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Tidalism is the ancient religion of the Aitectli, still followed today.

The religion revolves around the worship of the Tide, considered to be the most important of forces, embodying the Restoring Force that is present everywhere (In Human terms this would be Newton's Third Law). Other names can be 'King Tide' or 'Mebelmok' ('Great Flood/Tide' in the Aitectli ancient language). To be noted that the 'King' in 'King Tide' doesnt refer to an actual monarch, but to a common name of the especially high spring tide that can happen three to four times a year.

The Tide is not considered in anthropomorphic terms, but in the physical terms of the weather pattern.

Origin Myth

"Since time immemorial, the Moon, the Earth and the Sun have been dancing a balanced coreography around eachother.

Because of this dance, the Water, the weaker of the Spirits, had ebraced to be herald of change and stillness upon the races of Eldham instead of competing with the other Spirits.

And so the Tide was born.

The Tide, coming and going, reliable, unforgiving, powerful, was born of a lower spirit but ended up embodying the Great Entropy, the most powerful one of all.

The great battle between life and non life, destruction and creation, had found a new embodiment,

the Water spirit, not being able to influence the eternal dance at first, had birthed the most influential of the Movements, in the form of the Tide.

All that Earth created the Tide consumed, creating new forms in stead.

All that the Sun scorched, the tide refreshed, in love of its Creatures.

And to its Mother, the Moon, it danced, and to its Father, the Water, it created currents to keep it fresh and clean.

And so we worship the Tide and all it embodies: the Restoring Force.

This is not relegated to the realm of the waters, just like the Tide, that infringes on the land."

- From the Holy Book


First Tenet: "For every action"

"Oppose the forces in their same measure. A strong response to a harsh force, a meek one to a frail one.

Do not restrain an equal force for the sake of mercy, dont strengthen a response to appease your rage."

Second Tenet: "Restoration"

"For every blight of the terrain, restore its natural state. Leave no treetop floating, no terrain blighted, no water contaminated, no mountain boreholed."

Third Tenet: "Regrowth"

"Spread the seeds of the forest, expand the reach of the reef. Always carry with you the meal of the earth, and use it on your travels. Be the sowing wind. Feed animals on your way."

Fourth Tenet: "Elevation"

"The coral is the most sacred of the offsprings of the Tide. It is to be protected and cultivated, for it embodies all realms of health and life. Any harm to it its harm to all the believers."

Fifth Tenet: "Distance"

"Like the Mother Moon from above, observe from afar the machinations of the Earthlings, and just like the Mother Moon, if influence has to occur, may it be subtle and barely a nudge."

Sixth Tenet: "Knowledge"

"Knowledge is powerful and dangerous. Always treat it with reverence. Some things should never be known, some other should never be forgotten. Never tell a secret you promised to keep, or knowledge you know to be false."