Lixionit stood there as Callie ran off.

"Hope she continues to hold that energy. She's gonna need it."