Triple Threat

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Triple Threat
'Thrice the pride, triple the fall'
Resting placeChambers of the P.I.B Compound
OccupationMystical Crossbow
Known forBeing Twyst's weapon of choice for weakening foes

The Triple Threat is a small, mystical crossbow in the possession of Pact of the Immortal Blood Enforcer Twyst. It is a weapon of recent construction and great power, assembled by its current and only owner as a way to beleaguer and weaken his foes, until a final strike by another weapon could fell them.

Creation & History

Wooden Frame

The Triple Threat was not created by some great woodworker nor weaponsmith of renown, but by its sole owner, Twyst. The dark oak that the crossbow is constructed of comes from the Cotona Forest, a holy woodland next to Kais Kogong in the Arcadian Altanate. This ancient forest is held sacred by the Naist faith, and protected under a royal edict dating as far back as to the reign of the first Altan, Pitru I. Twyst, not knowing of the edict banning lumbering in the area, chopped one of the hallowed trees down. The wood, unbeknownst to Twyst, took some of the forest's mystical energy with it, thus the crossbow's very frame is imbued with several magical abilities.


No crossbow is complete without its string, and the abundant beasts in Kais Kogong, both hostile and docile, proved to be an enticing source of this string for Twyst. As he walked towards the town's grand library, Twyst discovered many spiders crowding around the area. Noticing no civilians outside to get caught in the crossfire, he attacked the arachnids and slew them all, stringing the Triple Threat with their silk.

Recent Use

Ever since its creation, the Triple Threat's power and abilities have routinely helped to outgun and disorient Twyst's opponents, letting him get in one final, killing blow while the defender is preoccupied with his crossbow-inflicted wounds. It has seen action in the Second Great War, the Pultria-Sun Harvest War, and continues to be in use whenever Twyst carries out an assassination.


The Triple Threat has several mystical properties imbued within, some natural products of the sacred wood, others of the books in the library of Kais Kogong. The wood of the bow is unnaturally stiff, refusing to bend to most tools. Only tools of pure netherite have much of a chance when using such wood for construction, and even then, enchantment may be required. The wood of the bow also naturally heals as its user does, displaying a connection to the Earth and nature fitting to a weapon from the forests of the Naist Kogongi. This mending trait has allowed the Triple Threat to survive the trials and tribulations of time, seeming to not age a day, even as its user ages through the years.