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Pre-Alathra Life (Skywalking Days)

Ozkarlos Trahere lived on the Free Coalition Archipelago, inhabiting by himself a moderately sized island. He served as a commander of the 3rd Regiment for Emergency Aid and as a board member of the Free States of Caelum (of which the FCA was a part of). He is an Aeltern, a race of sky-dwellers.

Descent to Alathra

During an annual archipelago-wide festival, Trahere- resting alone on a public island at the time- experienced a rumbling just before the entire island began falling from the archipelago. Quickly, reaching terminal velocity (and being made to fall with it, as the power behind the islands aims to keep one firmly rooted onto the island (storms were somewhat hazardous)), Trahere experienced a great and colorful pain as air pressure rapidly changed and blood rushed to his head. When he came-to, he found- to his astonishment- that his island was no more than a few hundred meters above the real ground. Whether other islands fell was unknown to him.

Rise to Power

With the gift of wind manipulation and an (for groundlings) unusual physique, Trahere was able to capture the awe of nearby primitive tribes. The current religion of the area was western Maejik- recently spread- which held that 6 sorcerers (the Hexad) had reached the heavens to battle the gods with their great Maejik power. The primitives- incapable of Maejik themselves, took the wind capabilities of Trahere as a sign that he was the herald of the victory of the Hexad; the gods were dead, and Maejik was returned to the world. As such, they treated him with reverence, nearly as a god. With control over the primitives, Trahere had the Holy City of Nereida constructed around his floating island.


Trahere fell into the world of Alathra with nothing but his wits, wind, and floating island. The area he had landed at was known as Kraken's Reach, part of the Sunset Island off the East Morian coast. Unacquainted with the politics and history of the world, he had much traveling to do.

Terms and Context

The Aeltern is a race of sky travelers. They inhabit floating islands and are capable to varying (low) degrees of wind manipulation.

In the context of an Aeltern, an archipelago is a collection of floating islands that travel together in order to support a greater community. The largest of these, sometimes considered to be cities of the sky, contain thousands of island ranging in sizes of 20 to 2000 meters. On the opposite end of the spectrum are hermit clusters, which are smaller groups of small islands (there exists hermit islands as wells, which are islands drifting completely alone, but they are understandably difficult to come by).