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Tolrag the Blacksmith
Tolrag the Blacksmith
A barn in a forgotten land in Ashina
NationalityExiled from Ashina
Other namesThe Blacksmith
OccupationBlacksmith, Whitesmith, Goldsmith, Gemcutter, Philosopher, Writer
Known forHis ability to forge decent and reliable equipment

Tolrag, also known as Tolrag the Smith or "The Blacksmith" is a smith who enjoys smithing and thinking about life while doing so.


Tolrag was born in a barn in Ashina. His mother Yuke died shortly after his birth and his father was a blacksmith. One day, a young Ashinan daimyo ordered his father to make a thousand swords and a thousand axes for the war and gave Tolrag's father Gurgon only a month to finish. Young Tolrag was only 12 at the time but he had already learned how to smith. He held the hammer since before he could talk. Tolrag and his father tried to make as many swords as they could, however, the task was impossible to achieve for two blacksmiths. After a month, the daimyo came personally with enough carriages for two thousand weapons. However, the young Tolrag and his father Gurgon had only forged 200 swords and 173 axes. The young daimyo who was barely older than Tolrag deemed it unacceptable and ordered Gurgon to be captured for public execution. Gurgon did not resist as he already knew what it meant to be demanded two thousand weapons in such a short time all along. While being taken away his father said "Tolrag, life is short. Find meaning.". Tolrag did not understand what his father meant by these words, it was different for Tolrag. He did not his father would be taken for execution. As the young daimyo was looking at Gurgon being taken away with a sadistic satisfaction, Tolrag took his hammer and bashed daimyo's head inside with it. He, then, immediately started running away. After a big chase he managed to evade the samurai chasing him. He never returned back to his father's blacksmith nor did he go back home. He tried to survive in the woods but he did not know how to. So he went to the city to steal some food. After about two days of stealing bread and running away, he saw a crowd gathering in the city square. His father was there, he looked as though in the past two days, he had seen hell. Tolrag watched from afar as his father commited seppuku. There was nobody to decapitate Gurgon after commiting seppuku so he suffered as he died. Tolrag knew he could not stay in Ashina any longer. He broke into a kitchen and stole some smoked meat and ran away. He escaped westward and snuck in a ship, stealing to survive until he got there. The ship was headed towards Prospit.

Life in Prospit

Tolrag managed to settle somewhere in Prospit inside Sakan'to. He did not know how to build so he made a makeshift place to live. Not long after, he met other people and they joined him. Together, they built a town called Aelon. It was a small town but it was under the protection of Sakan'to. However, before having time to prosper, Stahlfaust declared war on Melon Crest. Sakan'to was going to defend the historically important town. As Aelon's leader, Tolrag participated in the defence but was overwhelmed by the enemy. He was killed inside the Melon Keep.