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Theodmer Voidscar
Theodmer Voidscar

Possible Rumors About Theodmer

Rumors in New Anglia

  • "Theodmer is a duke somewhere?"
  • "He fought against Fossores Republic"
  • "I heard he likes gold"
  • "He lives on a peak"

Rumors in Arith

  • "He helped Reynold defend Unitatis against flying monsters"
  • "My brother told me he has one thousand million hundred soldiers"
  • "I heard he killed a lot of people from FoA and KoA"
  • "I think he is a greedy man"
  • "He is an Elyrian"
  • "He likes watching things burn"

Rumors in Gaushan

  • *He is a King*
  • *He is a traitor"
  • "I heard he was very generous and understanding"
  • "My father told me he lives in a castle as black as night"
  • "He wants the lore axe for himself"
  • "I've been told he was a better ruler than any other"
  • "He lives on an island and makes his own bread"
  • "I heard he breaks marble pillars by slapping them"
  • "He fought in the Great War on a silver horse"

Rumors in Ashina

  • "I think Elyria tortured him"
  • "My father said Thodmar saw the Shogun himself"
  • "He is so rich that whenever he comes shopping, he causes inflation"

Rumors in Koganon

  • "He is a coloniser and a warmonger!"
  • "He is a good king who works on infrastructure of his towns"
  • "I heard he has never lost a battle"
  • "He does not give his land or people to gain something in return"
  • "I've been told he is afraid of the cold. That's why he does not come south too often"
  • "My mother said he married a goddess?"
  • "I heard he is unkillable"
  • "He tried to burn down the library of Kais Kogong but he forgot the flint and steel so he couldn't"
  • "Mommy told me that he eats kids who don't sleep at night!"
  • "I heard he likes dogs or wolves or something like that. And hates cats too!"

Rumors in Prospit

  • "He saved us from the cruel king Grandpa_boob"
  • "He lives in a fishing village"
  • "I heard he likes white flowers"
  • "My father says he saved his life on the battlefield"
  • "He is married to the jewel of Dalleton"
  • "I heard he went against his king to defend us"
  • "I've been told he enjoys good architecture"
  • "His actual name is not Theodmer, it's Theodmær"
  • "He has a huge warship. My aunt saw it, it was bigger than Oakland's docks!"


  • Theodmer speaks Gonk
  • Theodmer has temper issues because of a curse
  • Theodmer accidentally killed a cat while building his castle the Black Keep. The gost of that cat still haunts the castle
  • Theodmer likes reading
  • Theodmer does not lie