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Cool Wiki Town is a town that exists. It was founded on a date that happened on one of the major continents of Alathra, by Person.



Cool Wiki Town was settled for its location.


As settlers moved to the site that was to be Cool Wiki Town, they ...

Historical Buildings

The first building that was erected ...


Cool Wiki Town is located on the ...

Flora and Fauna

The population of xyz animal is numberous... The soil is perfect to grow xyz crop and it is naturally abundant.


The terrain is ... This allows for the primary mode of transportation to be walking.


The people of Cool Wiki Town are primarily an Ethnicity (Large Percent) and a minority are A Different Ethnicity (Smaller Percent)


The dominant culture is...

Common Practice

  • It is common practice to remove ones armor when entering town borders.
  • When entering ones home, it is expected that...


The town of Cool Wiki Town is a religious center of Writing Your Damn Wiki Articles. Chief tenets of this religion are:

  • Write Wiki Articles
  • Persue the Wiki
  • Proof-read other's wiki pages
  • Check the Recent Changes page of the Wiki


The government system is -ocracy. The political groups are Group A, and Group B.



The exports of Cool Wiki Town are:

  • Knowledge
  • Words
  • The Fitness Gram Pacer Test is a multi-stage...


The imports of Cool Wiki Town are:

  • physiological needs
  • safety needs
  • love and belonging needs
  • esteem needs
  • self-actualization

Foreign Relations

Cool Wiki Town is a neutral state with all towns and nations of Alathra


Cool Wiki Town has been in no conflicts


Cool Wiki Town has no Alliances with other nations or towns